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A man’s best friend truly deserve some treats! If you own a dog or if you happen to know a friend or a family who can’t get enough of their four-legged buddy, then this gift guide is for you to check out. I am a certified dog-obsessed and I can tell you straight away that this listing became a little personal for me, well, because surely I know what a dog person wants and what a pet dog wants (trust me, I don’t bite).

I’ve compiled some pawsome gift ideas for the pup lover in your life, ranging from sentimental photo frame to a more advanced shower wand to keep the fur clean and sleek. On to the listing!


Custom Painterly Pet Portrait

Some people treat their dogs like their own family, and it’s not really surprising to see, being known for their instinct, wisdom and charm a lot of us just wants to have dogs in their household. One way to commemorate them is through an artwork, the artist, MG Stout understands that sentiment and she can convey that through her talent in painting. Your dog lover friend would surely appreciate an artwork of her favourite pooch.


Pearhead Photo Frame

This clay imprint photo frame makes a cute and touching keepsake. The receiver can display it around her home, so that his/her puppy have a permanent spot inside the home. It is also a unique way of capturing and cherishing their pet through a paw print.


Oversized Kitchen Towels

A set of three dish towels with dogs prints in them, for you or for your friends who share the same affection to the tail-wagger best friend. These towels are 100% made of cotton and machine washable, we all like those low maintenance items at home.


The Dogist: Photographic Encounter With 1,000 Dogs

This book is a tribute to our four-legged friends, every page has dogs portraits that will surely melt your heart (awwww). So whenever the recipient feels a little down, they can just look at this book and lift their spirit up, no one can ever be too sad when they see those puppy eyes and their innate beauty that captures our hearts.


Dogs Wall Decal Clock

This unique clock uses a vinyl record as repurposing an old junk, this is fitting as a decoration for the bedroom or living room wall for a dog lover’s home decor. With these dogs looking so cute and charming, this clock makes a perfect gift for any occasion.


Silicone Dog Paw And Bone Molds

These two pack FDA approved silicone dog treat molds give the best quality tasting food for your furry friend. It comes with a recipe booklet which contains homemade dog biscuits and treats, because store bought food may contain weird ingredients that may not be good for your pooch. You can buy this yourself or give this to a friend who has a love for our doggy friends.


Pitbull Fleece Throw Blanket

This cozy blanket can be mistaken as a painting because of how bright the colors and the artwork print on it. If you know a pitbull owner then you may want to give it to them, for pitbulls may look tough on the outside but they can capture the hearts of anyone. This pitbull fleece is safe to wash in a washing machine, made of 100% polyester and surprisingly durable.


Wood Sign Plaque

Made of solid wood fiberboard, this novelty wooden plaque will bring more laughs and barks to any home, I guess! Give this to your family and friends who have dogs as their pets or as family members, and it will be a standout wall sign that will brighten anyone’s day.


Manual Dog Pillow Rules

This woven decorative pillow with some doggy rules to remember makes a thoughtful gift for any dog lover. We know how dogs can be territorial and a human’s heart is no exemption and it’s marking its territory. It’s just a fun gift to give to a dog owner that you know.


Dog Candle

Don’t be too alarmed, this candle does not smell like fart, I promise! But in line with our dog-themed listing and for the love of fun, we reckon this candle is pawsome for your someone who loves their yorkie, husky, corgi or any other dog breed. A blend of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon is what they’ll smell every time they light up the candle.


Drinkwell Dog Water Fountain

I really think that we should provide a safe environment and sanitation to our furry pets, and this filtered water fountain is a good help to keep the water fresh and will entice them to drink more. Either give this as a gift to a human who is a lover of the canine family or give this as a present to your pooch, your are its hooman after all.


Pet Wand Dog Shower

This dog shower wand is a handy item that any dog owner would appreciate to have. It provides a full wash making it faster and easier for you and your dog every bath time. Due to its combing spray, it prevents thick fur and double coats, and it doesn’t matter if it’s used indoor or outdoor as it has a variable water flow that will give a stress-free washing.


Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Dogs can be fussy when it comes to grooming, I know this for sure because my dog just doesn’t want her nails to be trimmed. So this gadget is a great tool to make them feel like they are in a spa while also making sure that their nails don’t scratch you whenever they jump like a kangaroo (then again, it’s based on my own experience).


Dog Lounge Sofa

Not only it is a sofa, but it is also a memory foam mattress for the lovable hound. A dog will definitely have a good night sleep in this orthopedic bed, a luxury feeling for the furry pet of the family. It’s been proven to be durable and long lasting, when it comes to spending it sure is worth your money!


Personalized Dog Blanket

Made of durable and lasting polyester fleece, this blanky will help the big and small doggies warm up, I’m sure they are warm enough, but if they needed to feel cozy especially in the winter months then this is the blanket that you should grab. You can add the name of your pet on it to make it more personal and exclusive to your four-legged friend.


A dog’s love will always be special and even if they don’t say it out loud, we can always feel how affectionate they are. So every now and then, it really is okay to give them a present, you may choose to give them biscuits as a treat or go over-the-top with a lavish gift. There’s really nothing wrong in being all out when giving, you just have to spend within your budget.

My favourite amongst the gifts is the pet nail grooming tool, as my dog gets annoyed when I trim her nails with clippers, and I think the nail trimmer would be my best gadget to shape her nails. Goodbye, scratches on my legs!