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Little boys are adventurous and fearless. There are so many adjectives I could use to describe them! As much as they annoy us at times they do make us laugh often and hard, and know how to melt our hearts with one single smile or hug! We don’t want to miss out any precious moment we get to spend with them. However, sometimes we just want them to sit quietly and entertain themselves for a couple of minutes. In this article I prepared 15 gifts for 5 year old boys that serve these two purposes. Now it’s your turn to decide which one you are going with this year.


Squigz Deluxe Set

What about some suction construction? These little guys stick to almost all smooth surfaces and they also bounce! Get creative with your little one and design a robot, a rocket, a building or whatever your heart desires.


Neatotek Toys

If you ever get tired of building fortresses or rocket ships with the Squigz set I mentioned above, bring some fun and ‘liveliness’ into it. A little role play won’t hurt anybody. That’s how we teach kids what is good or bad, how to share and be friends. Why don’t we use these cute little guys for that?


Kidirace Rc Bumper Cars

These bumper cars will give you a great opportunity to spend time and have fun with your little one. Let them get a little competitive and destructive! And don’t lie to yourself – you’ll enjoy these cars as much as they will.


Bamboo Builder Marble Run

Do you think 5 years old is too early to start learning physics? I disagree. If it’s in a fun and interesting way, let it be! And there is definitely something enchanting in this little marble that knows its way down the track.


Farm Alarm Game

Some kids don’t really like memory games because they make them work and think. This one is a bit different because it is funny and will make them laugh. They will need to remember the sequence of animal sounds and repeat them. Fun, huh?


Wobbly Worms

This game is much more fun than just an old fashioned Jenga, but basically it’s its kid’s version with colorful worms instead of boring wooden sticks. In my experience, kids get a bit intimidated by the classic Jenga. It looks too ‘adult’ for them which means BORING! Check it out!


Experiments With Mars Sand

With the bumper cars, you’ll let your kid get a little destructive. With this awesome STEM kit you’ll let them get a little messy. But they are little boys! They’ll find dirt even where there is none. At least with this kit they’ll hopefully learn something. What do you think?


Metal Miniature Safe

I’m all about early education. What is one of the most important things we can teach our kids besides kindness and love? Of course, it’s how to handle money. So, let’s start early with this cool miniature safe.


Kids Pod Swing

When I was a kid I used to build fortresses from chairs, sheets and whatever I could find. I couldn’t even imagine anything like this super cool pod swing! You can hide and play there if you want, or you can just swing! Isn’t it amazing?


Fort Building Kit

Speaking of forts, kids nowadays don’t even have to be very inventive and think what they can make a fort with. With this Fort building kit all they need is a large sheet or a blanket. However, don’t think they won’t have to use their imagination! There are some many possible forts they can build from the parts that are included in the kit.


Glow in the Dark Space Puzzle

Little boys like cars, dinosaurs and space. It’s definitely worth considering getting this floor puzzle. It’s great for strengthening problem-solving skills and the best thing is that it glows in the dark!


Led Constellation Globe for Kids

This one is an awesome world globe for kids. It features a very beautiful and detailed image of the Earth and the map of the night sky when you switch it on at night. They also offer a bonus which is an interactive globe app. You little one will get a chance to learn lots of interesting things through the app.


Color Your Own Cups

This set of cups will let your boy get all creative and show off with his own and one of a kind cups at school, playground or at any other place. Can you imagine how proud he will be? And how much fun he will have designing his own cups?


Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Kit

Did I already mention dirt here? Now let’s talk more about it! But this time let your kid be an archeologist and dig out 12 dino eggs with unique dino models. After the dinosaurs are all cleaned up, match them with the cards and learn about them. Isn’t it cool?


Air Soccer Set

No ball in the house! How many times do you have to repeat this phrase every day? With this air soccer set you can totally forget it and let your kid have some ‘forbidden’ fun. To be honest, the ball itself looks kind of magical as it ‘floats’ on the floor. Your boy will definitely love it.

Kids are amazing! They bring so much joy into our life. They bring happiness! We ourselves get to be kids again when we spend time playing with our children. They are lucky to have so many awesome toys now that we couldn’t even dream about. And we are more than lucky to have them as our children.

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