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Much like copper, one’s bronze anniversary can be associated with two different years: either the 8th or 19th year of marriage. Far from coming in third place, bronze takes center stage as one of the most appealing metals out there. Classical sculptures were often made of bronze, and the metal is known for its ability to not only stand the test of time, but to grow far more beautiful with age.

…much like marriage.

Without further ado, 15 gorgeous gift ideas if you’re shopping for someone’s bronze anniversary (whether your own, or a loved one’s).

1. Abstract Sculpture

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Art isn’t just for hanging on walls: sculptures are statement pieces that can totally change the look and feel of a room. This abstract, contemporary bronze sculpture is a perfect representation of a couple in love. Held in a tender embrace, their arms meet in a ring, which symbolizes eternity and oneness.

Ideal for couples of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and genders.

2. Bronze Keychain

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For those celebrating their 8th anniversary as their bronze year, this playful keychain is a perfect, cute little gift. Keychains are invaluable, and this one commemorates how many days the happy couple have spent together so far. At 2 inches long and ½ an inch wide, it’s a great size for any set of keys, and would be extra special if the couple is moving into a new home together.

3. Personalized Bronze Pocketwatch

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A gorgeous gift for the dapper gentleman in your life, this bronze pocketwatch bears a very special message on its back: “I will love you until the end of time”.
Because you will, of course.

You have the option of personalizing it with your wedding date and initials, and you know he’ll think of his special lady love every time he pulls this watch out to check the time.
(And then hurry back home to see you.)

3. Bronze Keychain Guitar Pick

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One really can’t have too many keychains, and this is a more feminine gift than the sleek, masculine version mentioned earlier.

Ideal for a musician’s wife, this bronze pick expresses how he feels each and every day: “After 8 years, I still pick you.”

5. Framed Soundwave Voice Print

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If you’re looking for a gift that’s as unique as you are, look no further.
Like fingerprints, each person’s voice is utterly unique in the world. This gorgeous gift transforms an audio recording of you saying “I love you” into a printed sound wave on shimmering bronze cardstock.

No other will ever exist just like it, and your beloved will hear those words every time they look at this piece.

6. Family Tree Picture Frame

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Celebrate your love (and your growing family) with this elegant family tree. Six picture frames (measuring 2×3 inches each) hang from this piece’s sturdy branches, each of which is adorned with shimmering bronze leaves. Its stylish, classic design would fit into any decor scheme, and you can display it on an accent table, or use it as a centerpiece in your dining room.

7. Fully Customizable Bronze Cufflinks

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For the handsome gentleman who prefers French cuffs to flannel, these cufflinks are certain to be put to good use. Made of hand-stamped bronze, they measure ⅝” in diameter, and can be customized with your initials, wedding date, or a symbol that has a special meaning just for the two of you.

8. Bronze Jewellery Stand

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A gorgeous companion piece to the Family Tree picture frame sculpture, this bronze tree jewellery stand can hold her most prized adornments. The perforated leaves can hold up to 48 pairs of earrings, while the wire nest (flanked by a beautifully sculpted bird) is ideal for holding rings, small bracelets, and more. It’s a truly stunning piece that any woman would love on her bedside table or dresser.

9. Pachelbel’s Canon Wind Chimes

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Canon by Johann Pachelbel is one of the most popular wedding songs, for good reason. The melody is enchanting—almost magical—and thousands of people exchange their vows as it plays.

If it was your wedding song as well, you need these chimes. Made of Finnish ash wood and bronze chimes tuned in “D”, they resonate in Canon’s tones whenever a breeze strikes them.

10. Lovers’ Holding Hands Sculpture

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Is there anything more romantic than holding hands with the one you love? Do you remember the first time you and your spouse did that? This cold-cast bronze finished sculpture evokes that moment’s tenderness and sweetness. Whether it was your first date, or when you took your first walk together as husband and wife, you’ll remember that sweetness every time you look at this piece.

…and then go hold your lover’s hand once again.

11. Personalized Bronze Belt Buckle

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Most people don’t think about how special the most simple, everyday items can be. Men use belt buckles almost every day, but they transform from utilitarian to decorative (and rather spectacular) when personalized. This elegant belt buckle can be stamped with your anniversary date, the coordinates where you married, or any other date/words of your choice.

12. Bronze Teddy Bear and Rose

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Does your boo love all things romantic, sentimental, and snuggly? Then this special bear is perfect for her.

This soft faux “mink” fur teddy bear wears a T-shirt that features a Bronze Anniversary greeting, and carries a silk rose with bronze center just for her. This anniversary will only come around once, and this beautiful bear is one of the sweetest ways to celebrate it.


13. Bronze Rose Bouquet

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Artificial roses last forever, and these are so gorgeous, she’ll be delighted that she can keep them on display indefinitely.

Six large yellow silk blooms feature bronze centers—perfect for celebrating your special anniversary together. You can put them in any vase you like, and never have to worry about them wilting: they’re as permanent as your love for one another.

14. Beaten Bronze Heart Pendant

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Gestures don’t need to be overt to be incredibly special.

This solid, hammered bronze heart pendant has a stunning rustic aesthetic, and features a tiny “8” stamped into it, ideal for commemorating your 8th anniversary together. It’s a small, delicate piece that can be worn for any occasion, and is a sweet way to remind her just how happy you are to have won her heart.

15. Anniversary Sundial

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Every day spent with your loved one is sacred, and marking the passage of time with this gorgeous bronze sundial is an exquisite way to celebrate your bond.

Your love story will never end, and that very sentiment is immortalized on this sundial, along with happy anniversary wishes, and either your names or initials. Place it in your favorite spot out in the garden, and celebrate every moment you have together.

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