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What to give someone who has everything? Well, you can give him a hug for free! Just kidding! You are lucky to have a brother like him, but you don’t have to call it a lucky shot when it comes to giving him a present.

What’s difficult when gifting our beloved is the pressure we put on ourselves as we want to give them the very best. But the internet is one ginormous space and malls can be a staggering place, chances are, you’ll be surrounded by everything yet go home with nothing.

So whether you want to splurge or you are low on a budget, you definitely have a few options to give your bro something special and useful from this range of gift suggestions. For sure, he’ll never look past the effort that you have put in giving him a gift. Happy browsing!

1. Brother Acronym Greeting Card

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Greeting cards will never get old, but you might as well opt for a card that will tickle your brother’s funny bone. Give him this acronym card and let him giggle first before he blows his birthday candles!

2. Brother Gift Coffee Mug

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A hilarious coffee mug that will not only hold hot tea or coffee for a while but will also make your brother feel awesome on his birthday and every day of his life. This mug is dishwasher and microwave oven safe for his convenience, give this to him and you’ll be the nicest sibling.

3. Viable Harvest Wood Watch and Sunglasses

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A watch and a sunglasses that are as unique as your bro, these are a match made in heaven, but they were actually made from wood. But I know you get me, how they are a-ok when it comes to functionality and style.

4. Best Brother Bottle Opener Keychain

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There’s just one easy way to open a bottle of beer before he says cheers, and that is with a bottle opener that he can put on his pocket or hang on his bag for easy access. You know you needed to grab this as a useful item to your brother’s kit.

5. Mini Arcade Game Retro Machine

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Bring fun memories in the palm of your hands, and let your brother enjoy this mini arcade game while in the zone of your home. This will surely be a fun bonding moment with the whole family!

6. Mini Flip Cup Game

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This portable set of flippin’ and jumpin’ cup game will bring a barbecue or house party to the next level. We are sure that gifting your brother this, will surely be a hit rather than a miss!

7. Brother Engraved Chrome Lighter

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Never let anything stop you from declaring that you have the best brother, so even if you have to engrave it in this chrome lighter, show your appreciation towards him. He does light up your world, doesn’t he?

8. Brother Pendant Guitar Pick

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This gift is exclusive to your brother, although the words were written by a different person, you know that these words run through your mind and heart. A really thoughtful gift for a brother who loves to play his guitar, this will certainly make him smile and be touched at the same time.

9. World’s Okayest Brother T-Shirt

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Because he is more than the “okay” brother, give him this shirt that shows how incredible he is. Even Thor and Loki will learn a lot from him when it comes to brotherhood and for the price of this shirt, you’ll never have to hurt your pocket.

10. Engraved Knife- Best Brother Ever

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A practical knife that can be used by your brother on a daily basis that will last him for years, and the sweet thing about it is that you can personalize it and engrave the words best brother ever because he is the best, isn’t he? It also features a quick-open blade tab and pocket clip for versatility.

11. Wedding Gift For Brother

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This classy docking station made of wood will help your brother be more organized, plus you can also add some laser engraved text to keep it more personalized. A gift will always have a personal touch if you are able to customize it, take our word for it!

12. Levonta Pocket Watch For Brother

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A timeless piece that speaks so much love for the sibling that you are proud to have, this pocket watch is more than just a classic accessory, it also brings joy to any recipient. A really prudent gift that he can keep in his pocket.

13. Best Brother Ever Picture Frame

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I don’t think anyone will disagree if I say picture frames will always be on top of the list when it comes to gifting. We may even hear that it’s a common gift to give, but it really is a useful and practical present, to be honest. But before you raise an eyebrow, let me tell you that this picture frame is somewhat special, for the simplest reason that you can customize it with your own words and make it a wistful present for your lovely brother.

14. Best Brother Water Bottle

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A perfect travel size bottle to keep him hydrated during a sporting event, a bike ride or even when he is at school or at the office, this is a handy gift for indoor and outdoor activities. It includes a carabiner clip screw-top and a sports top for his convenience.

15. AICASE Cheerson CX-10 Helicopter Drone

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You do not have to break your bank to avail this mini-drone that is smaller than a hand, your brother will definitely enjoy flying this on a chill day with his friends and family. The best part is, it has a low speed, easy to control but will go fast once he goes on full blast.

Were you pleased skimming through our list? We hope that you found some really practical and out-of-the-box ideas from here that you can soon use in celebrating your brother’s milestones.

A personal favorite would be the guitar pick, just because I have a brother who plays the guitar so well, I know he’ll love it when I give him such a sentimental gift. We’ve always been so close growing up, and so I know which one to pick for him.

Knowing the person is really the key to find the right gift for them, but also remember to always focus on the relationship rather than the material things. So goodbye for now, and see you on our next listing!