Gift anniversaries by year
Do you want to know how to find an appropriate gift for anniversaries of your beloved ones?

Read our article about wedding anniversaries and get to know how to spot traditional and modern gifts by year! You will surely be inspired by the bright anniversary gift ideas we offer!

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How long have you been married? For a year? For a decade? Or maybe for a quarter of a century? There is always a reason to celebrate your wedding anniversary – regardless of the quantity of years you have spent side by side.

On this day we look back to the moments of laughter and tears, contentment and disappointment, happiness and pain – everything shared. This kind of self-reflection reminds us why we fell in love with each other and why it is worth staying together.

Nowadays it means that we have reached another major milestone towards our idea of a happy family life. This is definitely worth celebrating! No need to say that your spouse/friends will be happy about nice traditional and modern gifts by anniversary.

To some extent, it is simple to find a gift for couples in the first years of their marriage they still require many of the essentials of their new life. Later in their marriage, thinking of an appropriate gift idea that will be appreciated and treasured is much more difficult.

What are the best anniversary gifts by year?

We did substantial research on the topic and are willing to present the results to you!

  • 1st Anniversary Year: Paper / Clock

  • The “Paper” anniversary is celebrated after 1 year of marriage. Paper symbolizes the future of the couple – and it is up to them what story to “write” on it. Is it going to be a happy one? Life will show. Suitable anniversary gifts would be calendars, books, tickets for movies or concerts, magazine subscriptions, etc. You may as well take the modern “clock” theme, embodying the timelessness of love. In this case wall clocks, kitchen timers or even wrist watches would be a good choice as a modern gift.

  • 2nd Anniversary Year: Cotton

  • The “Cotton” anniversary is celebrated after 2 years together. Cotton stands for freshly used household linen – some time has already passed since the wedding day! Cotton is considered to be the most durable fabric which is very pleasant to wear. Likewise, the couple needs to grow together and to adapt their lives to each other´s needs. Suitable gifts are cotton clothing, towels and tableware. If you want a modern gift – purchase beautiful china items – as breakable and tender as your relationship.

  • 3rd Anniversary Year: Leather

  • The “Leather” anniversary: three years gone, but the memories are still fresh in your mind: you walked down the aisle next to your wife- or husband-to-be, tears in your eyes as you saw her/ him and pledged your love to each other in front of your family and friends. Together you’ve embarked on a lifetime of happiness and when the date of your special day comes around, you want to sing and shout about it! Traditionally you celebrate your 3d anniversary with gifts of leather: a leather jewellery box with a unique message for your love, high quality leather gloves or an engraved leather hip flask.

  • 4th Anniversary Year: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk

  • After 4 years together, marriage is said to have fully bloomed, that is why fruit and flowers is a traditional theme for this anniversary. These can be flowers to put on, something to put them in or even a basket of deliciously ripe fruit to share in a nice picnic for two on the sunset beach. If you prefer a modern gift to a traditional one, don’t hesitate to add some appliances and accessories with blue topaz gemstones.

  • 5th Anniversary Year: Wood

  • The “Wooden” anniversary is celebrated in the 5th anniversary of marriage. Wood symbolizes growth and consistency. Trees represent strength and wisdom, as well as the couple that is learning to accept each other’s flaws and to look for ways to forgive each other. Still, wood is easily ignitable, so there is still much work to do in the relationship. The traditional 5th-year anniversary gifts can include art-print on trees, wooden home items and furniture. The modern anniversary theme for gifts on this date is silverware – widespread in the USA – symbolizing purity and strength of marriage. This provides a wide range of gifts to choose – from silver jewelry to silver colored photo frames and cutlery.

  • 6th Anniversary Year: Iron / Candy

  • The “Iron” or “Candy” anniversary comes after 6 years. And if you think your sixth anniversary isn’t that special, think again! Iron represents a strong bond between partners that is very difficult to break, and candy symbolizes the sweetness of the marriage, even after 6 years! There are many traditional gifts that are special to year six, and lots of terrific ways to celebrate your ongoing commitment. Start with a romantic setting and be sure you enjoy your partner’s company. To be more or less traditional )))))), you can give a nice box of good chocolate as an original modern gift, or even visit a candy factory together!

  • 7th Year: Wool/ Copper

  • Congratulations! You ‘ve made it to seven years of marriage!Traditionally, the seventh anniversary gift is represented by copper and wool. Copper is seen as a durable metal that protects against evil and attracts love. Wool, on the other hand, symbolizes warmth and comfort. These two materials represent your strong and loving marriage after seven years together. Desk sets and stationary have become modern adaptation of the 7th year traditional anniversary gift, representing the love and pride couples have for each other’s work.

