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Every now and then, we find ourselves blessed with managers whom we really, really like. Some might inspire us or challenge us, while others may become really good friends. Even if you’re a bit intimidated by your boss, you may still appreciate and respect them for who they are, and the work they do.

We’ve put together a selection of gifts that bosses are sure to enjoy. Since it’s best to avoid anything too saccharine when it comes to buying for upper management, these are both neutral and thoughtful—they express your appreciation, and don’t suggest that you’re clamoring for a raise.

1. Desk Tray Office Organizer

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A gift that’s both unique and utilitarian, this desktop organizer can keep your boss’ phone, favorite pen, and other vital accessories within easy reach. Handmade from 100% virgin Merino wool felt, it has corner snaps that fasten together to transform it from an easily transportable flat sheet into a handy bowl. Whether your boss keeps it on his desk or take it with him on business trips, he’ll appreciate how handy and versatile it is.
When snapped together, the organizer measures 7 3/4 x 6 1/4 inches, and 2 3/4 inches deep.

2. Funny Mug

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If you and your boss have a great rapport (and they have a great sense of humor), this mug’s a surefire winner. Microwave and dishwasher safe, the mug features the announcement that it’s filled with the tears of staff members… which, depending on what type of boss you have, might very well be true.
You really can’t go wrong with a mug as a gift, and this one is sure to get more than a few chuckles from your workplace overlord.

3. Desktop Clock

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Is your boss a Type-A person who likes to control every facet of their daily life? Check this out.
It’s a multi-function clock with customizable brightness, displays their current office temperature and humidity (which you know they maintain diligently), and can be adjusted by clapping or snapping at it.
Best of all, it has two alarm groups so they can keep track of when your assignments are due.

4. Decanter Set

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Chances are you drive your boss to drink fairly often, so make “Happy Hour” even happier for them with this gorgeous decanter set.
Made entirely from hand-blown glass, the glasses are etched like globes, and the decanter features a little glass ship that’ll bob around merrily in whatever glorious libation they choose to keep in that bottle.
They’re certain to like this gift so much that they’ll invite you to share a drink (or three) with them to celebrate the company’s next big win.

5. Decision Maker

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If your boss is an indecisive sort, offer them a bit of vital decision-making help with this desktop spinner. With a simple flick, they can have their choices made for them, so they don’t have to bust any brain cells stressing over silly things like deadlines or quarterly reports. The spinner can land on answers like “Pass the Buck” or “Reorganize”, allowing them the freedom to do exactly that. After all, they’re just following orders, right?

6. Desk Sign

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Another option for a boss who has a great sense of humor, these cheeky signs are meant to be displayed to let everyone know just whose desk they’re cowering before. Whether you’re on great terms with your manager or if they intimidate you to the point of tears, they’re sure to grin when they receive this as a gift.
Even if they’re just smiling on the inside, and scowling at you. (You know they’ll love it.)

7. Perpetual Desk Calendar Blocks

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As far as desk calendars go, this is one of the coolest ones you’ll ever find. Not only can the vintage-looking wooden blocks be turned in place to show any date from now until the end of eternity, it’s totally waste free. You don’t have to worry about whether they’re recycling each day’s tear-away sheet! It’s also nice to be able to use something tactile in a world where everything else is digital and blinky.
Added bonus: you can use the blocks as makeshift dice for workplace games night.

8. Speks Magnetic Office Toy

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When you work in a stressful environment, you need an outlet to help alleviate some of the negativity before it crushes your soul. If you think you’re stressed, imagine how your boss must feel most of the time.
This gift can help.
Your boss can use the 512 magnetic balls to create just about any shape imaginable, then crush it all down and repeat the process. It’s invaluable for being present and relieving both stress and anxiety, and is really a lot of fun too. Perfect for employers working in the nonprofit sector.

9. Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Did you know that scents can have a startling effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing? A few drops of lemon or eucalyptus essential oil can elevate mood and increase concentration, while lavender and rose soothe tension.
This diffuser is a perfect gift for bosses of any age or gender, as aromatherapy can be appreciated by everyone.
It uses ultrasonic waves to produce mist (so it won’t create any heat) but adds humidity to dry office environments.

10. Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler with Lid

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Is your boss a beast who knocks back several coffees a day, while hammering through any obstacle in their path?
Get them this.
It’s a double-insulated 20oz drink tumbler that keeps beverages either piping hot or ice cold, and with an 18/8 stainless steel outer body, it can withstand being thrown at the wall or kicked down the stairs in frustration now and then.
You might want to pair this with a container of decaf. Just sayin’.

11. Godiva Deluxe Chocolate Truffles

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Do you know who loves chocolate? Well, pretty much everyone. There are few situations that can’t be made better with a chocolate truffle, especially when they’re as exquisite as Godiva’s offerings.
This 19-piece set includes a mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate delights, all of which have sumptuous fillings. Praline, ganache, and strawberry cream are just a few of the whimper-inducing flavors included in this set, which comes in a gorgeous golden gift box.
You’ll win some serious points for this one and you know it.

12. Personalized Desktop Pen Set

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Elegance is always appreciated, and this personalized desk set embodies classic style and grace. The pen itself can be engraved with your boss’ name, while the wooden case can be monogrammed to display proudly on their desk. Best of all, that case doesn’t just hold the pen in its loving embrace: it’s also a business card holder.
This gift is pretty much perfect for an employer who appreciates good taste. It’s both beautiful and utilitarian, and expresses your appreciation without going overboard.

13. Deep Sea Sand Art

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Another great de-stressing option, this one creates breathtakingly beautiful landscapes while also allowing your boss a few minutes of much-needed self-care. Made of wood and glass, it contains several shades of sand suspended in water. Rotating the glass ring allows the sand to fall into mountains, deserts, and clouds, as different hues shift and shimmer into place.
Watching the sand grains move around is incredibly calming, and your boss can create new, gorgeous landscapes as often as they like.
One can never have too much beauty around, especially at the office, right?

14. Password Reminder Book

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You know all those passwords you have to remember? Well, multiply that by a gazillion and you might come close to how many your boss has to keep track of.
This handy little reminder book keeps them all listed in alphabetical order so they can be accessed easily, and don’t have to be reset every few days.
It can display either hints so they remember the passwords, or the codes themselves. It’s also small enough to travel with them, so they won’t keep calling for tech support while on business trips.

15. Leatherette Business Card Holder

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Your employer undoubtedly spent countless hours agonizing over which typefaces to use on their business cards so they were just perfect. As such, those cards are precious jewels and should be treated with proper care and respect.
This vegan leatherette card holder is just the thing for doing exactly that.
Sleek and elegant, it measures 3 13/16 x 2 1/2 x 9/16 inches in size, and can be customized with a line of type to personalize it with their name and/or title.
It’s a great, thoughtful gift that’s certain to be appreciated.

It’s often difficult to shop for one’s employer, as there’s a fine line between camaraderie and overstepping lines of decorum. The gifts we’ve selected are diverse enough that you can choose the one that best fits the rapport you have with yours.
If you and your boss are cordial but not close, aim for something really neutral, like the business card holder or sand art. Closer, more friend-like relationships can be nurtured with the aromatherapy diffuser or one of the humorous offerings. Either way, if you’re buying something special for your employer, them them something that feels right to you.
After all, you appreciate authenticity, right? So do they.