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In a world of imagination, anything is possible, and if we can somehow turn that into reality, oh what a joy it can bring. For fantasy inclined people, you really have to do your own mini research on what fantasy films, series or books fall on their category, because not all fantasy fans are a big fan of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Bear in mind, also, that you have to find them magical gifts that are unique and would last a good amount of time, because the love for fantasy and mythical can sometimes last for a lifetime.

So when you find it hard looking for the right fantasy gift, keep it cool and do not feel frantic, we’ve compiled some pretty good fantasy items that are well loved and will be loved by the trickiest fantasy supporter.


Mythical Dragon Salt and Pepper Shaker

Let’s start this off with this mythical dragon creature which can hold glass salt and pepper shakers all at once. This granite-gray dragon will give a fantastical boost in the kitchen that will let the recipient feel like she has slayed a dragon.


Viking Drinking Horn

This genuine ox horn will make a mythical devotee like he is part of a hollywood movie, imagine being able to drink straight from this vessel, this horn is carefully coated with food-safe lacquer. A finest medieval good that will that will make anyone drink like a viking.


Taito Final Fantasy Lamp

Well, there’s no way the recipient would not love this lamp. It’s the cutest night light for a final fantasy fan, he’ll surely want to put it on his bedside table to use during the dark hours while he’s reading or playing final fantasy on his laptop or Nintendo switch.


Owl Embossed Leather Journal

This handmade patterned notebook falls gives us a mythical feeling, we commonly see owls in fantasy movies; hence, they can be associated with this fantasy-themed listing. Journals may be a popular gift but I still want to include it on this list due to the fact that they are useful and practical.


Dragon Ear Cuff

Let pop culture meet fantasy, this dragon ear cuff is a testament that there are no certain rules in fashion, you just have to know what works for you. Give this earring as a fashionable gift to the person who likes fantasy stuff, and you will never go wrong with this dragon ear cuff!


One Night Ultimate Werewolf

An incredibly addicting and engaging game for family and large groups (3-10 players), it comes with an IOS/Android app that makes this game fun and exciting. All the players have to do is seek the werewolf in just 5 minutes. Give this to a fantasy devotee, and he’ll certainly enjoy being a mythical creature even for just a night.


You Shall Not Pass Doormat

From the famous quote of LOTR: Fellowship of the ring, this doormat will definitely ring a bell for an LOTR or fantasy fanatic. He can then welcome his guest in a comical way, thanks to the wizard that is just outside of his doorstep.


Incense Burner

Made of cold-cast resin, and has been hand painted, this tree man is definitely an eye-catcher especially when displayed around the home. This may be unusual but that is what makes it stand out, any fan of fantasy realm would like to have it as a home decoration.


Starry Night Light Projector

When it comes to fantasy-themed gifts, this starry night light projector should really make a cut. This gives a whimsical vibe to any room, the lucky recipient will feel a Vincent Van Gogh painting come to reality, or have a starry atmosphere before he falls asleep.


Viking House

What’s nice about this is that you can give this to a kid or an adult, for kids, they can play fantasy war games and adults can play it too, or have it as a display in their home interior. The house has a detachable roof, you can order this painted or have the fantasy fan paint it by himself.


Miniature Fairy Figurine

When we talk about the world of fantasy, fairies would always be included in it. This fairy garden set is a perfect addition to a garden set or even as a starter. A collector of whimsical things would definitely love adding this to their stash of fairies and other make-believe items.


Unicorn Music Jewelry Box

This enchanting jewelry box with a twirling unicorn figurine is excellent to keep any valuables in. Children and adults alike enjoy the fantasy world of unicorn, and no doubt, this musical box would be a sweet and thoughtful gift for the fan of fantasy.


Medieval Castle Candle Holder

A fiery dragon besieging the castle creates an aura of mythical ambiance to any room. Give this as a gift to the person who likes anything dragon or mythical related, and let it be a stand out decor to any home interior.


Dancing Groot

A well-loved character from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot, it dances to internal music, or detects external music to dance to song or playlist. No one can resist the cuteness of this, because it’s always ready to the sound of the beat. Groove it!


Narnia Map Poster

Make it possible to enter the world of Narnia even just by looking at this poster, one of the famous fantasy movies is Narnia, and we can all tell that this type of gift would be a hit to a person who likes make-believe stories.

Getting a fantasy-related gift may not be easy, I guess you really have to work on your imagination and know the interests of the recipient to nail the gifting part. As we always want to give our best to our loved ones and friends, we also have to keep in mind that gifting shouldn’t be an obligation, but rather, it should really be a way to show our love and appreciation.

We would really appreciate to see you again on this web page, we promise to be your helper when it comes to practical knick knacks and presents!