  • 8th Year: Salt/ Bronze

  • Salt is a seasoning and a preservative vital for life. In the past, it used to be a luxury item for only privileged ones. Now that marriage has become indispensable in the couple’s life, it is impossible for them to stay apart. Bronze is believed to have healing powers, and, being a blend of two metals (copper and tin), represents the strong union of two lives. Traditional and modern anniversary gifts are bronze home items/ accessories. A salt and pepper dispenser can also make a nice affordable modern gift.

  • 9th Year: Pottery/ Willow/ Copper

  • The “Pottery” (“Willow”) anniversary – now it has been 9 years since you said ‘I do’ to each other! Pottery traditionally represents the evolving formation of a marriage over time into an increasingly more beautiful two souls’ junction. Willow symbolizes the ability of two people to find compromise in their family life; copper stands for beauty, wealth, and strength of the family unit. Nice pottery homewares (vases, mugs, jugs, bowls, and dishes) can be a perfect gift idea for this occasion. If you think about a modern gift rather than a traditional one, pay attention to leather, which is strong , flexible, durable, and warm like a stable loving marriage on the ninth anniversary.

  • 10th Year: Tin/ Aluminum

  • The “Tin” or “Aluminium” anniversary comes after 10 years of living together. It’s been ten magical years since you exchanged your wedding vows. A whole decade – it’s hard to believe that time flies so fast! Ten years is an incredible achievement and this date is a biggie, probably the most significant since your very first one. No doubt you will be looking to make the most of it. Traditional gift for the 10th anniversary is tin, which symbolizes flexibility and durability of marriage. A hint from us: traditional gemstone for this anniversary is green tourmaline, so you could pair a token tin with a nice jewellery set for her or a pair of cufflinks for him, for double whammy!

  • 11th Year: Steel

  • The “Steel” anniversary – 11 years of love and sharing! There is something significant these years have taught you: your relationship is stronger than you have ever imagined it would be. You two have stuck together through all the problems and difficulties while raising your kids or supporting each other through the winds of change. Now you definitely deserve to celebrate your anniversary with the gift that’s nearly as strong! That is why this anniversary is traditionally honored with presents made of steel. Nice stainless steel kitchen knives set or a champagne steel basket make suitable gift suggestions.

  • 12th Year: Silk

  • The Silk wedding is celebrated after 12 years of marriage. Silk symbolizes purity and truth. The challenges of life are demanding, so what could be better than coming home at the end of the day, with your loving partner waiting for you? Together you have overcome many hardships but managed to keep your union strong. Logically, traditional gifts ideas on this date are home decor gifts as well as silk or linen bedding and tableware items.

  • 13th Year: Lace

  • Lace is elaborate, tender, and elegant. Isn’t it a perfect symbol for the 13 years together? Why not amaze your soulmate with a surprise weekend away from home? A celebration party in a local pub would also be a good idea! Modern gifts on this day include textiles or fur. But no matter what you choose to present – it should be elaborately decorated with traditional lace;)

  • 14th Year: Ivory

  • In mythology, an elephant represents protection, strength, and stability. Thus, the magnificent animal is a perfect symbol for the 14th anniversary standing for loyalty and devotion shared by a couple. Still, if you want an ethical traditional gift for the day, you should consider some important points.
    The legal ivory products are extremely expensive but it is not the major problem.
    Because of the threat to elephant populations, many countries banned the import of ivory. So why not think about contributing to a sanctuary for extinct species? An appropriate alternative to traditional ivory items would be a jungle-style party with elephant-themed decorations. The modern gift ideas include gold or opal jewellery, symbols for both wealth and optimism.

  • 15th Year: Crystal

  • Congratulations on reaching another milestone, the 15th wedding anniversary! Clarity, transparency, inspiring love, and harmony are associated with this day. What could be more fragile than crystal? So handle your marriage like a precious crystal vase and never take each other for granted, invest love and care in your relationship. The traditional gifts are crystal accessories and home items. A watch is considered to be a sophisticated modern anniversary gift. It’s up to you what to choose!

  • 20th Year: China

  • The fact that you reached the 20th anniversary means that your marriage has withstood the test of time. To commemorate this special day, you may be decide to take the traditional anniversary name literally and plan a trip to China;) But if you want to express your appreciation with more affordable gift ideas, don’t hesitate to buy some traditional China home items, a tea set, for instance. It will symbolize the delicacy and the infinity of your marriage.

