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The number 7 is considered a great number, and not only because of astrology and number readings. I think most of us celebrated our 7th birthday in the grandest way possible, thanks to our loving family. Some people believe that this is an important milestone where kids start to be independent and their social skills keep on improving, and the way to celebrate it is through a large gathering. I think that this tradition will continue through many generations, and if you want to grant a child’s wish, you came to the right page!

If you’ve been invited or on the hunt to find the perfect gift for a 7 year old boy, we will make sure that you won’t leave this page feeling disappointed in finding the right toy. We gathered 15 gift items that are guaranteed to win any kid’s heart.


Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Kids are natural explorers and learners, this fun and educational kit allows the kid to design his own terrarium. It grows by day and glows at night, due to its innovative LED light under the lid, so it makes an awesome illuminated tabletop. It comes with rocks, sand, soil and stickers that he can create in layers, this definitely will provide a layer of fun.


Hover Soccer Ball

For an endless fun that can be experienced indoor and outdoor, this hover soccer ball can be kicked like a real soccer ball. It has a glide function and foam bumper which protects against hitting the walls and furniture. The boy giftee can play it on his own or double the fun playing with his friends, the actual size is not too big nor too small, but the excitement and fun will never come short.


Running Targets Shooting

This digital Nerf target shooting gift is fun and enthusiasm all in one. He just needs to aim for a specific number to accumulate the highest score. This game helps develop his hand-eye coordination plus it can play a role for a healthy competition amongst his friends and neighbors.


Light Up Tracing Pad

From an exciting shooting game to arts this time, this light up tracing pad will help him start his love for arts and if he’s already into the creative side of things, he can then start tracing. There’s over 100 traceable images here, he can opt to mix and match them, and since it glows in the dark, there’s no reason for him not to enjoy in dim lights.


Slime Up

Something that’s really a hit is this slime kit for kids, there’s just something so satisfying when touching and playing with slimes, I think it has something to do with their fine motor skills and coordination. Playing with slime is considered to be a sensory play which can stimulate the creativity and exploration of your 7-year old giftee.


Where On Earth?

I know most 7 year olds who can’t stop asking why, where, what and how? They are into new learning and would always want to know first-hand information, and one of the many ways we can instill those facts and knowledge is by giving them a book that they can read on. You may read this together before bedtime, oh how we love bedtime stories when we were young.


Stomp Rocket

Next on this list is a toy that launches stunt planes, everything will all depend on how strong the kid stomps on the pad. This will totally bring some excitement and laughter inside or outside the yard, when he plays it with friends, they’ll definitely have a blast!


Bath Bombs

An item that is guaranteed to make bath time extra fun are these sea animals bath bombs with toys inside. My son is a big fanatic because he likes to look at them while they fizzle. The ingredients are non-toxic and won’t leave a stain on the tub, but just a little warning, the kiddo may spend too much time taking a bath.


Digital Camera for Kids

Let him capture great memories while he is a kid, with this cute digital camera that comes with a 32 GB memory card and has a 1080p HD video recorder. Because memories don’t last longer, this will be an awesome way to look back once he’s older.


Lego Wrecked Ship

Classic and creative, any kind of Lego is ideal to give for a 7 year old kid. He can build his own nautical-inspired ship, and not only that, there’s an adventure that awaits the young Lego master builder because this playset is inspired by Pirates of the Carribean.


Happy Birthday To Me

Any book by Dr. Seuss will always be a knockout! This particular hardcover, though, is not just a simple publication, it’s actually a fill-me-out type for the kid to write on. It will all just be about the youngster, his family and friends can also write their wishes, all in all, it’s a handbook to remember.


Blokus Trigon Game

When it comes to a game of mind and strategies, this board game should come to your attention. The goal is really simple, just fit most of the pieces into the board, the one who has the most, losses! And if you’re wondering if the boy will like it, well, a 100% because I know a lot of kids enjoy playing it!


3D Night Light

I say pass to the old school bedside lamp because this 3D LED lamp is a total upgrade to that. It has a color changing function that makes it seem animated, the kid feels safe when in the dark. He will be totally amazed by this LED lamp. It has a remote control function and really portable, can be used with a plug or AA batteries, the flexibility of this makes him feel at ease.


Detective Agency

Let the young one play Sherlock Holmes in this mystery game with actual hand held pieces. This requires an iPad or a tablet for the game to commence, there’s just a lot to learn while exploring the world and its trivia facts, and when it comes to learning and fun, this will never slack.


Dodge Tag Game Set

Seven year olds are known to be the active bunch, and we can’t argue on that; they love to run and explore with friends, and just being outside gives satisfaction to them. Their social skills are more solid and continue to improve as they age. With that in mind, you can consider giving him this dodge tag game set that will surely be a hit amongst his peers. Oh! How I miss being a kid.


There’s a cluster of toys online and in stores but we really kept this listing short and simple. We wanted to give you a gist of what’s on trend when it comes to gifting 7 year old kids and we hope that we were able to deliver. When it comes to kids being kids, just let them be. Soon enough they will grow up and their interests will vary. Take the most out of this time to play and interact with them, it will never be the same once they are older.

As we always say on this webpage and we’ll stay true to it, when it comes to your gifting dilemma, we are here to work it out!

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