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We always hear the terms ‘terrible two and teen trouble’ when it comes to childhood and adolescence, but we seldom hear ‘tween in between’.

It’s a phase when a youngster is no longer a little girl, but she’s obviously not a teenager just yet, and there are probably some physical and emotional changes that’s developing on her, and it’s a crucial stage, to say the least.

We won’t be talking about psychosocial development here, because it’s a broad topic and it’s never our forte. But what we are here for is to give you some tips and tricks when it comes to gifting ten year old girls.

Since there are changes, there can be challenges from minute details to the most complicated ones, and gifts can be a part of the challenge if you don’t know what they want. Bear in mind that these growing kids expect different kinds of toys than the younger ones. They would sometimes prefer creativity and adventure more than just a fluffy toy or a doll.

The best way to know them more is to familiarize yourself to the things that interest and cultivate them. Here, we summed up a few gift suggestions to girls who are turning terrific 10!

1. Burn After Writing Teen

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If you are considering giving your daughter a diary, you have to grab this one! An interactive book for a girl that will make her face life’s big questions about herself. Some are random questions while some are really serious and deep ones, nevertheless, it’s her time capsule in a form of a book and a private journal rolled into one!

2. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

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You know what they say, ‘Girls just wanna have fun’. So when you want your girl to take on a challenge while having the best laughs with family and friends, give this bean boozled to her and we can guarantee that it’s going to be an unforgettable party for a ten year old.

3. Miss Lulu Canvas Prints Messenger Bag

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A practical gift to your sister that she can use to school and even when she travels (with parents, of course!). A useful satchel with zipped security and pouch pockets and because it works as a cross body bag, it is least to cause her any strain on her posture.

4. Klutz Punch Yarn Pillow

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A great art and craft kit that you can give to a ten year old lass. She can really be competitive and focused when it comes to her talents and developing personality, so we thought this decorative pillow will bring out her artistic side and practice her sewing technique.

5. Giant Donut Pool Float

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Let the young girls take a splash all summer long, with this donut that is not edible yet useful when it’s inflatable. We see a lot of people over social media posing with this type of float, it’s that one object that is a must-have while swimming and smiling for the camera!

6. Firebox Mermaid Blanket

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Little girls often have the same wishes and dreams, either they want to be a princess or be a mermaid. If you want to play a fairy godmother, you can definitely give her a tiara or this mermaid blanket and make her dreams come true.

7. Creativity for Kids Emoji Bead Bracelet

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Children are usually creative thinkers and the best way to train their fine motor skills is through arts and crafts like this. It comes with cute emoji beads and string that they can do by themselves or with a little help of an adult. They can create pieces that will match their mood and outfit.

8. Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball

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Thinking of what to give to a kid who has a curious mind? We’ve got this Magic 8 ball that has the answers to most of her questions. A novelty toy that brings fun to fortune-telling!

9. Moonscope and Sky Gazers Activity Journal

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A brilliant gift to your daughter who enjoys stargazing at night. Isn’t it relaxing when you see the moon and the stars shining down on you? It comes with an activity journal also to guide her through her night sky experiment.

10. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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Finding her a gift that is not only trendy but also safe can be quite tough, but this rechargeable scooter ticks off the boxes for fun, adventure and safety feature. It has a hand operated rear brake and a pneumatic front tire for a smooth ride.

11. Cismark Cartoon Animal Knee High Socks

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This high-quality and durable knee high socks made of cotton and spandex are the cutest gift you can ever give to a 10 year old girl on her birthday or on Christmas day. The colors are just so vibrant, they just give a hip character to young girls while keeping their legs warm.

12. Cute Unicorn Journal/Notebook

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Greet your daughter a happy birthday with this journal that will not only improve her writing or doodling skills but will also develop her emotional intelligence by sharing her day to day activities in this personal space for her. A great means of self-expression, this unicorn-themed notebook is an aspiration for kids who will become young adults in the near future.

13. Slappie Slap Watch

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A fun and funky watch that you can give as a present to youngsters that is water resistant. It has no buckle, just simply slap it on the wrist and we can assure you that it would never be sloppy gig.

14. ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

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These washable hair chalk pens are trendy, entertaining and a creative way to bond with your girls or with her friends. The easiest way to play salon inside the comfort of your home.

