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How many times have you faced a question: what is the best gift for your son?
The choice can be challenging no matter how old he is. But when your child is 8 and his curiosity is growing, your task becomes even more complicated. Whatever you choose, your gift should be secure for your kid, generate his interest, develop your boy’s skills and abilities.

Is your son (grandson, nephew, younger brother or cousin) into robots, drones or cameras? Or is he a science fan? Does he want to be a famous detective or a photographer? Anyway, be sure that your kid will never get bored with the gift we suggest here.

These are 15 amazing gifts for your 8-year-old :

  1. Marky Sparky Faux Bow

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    Let your boy be a Robin Hood , even if he plays in the backyard!
    Completely safe (foam tip arrows), lightweight for awesome distance (up to 100 ft), non-latex material. Great outdoor fun even for grownups.

  3. Hand-operated Drones

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    Made of soft plastic material, this drone is absolutely trustworthy and safe for your kid’s palm. Hand-operated and easy to control. Equipped with colorful lights, the drone is perfect for birthday party activities. Its price is an advantage, too.

  5. National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab

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    The National Geographic’s award – winning science games.
    Colorful chemistry-beryll, yellow, pink, purple, green, blue, red and orange crystals to be grown at home. Both you and your son can enjoy a homegrown rainbow in no time – crystals grow quickly. Keep a stem learning guide (included) at hand – you might want to explain crystal formation to your kid.

  7. Remote Control Drone + Infrared Guns Set

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    Infrared tag blaster with colorful lights, sounds, vibrating effect, infrared sensors – everything you need to have real fun with your 8-year-olds! At the convenient price you’ve got TWO infrared guns and TWO flying drones. Your son will definitely enjoy playing alone or competing with his friends.

  9. Kids Beginner Microscope

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    Amscope microscope kit – is a real bargain for a future scientist! Durable metal arm,reflecting mirror, built-in lights for an attentive young researcher. The microscope comes with scalpel,adjustable lenses, sample slides, tweezers-everything is in a sturdy hard case for easy storage.

  11. Razor A3 Kick Scooter

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    The quality light-weight scooter for a smooth ride with aircraft-grade aluminum construction includes a rear fender brake, and a wheelie bar for tricks. Your kid will love it! The patented folding mechanism makes carrying easy – in case you want to peep into a candy shop on your way!

  13. 165-Piece-Learning toys gift set

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    No matter if you just want to motivate the creativity of your kid or cultivate his talents to challenge creative design – this gift is a real find for you!
    This educational toy, good for kids of all ages, significantly improves the hand-eye coordination and develops your child‘s interest for sciences.

  15. Outdoor Adventure Kit for Kids – Binoculars, Compass, Flashlight, Magnifying Glass

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    An important message for ongoing couch potatoes;) The 4-in-1 kids explorer kit will definitely encourage your child to spend quality time outside – exploring nature‘s wonders – rocks, plants, leaves, flowers and insects! Excellent grades at school are guaranteed! Even if your little one is dreaming to be a famous detective, kid’s binoculars and magnifying glass to find ‘criminal’ traces will be a great fun for him!

  17. Smart Circuits

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    Looking for a new challenge for your little game enthusiast? Here it is: the tech-forward Smart Circuits gives your kid a chance to create his own working games and gadgets with a wide variety of tools giving access to the fascinating world of electronics, light and sound.

  19. Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids + Boxing Gloves

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    An amazing punching – boxing kit for beginners! Kids will go crazy about this white and red solid non-toxic leather punching box and cool boxing gloves. If it is hard for you to get your kid in for outdoor games or sport – this gift is for your offspring. Comes with free pump and boxing gloves. Try this perfect training equipment and enjoy it or get your money back within 30 days.

  21. EzyRoller Classic Ride On

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    Fancy a ride like no other? The EzyRoller offers fun, action, maneuverability and hands-free riding, especially for children having a hard time riding a bike. A prompt hit among your kid´s friends – the EzyRoller will become the envy of all – even the older ones.

  23. A+ Kids Chemistry Junior Experiments & Reactions Science Lab Kit

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    A perfect chance to introduce your child to an amazing world of science through safe and entertaining chemistry projects. Over 32 experiments include mixing up fuzzing and colorful chemicals to create foam monsters and invisible ink; learning about basic chemical reactions and many more cool experiments . If you want to educate your kid in a funny and easy way, don’t hesitate to buy this smart toy: the whole family will enjoy it.

  25. Indoor Hover Soccer Ball Set

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    Now there is no need to be upset because of bad weather outside. Your kid can now kick the hover soccer ball without any damage to your floor surface and the objects around the house. Easy to assemble – for busy parents!

  27. Activ Life 2-Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights

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    Good news for parents! With these longest and brightest LED-Bike-Wheel Lights no need to worry about your kid´s safety – the bike can be seen in the dark as well as in the morning dusk. The lights are bright enough even in the daytime. They will literally light up your life – in 8 different colours available.

  29. Amphibious Remote Control Car for Kids

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    Are you dreaming about a quiet and lazy day at the seaside, but your 8-year-old needs your company even during your day off? We’ve got a solution! This amazing Amphibious Remote Control Car will hold your kid’s attention within at least two hours. Sealed design makes it waterproof. But it also can easily go on sand, land and even mud. Completely safe: non-toxic plastic and high quality metal materials,covered with environmental spray painting. Comes with rechargeable battery.


We hope you got inspired by these fresh gift ideas! Fun factor, child development, safety as well as easy operation are the main criteria that have influenced this sparkling gift selection. Choose the suitable one or two, add a pinch of creativity and tons of love – to make it perfect for your kid. And don’t forget – the time spent with your child is the most precious gift you can give!

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