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As a child is about to receive his/her First Communion, there’s really a celestial feeling because Holy Communion feels like an open gate to heaven, and there’s also a feeling of excitement because when there’s a memorable occasion, there’s got to be a gift that goes along with it!

If you are musing on what to give a kid for that Eucharist service, remember to stick with commemorative items that will be treasured forever or you’ll repent on wasting your money on things that may look fancy but doesn’t really serve its purpose.

Sorry to sound preachy, but gifting shouldn’t have to be an obligation rather it is something that comes from the heart; just our two cents. So never lose sight of the essence of communion and sharing, for God has blessed us with the ability to share and be in union with Him through a significant celebration.

Please take your time checking out the list below, we know for sure that we have listed a few gifts that you never thought will work as a First Communion present, oh how we love surprises!

1. Guide Your Way Compass

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An elegant keepsake that can be personalized with the child’s name, this compass symbolizes God’s guidance towards the child’s path. Made of a round brass plate inside and rosewood gloss finish to protect it from scratch, surely, it is a functional compass.

2. First Communion Bracelet

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To remember her first communion, give her something to wear as a simple arm candy matching her simple white dress. There is nothing a little girl would not like about this bracelet, it has a sparkling rhinestone accent that gives it a subtle luster.

3. Boxed Angel Sentiment: First Communion Gift

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Packaged in a white gift box with a clear lid, this angel medallion with a communion sentiment would be the perfect prayer for any child. The little one may keep it on her bedside all year long even when she’s a grown-up, communion gifts are nothing but special commemorative.

4. Porcelain Irish Shamrock Jewelry Box

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An alluring first communion gift that every girl will love, to say a little prayer is always a must, and to take care of her jewels then she has to keep them in a jewelry box. Never forget the shamrock design of this keepsake box, it is known to be a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity, to always keep her guarded.

5. First Communion John 3:16

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What better way to remember the first communion is through this handmade glass cross with the famous Bible verse about God’s love for the world. This ornament comes in a white gift box, ready to be given as a first communion gift.

6. First Communion Personalized Medallion

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This medallion is a touching gift to give a child who is about to receive his/her first communion. Personalize it with the child’s name but the words ‘Bless this child’ is the perfect prayer for the child’s present and future.

7. Cathedral Art Confirmation Bookmark

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A sign of confirmation that is one for the books, literally and figuratively! As a metal bookmark, we know it will stand the test of time, and as a first communion memento, it speaks about spiritual guidance and blessing that any child should receive.

8. Willow Tree Sculpted Angel

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If your wish for a child is to have an angel to watch over him, then you definitely have to grab this handmade/hand sculpted willow tree angel. As willow trees signify love, courage and hope may this sculpture bless a child’s life and abundant as he grows old.

9. Wooden Prayer Cube

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We always believe in the power of prayers, train your child to hang to his/her faith, remember, it can move mountains. And when it comes to prayers this cube will never run out of it, a child can opt to roll this block before a meal or before tucking himself in the bed.

10. Girls First Holy Communion Ring Necklace

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This beautiful first communion ring necklace with a personalized heart pendant is an excellent gift to celebrate the little girl’s first Eucharist. There is no doubt that this will match her first communion dress, even if this is such a dainty piece.

11. Jesus Calling: 365 Devotion for Kids

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Just after a child’s first communion, follow it up with a devotion to building a strong relationship with God. Let your kid know Jesus more with this devotion book that has been written as if Jesus is speaking directly to your child, start them young when it comes to their spiritual state.

12. White Prayer Bead Rosary

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A rosary is a must-have for any Catholic, so in honor of the first communion, give this white bead rosary to a child, she can either keep it in her bag or on her bedside table and she can say a prayer anytime she wants. After all, she has to keep her gentle and pure heart!

13. Blessed Sacrament Gift Set

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It would be great to give this gift set as a first communion gift so she’ll be all set for that Holy Sacrament. This set is arranged in a box and ready for gift giving, she’ll have all that she needs to build her faith from within.

14. Personalized Baseball Bat Gift

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Whether he’s a baseball fan or he just had his first communion, this bat has a meaningful verse that will let him know that he is a special creation. No more thinking twice and grab this baseball bat that will surely be a treasure than a rubble.

15. First Communion Bowl

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As the first communion is considered a religious milestone, give this bowl to a child so he has something to keep as a little remembrance. This commemorative bowl can also function as a treasure holder for a rosary and other keepsakes, and yes! This can be customized with his name on it!


If you are still unsure on what gift to give in memory of the First Communion, try to consider the Blessed Sacrament Gift Set. I think that it is the most convenient present to give because it’s all complete and everything in the box will be used by a kid in order to stand firm on his/her faith.

But I cannot end this article without sharing you my personal favorite because we are internet buddies. The one item that really caught my attention was (take a wild guess)… Right! It’s the Personalized Baseball Bat, just because I am a fan of baseball and the verse is quite reassuring making it a fun and cordial memorabilia for kids.

Oh well, enough about my passion, let’s talk about yours! Tell us what you think of the listing and type them in our comment section. Cheerio!