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Gift tags may seem unimportant and would probably be the least item that you would look for when giving a present; but no one can deny how gift tags and party favors have evolved through the years.

But we are not saying that gift tags are the most essential part of gift giving, we are firm believers that the present itself and the effort behind it are far more important.

However, we also regard how these tags add finesse in a plain present- it comes to a point when you almost do not want to open the gift because it’s just too flawless and you don’t want to ruin it or sometimes, it’s beautifully wrapped and you can’t wait to rip it and see what’s inside.

So it would only stand to reason that when you want to surprise your loved ones and go the extra mile, wrapping the present in a special paper or a gift bag and adding a gift tag gives it more of a personal touch.

The same reason goes to wedding favors, birthday tags and whatnot. They add fun to the simplest decors and sets your party apart from everyone.

Because we see you and we understand the struggles when it comes to the gifting department and the party bureau, we listed below the top gift tags/party favors from the modest to the fanciest ones.

1. Aokbean Bottle Opener Brown Kraft Paper Gift Tags

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An exceptional wedding favor that can also be used on any other celebrations. These tags can be hanged in the kitchen, bar or hook it in the key ring, and open a bottle of beer at any given time. We can only think of the good times when we see these bottle opener favors.

2. Coolrunner 12pcs Mini Wooden Chalkboard

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The mini chalkboard plate that will allow people to leave each others a message. This can also be used for table numbers as well as for labels and signs, arts and crafts. Give this wooden chalkboard set to your friends and family who enjoy throwing a party.

3. Peel and Stick Emoji Holiday Stickers

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Oh what a great way to tag your presents to family and friends, just peel them and stick to the gift and soon Santa will come knocking at your door. So maybe grandma can also get a little bit of help with these stickers that will surely make gift wrapping a piece of cake.

4. Photo Gift Tag

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What better way to wrap a present is to include a photo that will sure to last a lifetime. This personalized gift tag speaks so much about the relationship of the giver and the receiver, because pictures will always illustrate moments that we can’t put into words.

5. Janecka Square Heart Ornament/Essential Oil (Set of 4)

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Either use it as a gift tag, ornament, or as an essential oil diffuser- we can definitely see this as a wonderful gift for friends and family who need to be uplifted. As essential oils are natural remedies that are beneficial to one’s health.

6. Mason Jar Gift Tags (Set of 10)

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If you know anyone who likes to keep their kitchen neat and tidy, these mason jar tags are the absolute gift for the neat freak. Stamped in distressed black ink and reads “Good Food”; you get 10 handmade recycled paper tags and a glee from the recipient of this.

7. Initial Wooden Heart Gift Tag

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Can these be any cuter? This wooden heart gift tag is a classic baptism, birthday and even as a wedding favor which you can personalize with your desired initial burned in the center. An excellent gift to a bride-to-be especially when you are the maid-of-honor.

8. Personalised Leather Label Gift Tag

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A gift tag that is more personal than ever; for the simplest reason that you can put your private message and attach it to the wine bottle. This leather bottle tag is a sleek way to mark on a special occasion.

9. 100pcs Made with Love Sign Paper Tag

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The blank craft paper comes with twines, writing your gratitude for family and friends will pretty much be straightforward. Did we mention it comes in a hundred pieces? This one is really a bargain!

10. 12 Mini Champagne Bottle Favor Tags

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We found an excuse to pop the bottle of champagne. Of course! These bottle favors are always ready to be attached to your favorite sparkling drink.

11. 100pcs Heart Kraft Paper Gift Tags

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Made with high quality cardstock paper, twine included- which is durable and multi-purpose for DIY. The white color makes a great wedding favors, baptism and baby shower cards. With a pre-punched hole, it is convenient to use after all.

12. Zicome 200pcs Colorful Kraft Paper Gift Tags

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To say that these are cute would be an understatement, and wouldn’t it be nice to see colorful tags on the presents? We think that it just adds a pop of color to a plain gift wrap. Blank labels are also more practical as you can just use a stamp or markers to send your best regards.

13. Andaz Press Fully Personalized Fancy Gift Tags

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24 fancy frame gift tags that could be custom made, these adorable paper tags can be used for presents, treat bags and even boxes. Use the color chart for your desired color just before you head to check out.

14. African Print Gift Tags (Set of 10)

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Whether you are attending a simple party or a fancy African wedding, these African themed stationery cards will bring some personality to an ordinary gift bag. Thanks to its multicolored fabric on one side, you will never run out of hues.

15. Alice in Wonderland Tags

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We all love that vintage feel and if you really want to go extra on giving a present, then grab this Alice in Wonderland gift tag. Don’t forget that these tags are customizable.


Did you like all these tags that we picked? We can’t wait to get our hands on the Alice in Wonderland gift tags because they look luxurious and we can see them as a memorabilia for people like us who are fans of Lewis Carroll’s book.

And since no gift tags come without a present, be sure to check out 45 Ideas & Tutorials on How to Wrap a Present for Christmas by Onedesblog!

If you think we missed out on some lovely gift tags and party favors, please leave us a comment and we’ll take a look.