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Wherever we are in life, there’s a person or a handful of people backing us up. They’re our best friends, bestie or bff whom we can just turn to when life gets gloomy or even when we are at our happiest. It’s true when they say that a problem shared is a problem halved or solved. And it’s also true that happiness multiplies when shared. Apart from our family, we have people in our lives whom we treat as sisters or brothers at heart, our dearest best friends, of course! There’s actually a day aimed to celebrate National Best Friend’s day and if you are looking for a pleasant gift to give on that celebratory date or probably for their birthday, then you can definitely count on us! Because that’s what best friends do.

I remember, being young and having a whole community of best friends, but as I get older (but still young at heart), my friendship gaming reduced in half. But that’s not a bad thing, as we mature, we change and we grow. A best friend to me can be many things, an inspiration, a confidante, someone that I can fully trust and someone whom I have the strongest bond. I try to keep my friendship to a minimum because stronger relationships are far more important than having too many acquaintances, quality over quantity in all aspects of life; that’s what I wanted to drive.

Now when it comes to giving gifts and surprising them, you may want to move the heavens and mountains to make it happen. And it’s never about material gifts and all sorts of tangible stuff, but it’s really the thought that counts!

So on to our gifts and friendships, I’ve rounded up 30 gift items to celebrate life with your BFF! Cross my heart and hope to die, these gifts will surely make them say, awww!

  1. Funny Vanilla Candle

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    Add some humor to your gift, by giving her this candle with a hilarious statement. This vanilla and waffles scented candle is comparable to you and your best friend, they go well together and create a tasteful aroma.

    Candles may be a common gift to give, but it makes a functional present because you can give it all year round. A candle also symbolizes friendship, like being a light in times of need and isn’t friendship a light in someone else’s heart?

  3. Best Friends Wine Glass

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    If your bestie shares the same love for wine, then this personalized wine glass should come to mind. It’s customizable, so you can choose your preferred design or name to put on. There’s gift wrapping options on the website, too, they can do a handwritten note for you so this makes this gift readily available.

    But just a tip: To give it your own personal touch, you can wrap it yourself and let your hand do the writing, there’s nothing better than a well thought out present.

  5. Relaxing Kit Basket

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    A hard day’s work deserve some pampering in the tub, so let your best friend get some splash before bedtime. This kit offers a relaxing experience in the comfort of her home. Your best friend may need to de-stress at some point, but going to a spa may not be feasible at the moment, so bring the spa to her instead. This is an all-organic kit that has essential oils to soothe her muscle sores, her bath time ritual will surely level up.

  7. Tillandsia Air Plant Pack

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    If she’s into gardening or anything greens, especially non-artificial ones, then try giving her an air plant. Air Plants are known to be nature’s wonders that need a little care. They do not require soil and can just be attached to an object. Just like your friendship with her, I hope that it continues to grow in the years to come.

  9. Friendship Infinity Necklace

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    A timeless symbol of a lasting friendship, this infinity necklace comes in a card with a note in it. Really, it’s an ideal gift to give, for the person who you consider as a sister, not in blood but in your heart.

    As conjoined circles that have no edges, no beginning, no end, this necklace will represent the kind of friendship you have– something that will last a lifetime.

  11. Double Stranded Bracelet

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    You may want to pair that necklace with a cute and meaningful bracelet, so that her daily accessories are now being covered. This bracelet is a total charm, dainty and gorgeous; definitely a pleasant gift to give which comes in a gift box.

  13. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

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    No amount of space and distance can set true friendship apart, let this lamp remind you both of that. Ideal to buy it in pairs, so if your bestie lives far away from you, this lamp will let you light up their life in an ambient glow. This type of lamp is techie enough, connected to a wi-fi that when you touch one lamp, its pair will also light up. Now that’s a unique way of telling your best friend that you are thinking about her.

  15. Fruit and Gourmet Kosher Food Gift Basket

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    Looking for some sweet and salty gift or you may want them to snack on something healthy, then this is the perfect gift to send them. This gift woven basket includes different varieties of pears, apples, cashews and pistachios; there a jar of honey on the side for some extra sweet stride. Oh and how can we forget some Sconza chocolate, your friendship is really the sweetest thing on earth!

  17. Wooden photo frame

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    Something that lasts and will never get old, is a photo of you together displayed on the wood. Very complimentary as a home or room decor, but one thing is sure, your best friend will have it as a treasure.

  19. Funny Coasters

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    We can be what and who we want to be in front of our besties, no pretensions, no masks, just our true colors because they love us for who we are. So if you want to be blunt or just show your humorous side, these coasters will just let you be outrageous in the most comical way. After all, your best friend knows you for sure!

  21. Premium Healing Crystals

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    If your friend is into crystals or you may want to introduce her to these stones that are considered to have healing properties, then grab this box full of happiness, joy and energy. What I like about this kit is that they can simply display it anywhere in their home and let the positive aura and energy just enter into their humble abode.

  23. Best Friends Tumbler

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    If she’s the Thelma to your Louise or maybe she’s the Dory to your Marlin, then these best friend tumblers are a great gift for her and yourself. It’s so nice to have a duo that sticks through thick and thin, of course, apart from your husband or wife, there’s just got to be a person who has your back.

  25. Throw Blanket

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    An ultra plush throw that your best friend can use when it gets cold (you may want to use it, too, so better order two). So whether she’s on the bed or lounging on the sofa, it’s the perfect snuggling blanket that has a gradient pattern, modern design and sherpa lining which is durable, fluffy and retains heat.