  • 25th Year: Silver

  • Silver is one of the most precious metals so it suitably embodies the durability and radiance of the couple’s relationship. In ancient Rome husbands would give their wives a silver wreath to commemorate the event. Silver is also considered to represent harmony cultivated by the couple. A wide range of gifts can be given on the 25th anniversary: let your creativity loose and choose something that features silver (silver jewelry would be excellent). The modern anniversary gift you choose should at least have the silver color;) No more rules existing!

  • 30th Year: Pearl

  • Innocence, purity, wisdom, balance – these are the key words characterising the 30th wedding anniversary. Three decades seem to be a long time for everyone, yet too short for a happily married couple! Cherishing every single moment, you long to spend your time with the beloved one. Pearl jewellery (necklace, earrings, bracelet) belongs to traditional gifts, modern alternative ones would be diamonds. The only rule on this day: the gift should be as precious and meaningful as the relationship itself!

  • 35th Year: Coral

  • Being able to observe the 35th wedding anniversary is a real accomplishment. In the age of antiquity, coral was regarded to have supernatural properties, embodying passion and successful life. There are plenty of inventive ways to celebrate a coral wedding anniversary. How about a scuba-diving lesson for two so you can see real underwater coral reefs? Quite pricey, but definitely worth the money and the effort. If you’d rather opt for 35th year traditional anniversary gifts instead, purchase the gemstone jade (represents love and wisdom) or emerald (stands for truth and hope).

  • 40th Year: Ruby

  • Forty years together? Impossible without love and passion. This is what the ruby gemstone symbolizes – fit and proper to represent the flame burning in the hearts of the married couple. Enhance the festivity of this day with a traditional gift like a ruby red necklace or a tie pin. Some gold jewelry with sparkling ruby gems would always be a suitable gift. Those on a tight budget may shop for some flower-based inexpensive presents.

  • 45th Year: Sapphire

  • Sapphire gemstone is said to represent serenity and truth you’ve been giving each other through the years! 45 years of marriage is an amazing milestone, so a gift like this will be perfect for your spouse or your friends couple. Along with ruby, diamond and emerald, sapphire is one of the most traditional precious stones, and is commonly thought of as blue, but can actually be a variety of colours including pretty pink. Sometimes it is good to be traditional in your anniversary gift decisions: choose a nice color and make the beloved ones happy!

  • 50th Year: Gold

  • The Golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding dates. And rightly so! Spending half a century in love with one person is a wonderful statement about married life. Optimism and wealth are traditionally associated with gold: this metal is not only beautiful, but it is also strong and resistant to corrosion. That is why gold jewelry will be a great idea as a traditional gift for this occasion (entirely suitable as a modern gift as well): timeless and everlasting gold – like 50 years of marriage.

  • 55th Year: Emerald

  • Celebrating the 55th wedding anniversary is an enormous milestone in any couple’s life so it deserves celebrating, and it deserves a worthy gift. Whether you’re buying a gift for a loved one on your anniversary, or for a much-loved couple that you know, remember, that emerald is quite a rare find – equal to a marriage that lasts 55 years! That is why choose wisely and don’t hesitate to spend some real money for 55th year anniversary gifts to make your spouse feel your love, respect and gratitude.

  • 60th Year: Diamond

  • It is quite an accomplishment to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary. Six decades together entails a long marital journey so the couple will typically be in their 80s or even older. The word “diamond” originates from the Greek word adamas which means unconquerable or enduring. Many also believe that the fire in diamonds symbolizes the constant flame of love. Truly, it is a good symbol for this significant anniversary. As you may suppose, the gifts, colors and gemstones suitable as a 60th anniversary gift are all linked to diamonds: give your loved ones the most sophisticated diamond jewelry you can afford!

No matter what anniversary you are celebrating – cherish it as a gift from above. Discuss your hopes and dreams for the future. Make it romantic and enjoyable! It is especially important when having a difficult phase in a relationship. If you have problems, take time and think about how to overcome them.
An anniversary is a perfect opportunity to merge together as a couple. Our hectic life drives us up the wall at times, so that we need to take a deep breath, set new priorities, and spend more time together. Endow your dearest people with a traditional gift: silver or gold necklace, coral jade or sapphire blue earrings, diamond or ruby red jewelry – combined with a modern gift to make up a nice set.