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To the not so little, yet a not so grown up boy, the world may be too big and transcendent. This is the time where peer time is increasing momentarily, and while we want them to stay young forever, we also could not hinder the great possibilities ahead of them.

Since they are still young, giving them toys may still be appealing to them. Some kids may opt for books or anything that interest them. You can actually do your research if they are into cooking, drones or any cool gadgets, but I promise that this listing won’t be anything boring and out of the budget.

So if you want to keep your winning streak on the gifting department, make sure to know what their interests are and tag along with us as we suggest some fascinating gift ideas.


Circuit Maze

Bzzt! Bzzt! Let his senses and critical thinking work with this electric circuit maze. If he is into challenges and at the same time challenge his peers, grab this fun and engaging toy for friends and families to enjoy.


The Don’t Laugh Challenge

From one challenging toy to another challenging item, this book is not meant to be read alone; it actually works best when you share the jokes in here to friends and families. Happiness multiplies when shared, right?

So let the jester show off his skills in comical acts, we bet no one can control their laughter.


Wham-O Hamper Hoops

Keep his muscles working and his room tidy by giving him this hamper hoops. Bring out the star player in him and the room will be out of sweaty shirts and jeans, your mama will surely be thankful for this gift apart from the young giftee.


The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

As mentioned, if he is into cooking and baking then this recipe book should be on your checklist. This recipe book is apt for any skill levels, you may be talking now to a future masterchef. You can also opt for a kindle edition but nothing beats browsing through the pages of a hardcover and smelling the scent of the paper. I mean, it’s a personal preference (I like the scent of the book paper) and I’m only suggesting.


Lego Gadgets Activity Kit

It’s recommended for 8 years old and above, and so I’m pretty sure that your 12 year old will have fun with this gadgets science material. We all love Legos and had extreme fun during our childhood creating different types of building, vehicles and robots. So let the youngster express his creativity and problem solving skills in this Lego activity kit.


Razor Delta Wing Scooter

If he is not into toys for the small boys any more, then he might be interested to toys for the big boys. I mean, this can be considered as his first ride. It’s a three wheel scooter that can support the rider, its large front wheel can drift and spin, perfect for the win!


Hookey Game

It’s a fun family game for kids and adults, although kids today are technologically advanced, nothing compares to a classic game that bonds everyone together. Kids can be competitive and this can boost their confidence, they can either toss and turn or do whatever, they just have to make sure to hook the rings in the right numbers.


Amphibious Toy Car

Literally, a remote control car for all season! Well, he can play it in land, water and even snow; truly, the saying we often hear, “When there’s a will, there’s away” applies to this vehicle for all terrain. With an adjustable speed of up to 12 km/hr, the young one will feel all the excitement in every flux.


Foldable Mini Drone

Want to be the cool aunt or uncle or maybe mom or dad? Then show him that you can dance to the tune of a techie person and you’ll give him a great impression. It’s small and foldable which means it’s easy to carry around, in case he wants to show it off to his peers and be the coolest kid.


Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

A lot of the gadgets now are wireless, and it isn’t surprising as wireless and bluetooth capable gadgets are more convenient. Nowadays, kids are engaged in music even as early as 10, so if you needed to get a gift for a 12 year old lad, then this special beanie should make the cut.


Shockproof Binoculars

I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t seen the GI Joe series nor he’s familiar with the character but he can act and play like GI Joe without realizing it. I mean, we’ve watched that during our childhood and it would never hurt if we’ll let the kids experience the good ‘ol series.

This isn’t only meant for GI Joe fanatics but he can use it to explore while out on a camp with family. It has an 8x magnification that will show him amazing views of nature and has a multi-layer broadband coating technology that makes everything so realistic.


Airzooka Air Blaster

Something that is not too high tech but delivers all the fun is this air blaster which can be played indoors or outdoors. Sure! You can opt for a Nerf gun but this elastic air launcher that the giftee must operate doubles the fun. He can play this on his own or play it with friends, there is nothing better than running and feeling the breeze of air while laughing with his buddies.


Adidas Sneakers

Any sneakers would be ideal as a gift for a young boy, they typically like sneakers as they are always on the move. Most of them are active, engaged in sports, and really, for comfort, these are your best shot.


Space Adventure Reversible Bedding

There’s nothing quite like lounging in space, at least the young boy can enjoy it while curled up on his bed. This is a reversible comforter so he won’t run out of stars, and when it comes to galaxies and planets this is a fitting gift for a space themed motif.


Digital Watch

A multi-function, waterproof, digital watch that is suitable for a young one who may be active or wants to always be on time. This is a type of gift that doesn’t have to be high-tech for it to be useful. It still is a classic gift to give to a 12 year old lad.

Notice that most of the items are technology-driven because our world is so fast-paced and there’s no stopping us to evolve and be acquainted with industrial science. And just like technology, our not-so-little 12 year olds are also changing and growing rampantly, enjoy your time with them before they officially become teens.

And while we showcased our knowledge on the modern world when it comes to gifting, we also made sure to squeeze in some classic gift items. As I always say that times are changing but the classic games/ways are timeless. So when you see gifting as a challenge, click on our website to see our detailed listing.

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