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Tired of giving gifts that are too common, too predictable and too simple? Then try to share your love and laughter to your loved ones and friends through some funky presents. If you are someone who has a funny bone or you know someone who is as comical as you, then you might as well give them a hilarious thingamabob to really bring out their funny side.

We gathered some wacky gift ideas that are out of the ordinary. Even if some of your friends aren’t the cheery type, these gifts will definitely tickle their merry side.


Funny Farting Bank

A coin savings bank that is shaped like a bum and the cute part is, it makes fart noises when you insert a coin in the slot. This will be a fun gift for children and adults, because we can’t help but laugh whenever we hear a fart!


That’s What She Said

A game of naughty twists and hilarious innuendos, give this as a gift for a bachelorette or birthday party, and this will surely be the talk of the town (well, not literally). But it’s always good to have some good fun, once in a while!


Puzzle Money Holder

Have you heard about a money maze loot? Bring some challenge into the receiver of your cash instead of putting it inside a boring envelope. Insert your cash and close the lid and let the game begin!


LED Toilet Night Light

With motion and light detection sensors, this fun night light will leave your stress behind by being blinded by a bright toilet light. This is more than just a gag gift, it’s also efficient to use when the nature calls in the middle of the night.


Bad Dog Tumblers

If you know a canine lover then this set of funny glasses would be appropriate for them. These are high-quality glasses with cute dog illustrations, life is always better with dogs!


Cat Butt Magnets

And if you happen to know a cat lover, then hand them these kitty cat butt magnets that appear as though they’ve entered the fridge. They are functional and decorative, really ideal as a gift! Let the funny side of the recipient show.


Bacon Bandages

Treat scrapes and scratches with this bacon goodness! Oops! Eating these may not be advisable but at least it can make one feel better in no time. Give this as a gift for young ones and young at heart, this is the type of knick knacks that you would want to keep in your medicine bag!


The Ultimate Prank Kit

Looking for a gift set that will surely give loads of fun and laughter? Then look no further, because this kit is the complete prankster starter pack. Give this to your whimsical friend and they will surely enjoy pranking people with these.


Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Take that wackiness to the next level with this talking toilet paper spindle, give this to your friends and let them be the master prankster. They can surprise their guests with it, and take the ordinary trip to the bathroom a moment they’ll never forget.


Fruit Loops Soy Candle

This yummy looking soy candle is a fun gift that you can safely gift, we just hope the receiver won’t attempt eating it! The soy wax and wood wick have a clean burn with a nice crackle sound, and the smell of it is sooo fruity they may be tempted to taste it.


Merlot Wine Soap

If you know a wine lover who can’t say no to her daily glass of vino, then let her skin have a taste of the sweet and bitter liquid. Even non-wine drinkers can enjoy the sweet smell of this artisan soap, the ingredients are surprisingly good for the skin, thanks to the antioxidants and minerals that are found in it.


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Fifty Shades Of Chicken

A parody of the famous movie 50 Shades of Grey comes in a cookbook that will leave an awesome laugh to your family and friends who are chief cooks in the kitchen. It has 50 chicken recipes that were written with enough enticement and seduction, now that’s what we called food porn!


Beer Bottle Sleeves

Keep those beer bottles insulated with this set of 12 assorted beer bottle covers that has some hilarious quotes printed on them. Give this as a gift to your friends or family who loves a regular drink of his barley, these are durable and can last a good amount of time.


Funny Gift Book

There will be days when we feel so low, but we need to carry on anyway. If you have a friend who needs a good laugh then this is the perfect cheer up gift, you can basically give this book to your family and friends for some motivation. You know what they say, it’s only a bad day but not a bad life.


We hope you peed your pants as you browsed our listing, but of course it’s just a pun. In our world today where it’s so easy to throw hate comments, we hope we can still find a way to cheer up each other. Even if we struggle to maintain a balanced life, may we not forget to take it one day at a time.

If you think we’ll end this in a serious note, then you got it wrong! When it comes to being silly then we are in the honor roll and when it comes to gifting, we are masters for sure. So ciao for now and see you on the next listing!