15. Design Your Own Fairy Wings

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These wings are made to fly, well not really, but it’s made to spark the young lady’s imagination! It’s pre-sewn and has a blank canvas for your child’s artistry to shine; since there are no templates to follow, it will be one personal pair of wings that your child can wear and let her whimsical dreams happen.

16. Jellyfish Lamp Electric Aquarium

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A room decoration that is fitting to your not-so-little-girl anymore, she would love the colorful LED lighting effects and how it relaxes the eyes and mind. The jellyfish looks realistic that it will mesmerize young ones and even adults.

17. H&M T-shirt Printed Design

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When it comes to practicality in gift giving, shirts are always on top of the list, because it is easier to purchase and there’s just a ton of design for anyone. But this particular shirt is so current and will fit most 10 year old girls.

18. SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

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At the age of 10, most girls are fond of mysterious and exciting game, bring out the little detective in them with this secret message lab. They can decipher the secret codes from their friends for a thrilling adventure while learning, too!

19. Suspend

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A heart-throbbing game that takes a steady hand, skills and balance to win! Game night with family or friends will never be the same, thanks to this game!

20. DROGRACE Kids Camera Waterproof

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An ideal digital camera for girls, also because it’s waterproof, you will never have to worry if it gets soaked in the pool. In this modern age of technology, a camera is a must-have in a girls’ bag! This present will really be appreciated, as memories serve an important part of growing up!

21. Tim Bird

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An endless entertainment for kids and adults, this bird can make a family bond! Just snap the wings, wind up the rubber band and toss it gently into the air, the bird will soon flaps its wings and will land smoothly into your yard. A great gift for the young thrill seekers!

22. Creativity for Kids Day at the Spa Gift Set

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A spa party has never been this fun, this is the ultimate spa gift set for young girls! Apart from the vibrant colors of the nail polishes, this kit is also non-toxic and safe to use by kids and adults who are young at heart!

23. Huffy 26” Womens Nel Russo Cruiser Bike

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There’s a Sound of Music feel that this bike offers, and although the film may be golden, it’s never too late to share them with your daughter! The pastel colors bring a lot of feminine touch, and the bike’s ergonomic design makes your child be more confident with her biking experience!

24. AILIHEN C8 Girls Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control

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A convenient and perky way to listen to music, young girls can bring this headphones anywhere, because music is food for the soul. It has hands-free talking, a remote and volume control that will allow them to answer a call or skip between tracks without missing the beat. An inexpensive gift that would never hurt your pocket.

25. The Mom & Me Necklace

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A heartfelt gift to your daughter that symbolizes your unending bond. You can create and design each other’s own necklace which will have your personal touch and you both can keep close to your hearts.

26. Ann Williams Group Craft-Tastic Yarn Kit

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It’s the perfect spot to hang your child’s accessories like earrings and rings. As young as 10, girls know already how to keep their room and space tidy, it’s a simple responsibility that trains them to be aware of their stuff. So never think twice and add it to your shopping cart!

27. Duncan Juggling Balls

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A great present to teach girls how to juggle and to also improve mental skills such as: focus, determination, patience and self-control, to name a few. Regardless of age, anyone can be a seasoned juggler!

28. HedBanz Game

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The award winning game that will make your neurons fire! A fast paced family game that doesn’t take a lot of preparation, you just have to ask fast and think faster! Give this to your daughter or her friends, because their generation likes to have a healthy competition.

29. Westminster World’s Smallest Voice Changer

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A desirable and hilarious gift for little girls, with this voice changer we can guarantee you that she will be having a good laugh with her friends. Distorting your voice and playing pranks that are free from harm is the best way to have a good fun!

30. Purple HORNIT – For Bikes & Scooters

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The ultimate bike accessory for young girls, this mini hornit is durable and waterproof with 25 different sounds. A desirable gift for our little sweethearts to make bike riding extra fun!

So those were the top gift ideas that we handpicked, to be honest, it’s not that hard to give presents to young girls compared to young adults or adults because most of them are really specific with what they want, and by specific we mean, expensive!

What we noticed, however, young girls prefer interactive games and clean fun. You can’t just give them a toy and expect them to run in the corner and do it by themselves, they want to share it with their friends or family, and it’s actually a great way for them to open up and be expressive.

If among these suggestions, you end up still looking for the perfect present, then you may consider giving them gift certificates or coupons so they can choose what they really want. But because we are old school and a little bit sentimental, we still rely on the saying, “It’s the thought that counts!”

But if you think that we are lacking, then tell us on the comments section and we would gladly read them one by one!