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It really is a breath of fresh air to find gifts that are related to our religious beliefs. In a world where we are faced with fears almost everyday and sometimes peace is hardly possible to get, it’s good to find a way to stand in our faith. If you are thinking of giving a present for a special someone who has or needs to grow deeper in faith, then stay with us on this gift giving webspace.

The good news is, we already did the work for you so there’s no need to search the whole internet for gift ideas when it comes to Christian art gifts, all you have to do is wrap them in a nice wrapping paper. Just like what the Bible says, “God loves a cheerful giver.”


A Box of Blessings

These are simple reminders and they can also be like devotional pieces for everyday use. The recipient can randomly pick up a card and have a moment of reflection to jump start her day. We believe in starting afresh every morning because your mood can affect your entire day.


Gratitude Journal

If we try to assess our lives, then we would be able to see how much blessings we have. This special journal will cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and no, I don’t want it to sound like the receiver of it will be forced to say their thank yous. What I really want is for people to realize that there are a ton of things to be thankful for, from the big ones to the simplest joys.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I know how water bottles are too customary in gift giving but I think that this deserves a spot on this listing. Apart from its marbled swirl design that catches the eyes, the Bible verse written in it will give anyone a motivation all day long. This non-toxic bottle is durably made of double-walled stainless steel, and for its price, this is definitely a bargain!


Vintage Bible Verse Scripture

This is not an actual Bible page but they did a good job making it look like authentic. Give this inspirational verse to a Christian friend of family member, this only comes in a printed paper but it’s a good idea if you put it in a frame, so it’ll be ready for gift giving. The perfect gift of encouragement that can be displayed at home or in the office.


Charm Bible Verse Bracelet

This beautiful silver colored metal and glass bracelet features 7 or 8 encouraging statements of faith along with their corresponding Bible verse reference. A really charming gift for your Bible study sister so she can just look at it for some inspiration when the going gets tough, but even if the ride is smooth sailing, words from the Bible will always be uplifting!


Bible Verse Baby Quilt

A thoughtful and meaningful gift for a Christian child, this baby quilt is hypoallergenic and breathable, which is soft and comfortable for a baby to use. There are 9 Bible verses embroidered on it, so the little one will be covered in a blanket of grace.


Tim Tebow’s Shaken

Being known as an NFL player, Tim Tebow has always been vocal about is faith. He already wrote a few books, but this one is the most relatable if you ask me. Just because we all go through our life storms and although we may stumble and fall from time to time, our identity is what would define us. Share this wonderful narrative to your family and friends that will encourage them to stand in faith no matter what life throws at them.


Wooden Notepad and Pen Holder

It doesn’t matter if it’s too simple for as long as it will be useful then it’s worth giving to your family or friends. They can use this wooden notepad and pen holder at home or even in the office, the additional Bible verse engraved in them makes this a Christian art gift that is practical to give.


Too Blessed To Be Stressed

A 3-minute devotional book filled with encouragement, humor, and inspiration; so no matter what the day brings, this is guaranteed to be a pick-me-up tool to help anyone walk in faith. Give this to your friends, family or officemates who wants to have a deeper connection with Christ on a daily basis.


Bible Verse Plaque

Let the promise of the Lord be set in a cast stone, this laser engraved Bible verse will be a meaningful gift to your loved ones and friends. They can simple display it on their office desk or have it around the house. So when they needed a boost of hope, they can be reminded from time to time.


Bible Verse Necklace

If you know her favourite Bible verse, then you can have it customized on this dainty necklace. It may not be possible to write the whole verse, but even if it’s just a book chapter and verse number, it can still be an impactful statement. It’s always nice to hold unto the promises of the Lord.


Be Joyful Gift Basket

Any reason is a reason to celebrate, this joyful basket will always be a hit in any occasion or season. It’s the perfect gift basket that sends good cheers to someone you know, just to let them feel that they aren’t forgotten. Apart from the sweet goodies, it also comes with a ceramic plate that says be joyful always!


Natural Polished River Stones

These inspirational life stones are engraved beautifully and intricately to last for a long period of time. You can give this as a housewarming gift or in any occasion, the recipient may add these to their garden or decorative fountain or make them as a centerpiece inside the home for some solid inspiration.


Beauty In The Bible

A coloring book which is perfect for art and color enthusiasts who likes to create works of beauty and devotion. Found inside this book are verses that will uplift the spirit, and when it comes to coloring, we all know it does help relax the mind.This adult coloring book will let anyone focus on the beauty of scripture and bring it to life through colored pens and crayons.


Woman Of Faith Crock

A great container for kitchen utensils for a woman of faith, this ceramic pot is dishwasher safe. Not only it is useful in the kitchen but written on it are words of inspiration not just for the chef in the kitchen but to anyone who reads it.


Noah’s Shirt

For the last item, I want it to be fun and witty without removing the Christian context. We are all familiar to the man who made the ark when it rained for forty days and forty nights. But let the serious stuff rest for now, and give this shirt to your friends or family so you can share some laughter with them.


What I love most about Christian art gifts is that they give inspiration and hope for people. Any receiver of the gift will instantly be uplifted when they see Bible verses imprinted on the gift items. But, of course, it doesn’t mean we can never have fun when we talk about Christian gifts, my favourite was actually the Noah’s shirt listed at number 15, it’s a novelty gift that can be found in actual Bible history, so it can really be a special gift.

Please keep on coming back for more gift ideas, because it’s our life purpose to share with you all our knowledge when it comes to sensible presents!