15 Gift Ideas For The Writer In Your Life

If there’s one thing that’s up our alley, it’s writing for sure! And because we like to write about gifts, we think it’s about time we dedicate a topic for our fellow writers. If you happen to know someone who has a talent and love for writing and you want to give them a gift, then we can surely tell you what works and what our co-writers would love to receive.

Thanks in advance if you are thinking of sending us a gift, but sharing this internet space with us is already a great present. We’ve gathered some unique and sensible gift ideas for the ink slingers and journalists alike. Just keep on browsing!
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15 Tiptop Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Just because he is about to retire does not mean he’s at the end of the line. If anything, retiring is a great time for him to do his hobbies or learn new skills, and maybe go to somewhere he has never been. There’s still a lot of things to do even if he says adieu to his corporate or non corporate job; and even if he is a newly pensioner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he should give up his young self within, because no one is too old for adventures and chasing dreams.

Help him celebrate his retirement with this list of gift ideas that he’ll surely enjoy and love. Whether he’ll set sail on the Caribbean or fly over to Japan, or continue doing his sports or learn a new hobby first-hand, here, we’ve gathered a short and sweet lineup of gifts for the new retiree.
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15 Totally Awesome Retirement Gifts For Women

A retirement is one of the milestones that we are probably looking forward to, it’s like a completion or conclusion for all the years that we’ve worked so hard. If you know someone who will become a retiree soon, be it your mum, aunt, sister or an officemate but you have little to no time shopping for the right retirement present, don’t worry because we have done the research for you.

Find the perfect retirement gift on our list, anytime would be the best time to give but this occasion is the best time to show them how proud you are for finishing this milestone with grace. And when something ends, something is about to begin, so here’s to more adventures and learnings as a retiree!
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15 Gift Ideas That Only Star Wars Fans Would Understand

It takes years of following/watching the beloved movie sequel to really be a Star wars enthusiast, yes, being a fan doesn’t happen overnight! Due to its impact and fame, it’s no surprise that there’s already a ton of Star wars merchandise in the market. The challenge now is to find the extraordinary or purposeful gift for the Jedi master who happens to be a friend, family or lover.

Whether they are a fan of Leia, Darth Vader, Hans Solo, or Trooper (I could go on and on but let’s begin our listing) we’ve handpicked these items for the true blood Star wars fanatic! Do not be the last Jedi to know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to gifting, we are sure that the force is with us on this one!
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15 Wedding Gift Ideas Your Parents Would Love

They have helped you probably all throughout the wedding preparations, cash, and all that jazz; but more than that, they have raised you to become the person that you are now. As your wedding nears, giving a little token of appreciation to your parents would be the best thing. They’ve loved and supported you from when you were young, probably since you were inside mama’s womb and up until now, and although you may not be able to thank them enough, at least relay it through the simplest gesture of giving or have it grand!

Here are our top 15 favourites to give to parents before or after you tie the knot, these items may make them cry or smile or do both! But one thing is for sure, when it comes to showing your love and appreciation for them, you’ll never have to go broke!
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Top 10 Most Lavish Gifts Ever Given

Christmas is just around the corner and while everyone is so busy wrapping their presents, you might be wishing and hoping that you’ll get to unwrap some luxurious and over-the-top kind of gifts, like a yacht that could take you overseas or a diamond as big as your fist. Whatever you are hoping for, we’ll help you dream on.

Or if you are someone who has stashes of money in the bank and would not mind dispensing your cash, then ‘tis the time to get your spending habits rolling and get some inspiration from our list of some eye-popping gifts that made a mark in our history. Oh! Don’t forget to include us on your Christmas list!
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Where in the World People Spend the Most (And the Least) on Their Gifts

Whenever it comes to choosing gifts for your colleagues or loved ones, the most common question that arises – “How much should I spend?”

And as you have probably figured out – there’s no universal answer.

It depends so much on the occasion and the recipient that one can’t simply decide: “From now on, I will spend not more than $36 on a gift”.

But, as you may imagine, there are still some statistics on how much people usually spend buying presents.
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20 Invigorating Gifts for Coffee Lovers

But first, coffee! Because who can ever turn down the rich, aromatic smell of that caffeinated drink? Whether you want an extra shot or have it decaf, it has an enticing scent that jumps start your day especially in an aftermath of sleeping or partying.

Just by doing this article, it already makes me want to head on to the kitchen and grab some cup of the drink that helps me function more in life. But before I drink my cappuccino, allow me to be of assistance when it comes to gifting.

In line with the coffee theme, I’ve come up with an array of gift ideas for that coffee person in your life. Enjoy brewing, I mean browsing!

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15 Smart and Practical Gifts for College Students

College is a wonderful time for young people to go off and explore new horizons, while learning amazing things about their chosen field (and about themselves). The downside is they end up being missed a whole lot by friends and family members. With gifts like these, at least, they can remember the giver fondly every time they use them.

Since college is a time when many people take the opportunity to reinvent themselves, these gifts are neutral enough to appeal to just about everyone. After all, you might remember this person as loving sparkly unicorn sweatshirts and stuffed plushy penguins (which they did when they were 12 or so…), but that doesn’t mean they’re still into those things at 18.
Without further ado, some fabulous presents to toss at your favorite college student:
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15 Blockbuster Gifts For Movie Lovers

Shopping for gifts is quite convoluted in general, but most especially if you are looking for a present to a movie buff who is close to your heart. Sure, you can book them cinema tickets but where is the challenge on that?

Step up your gifting game as we share with you some silver screen related knickknacks. Just sit back, relax and grab some popcorn because we want to make sure that your gift will be a hit to your dearest recipient.
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