  27. “It takes a long time to grow an old friend” Decorative Throw Pillow

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    If your bestie is into pillows or home decor then this wonderful pillow is your best bet for that lovely homey present. It would bring comfort to both body and soul of your special person!

  29. Jewellery Trinket Dish

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    There’s a simple sentiment written on this glazed ceramic,for that brief reminder that your friendship will never end. They can just put it in the drawer or by the bathroom sink, so they can place their jewelry after a long day of accessorizing themselves, quick and easy, that’s how we want our lives to be – uncomplicated.

  31. Folded Book Art

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    Is she a bookworm or she just simply appreciates anything in art form? Than you have to consider picking this folded book art as a room or home decoration for your bestie who will cherish any gifts from you.

    This book fold also comes in a rustic string for that added charm, just like a special bond that your friendship has.

  33. Personalized Steel Cufflinks

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    These are ideal as a groomsman or a groom’s wedding cufflinks, you can have it personalized and have his initials or wedding date engraved in them. Oh how we love gifts that can be customized just so they look as though you’ve put more effort and thought on it.

  35. Desktop USB Charging Station with iSmart Multiple Port

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    If you think this is a weird thing to give to your besite, think twice. How many times did they say that their phone’s battery is running low and they can’t talk right now? Well, maybe it’s just a lame excuse, but what if… what if they are telling the truth? Problem solved!

  37. Electrical Wine Bottle Opener

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    Tired of popping up the wine with a bothersome corkscrew? Here’s something that is new and technological advanced when it comes to spirits and wines, an electrical wine bottle opener that will surely be a hit for a present, so that bestie don’t have to sweat.

  39. Creative Explosion Gift Box

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    For that ultimate surprise, gift her this cute and artful gift box. There are 20 parts inside where you can post your good ol’ memories and write something that’s gonna touch her heart. It’s nice to give something that is not only artsy but also something that comes from the heart.

  41. Cake Decorating Kit

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    If she’s that baker bestie then it’s ideal to give her something that would be a great use in her kitchen. If she doesn’t have the right tools yet, maybe you want to get her started. These are simple, minimal yet functional to start the cake baking. It’s also a good idea for the two of you to bond over. Ah! Life is sweeter with a best friend whom you can treat as a sister.

  43. Green Tea Eye Mask

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    Tea is known to either calm or wake up our senses, but this caffeinated wonder isn’t only good for the stomach but also works well to soothe those tired eyes. Let your friend have some pampering time before or after she sleeps, we all hate those pesky eyebags that even makeup can’t conceal.

  45. TITLE

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    Give her something unique, earthy and environmental-friendly with these tree globes that came from recycled materials, like glass. We help save the environment from unnecessary waste and make her feel special by giving her something that’s a work of art.

    This could also be a symbolism of friendship, like a tree with many branches and leaves, you are deep-rooted and knows the value of friendship.

  47. Best Friend Pillow Cover

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    If your bestie lives miles away from you, then you may want to give her this cuddly throw pillow. So that even if she is far away, she has something with her to remember you. A pillow, like your friendship, gives comfort, security and an item that she can lean on.

  49. Preserved Flower Rose

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    While it’s a sweet and a thoughtful gesture to give our loved ones, family or friends, a bouquet of flowers, let’s be more realistic, they usually just ends up in the trash. Now we found a way of eternally storing the rose, with this handmade preserved flower rose, you can be sure that it will stay looking fresh and unwithered, just like your friendship with her. THe gift box that comes with the rose is remarkable in terms of both quality and materials.

  51. Japanese Matcha Bowl

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    Rustic textured and creatively decorated, this pottery bowl is a charming gift to give to your best friend, either as a housewarming gift, a bon voyage gift, or a birthday gift. There’s a lot of reasons to give this to your best friend. This has been meticulously done with the use of clay and glaze, so you can be certain that this is worth it. The bowls come beautifully packaged in a wooden box, that is so cool, it can be a “standalone” present itself!

  53. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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    Really practical and useful gift especially for those those techie kids. They can use it in the shower or while at camping, this is boundless for any outdoor activities. Not sure if you would want to give this to your bestie, or you want it for yourself, but one good thing about it is it’s not that expensive. A bang for your bank, indeed!

  55. The Man Can Gift Set

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    Now for that best mate who is so hardworking, let this kit take care of his hygiene, not that he’s unhygienic or something, but this is the most convenient way to keep his body clean and also soothe his dry skin. From foot salve, scrubs and balms, these stuff are made especially for that hardworking man.

  57. Metal World Map

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    This may come as random gift but I think this is so meaningful for any relationship, whether it’s a family or friendship bond, what I want to say is that wherever path life leads us, the map of life will always bring us back to our loved ones. So if your best friend is moving away or maybe just moving to a new house, consider this as a charming gift for that charmer friend you have.

  59. Kindred Spirits, Forever Wacky Friends

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    It’s just nice to know that we have a person who will love and accept us for who we are, the jolly, candid, sometimes moody person that we are. This hardcover has spontaneous and fun stories celebrating friendship. Inside are colorful illustrations that perfectly depict the realness of having a best friend.


Having a best friend helps us to get by, life isn’t a paved road all the time, but our friends, best friends, rather, make the journey worth the while. I think we can all relate that life is better with real friends who support and trust you. You can have your childhood friend as your best friend, they can be your husband, your mom and even your child. We can be many persona in every person in our life.

But for every gift listing, you can always be sure that you’ve got a friend in me. So see you on the next gift enumerating.