25 Gift Ideas for the World’s Greatest Grandmas

Whether she’s known as Nan, Grandma, Bubbe, or Nonna, your grandmother is a spectacular person who deserves to be spoiled and fussed over whenever possible.

After all, she contributed to the cultivation of the awesomeness that is you, right?

The special Gran in your life—whether biological or adopted—has undoubtedly wiped away countless tears, changed more diapers than you want to think about, and also bakes the special cookies she’ll never share the recipe for.

If you’re trying to figure out what to buy her for the holidays, for her birthday, or just because you’ve been thinking about her, check out some of these gift ideas.

We’ve rounded up 25 options to suit just about every grandmother out there, so you’re sure to find something special that she’ll love.
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50 Dazzling Birthday Gifts for Her

It does not matter if a woman for whom you are choosing a present is your wife, girlfriend or colleague or anybody else.

Everybody likes attention, but unlike men, who would prefer something ugly but practical,
women are on the other side – they would rather go for something of zero practical value as long as it is visually appealing.

This is an old cliche, I know, I know, just stop for a second before you rush writing angry comments.

Progress does not stand still, and there are lots of things today that are both practical AND amazingly beautiful, so there is absolutely no need to give up one for the sake of the other.

Today even rainboots look amazing, even though I remember the times when wearing a pair was disgraceful.
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45 Gift Ideas to Make a New Mom’s Life Easier

I don’t know if a new mom will be happy about having guests at her home for the first few months, but she will definitely love it, if you give her some presents.

You just have to choose the right ones, of course.

A household with a newborn baby may seem a mystery to those who don’t have kids, and for a good reason – there are so many mystical devices, napkins, creams…

Everything’s white and sterile, you have to walk on your toes and never enjoy a movie with a glass of wine in this house ever again.

Well, those were the perks. Now to the downsides.
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20 Most Cherished Baby Shower Gifts for Mommy

A birth of a brand new human being is a unique experience.

While I am a father of a 2-year old myself, the memories of my daughter’s birth and first months are still vibrant and fresh.

All the sleepless nights, dozens of open Chrome tabs about nappies, sleeping schedules, strollers, car seats, hiccups, first teeth etc etc.

Being a parent is extremely rewarding, but also resource-intensive. It’s like taking one of the most time and energy consuming projects in your life.

Your 9-to-5 job is a vacation compared to this. Really.

And in this survival race, the end justifies the means.

So if a person in your life is expecting a baby, you’d better help her prepare for this journey with some cool stuff we handpicked in this article.
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45 Gifts for Artists They Won’t Throw Away Next Day

Choosing a gift for an artist can be a bit of a headache. What might they really want? A set of pencils, brushes? Or maybe something less obvious?

These creative types are hard to understand, and what makes it even harder, all their stuff may look the same to common people (like me).

This is why I spent some time talking to both aspiring and professional artists among my friends, and found out a lot about their needs, tastes and preferences.

Some of the artists I know are crazy about their workplace. It can be messy, it can be German-level organized, but it inevitably has character.
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50 Gifts for Gamers You Will Want to Keep for Yourself

If you are looking for a way to surprise a gamer in your life, there is surely no shortage of options!

In fact, there are so many gaming systems these days, that you can easily get lost in a variety of consoles and accessories.

But on the bright side, the choice of presents is not limited to pricey (but therefore amazing) devices like HTC VIVE or Xbox One X 1TB Console.

We have also included a bunch of cool gadgets and souvenirs that are much lighter on the wallet – but are just as awesome! Read more

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