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This site is all about finding a perfect present for the special person in your life.

We constantly create new hand-picked collections for you to find gift inspiration for whatever occasion.

Who we are and why we do it

Alisa, Alyona and George

George exploring the Singapore souvenirs market

A Rainy Day in Wroclaw, Poland

We are two families living on opposite sides of the world – one in Malaysia, the other – in Poland.

George and Alyona are parents to their three-year-old daughter Alisa,

Andrew and Lisa welcomed their son Paul into the world precisely two months later.

Despite the 6,000 miles separating us, we can totally agree on two things that we care the most about:

  1. Our families
  2. The planet we live on

Being in the role of a husband and dad, I could not help noticing three things:

  1. How often the gift-giving occasions come up.
  2. How hard it can be to find the right present for your loved ones.
  3. How much our choices affect the water, air, soil and our health in general.

The birth of our children made these statements even more relevant, and this is when we decided to start this site.

Browsing through thousands of products online, we were often astonished by how many things there are on the market which do not contribute to our happiness or well-being, but instead just clutter our apartments, garages, and if you look at it on a global scale – planet Earth.

We believe that being responsible is the best and only way to enjoy life to the fullest.

And this is why we really think our compilations through, always going in favor of eco-friendly options without losing in look, taste or value.

Join us in our mission to make people around us happy and our planet tidy!

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