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Can you smell the Autumn leaves now? Or are you looking forward to drink your pumpkin spice latte? We’re on the last quarter of the year, and since Halloween is just around the corner, we figure our feline friends will be more powerful than ever. Oh well, it’s just my imagination! Halloween is just my thing, but I promise you that the list we gathered here are practical and sensible that your family and friends can use all year long.

Gifting a fellow cat lover shouldn’t be a time-consuming task because you already have few ideas running through your mind, but not everyone is a cat lover in nature and gifting can sometimes be a hard chore, in general.

You know that we are here to help you find the best gift for your cat loving friends, so skim through our compilation of gifts that are cat themed appropriate. It’s meow or never!

1. Personalized Cat Lover Mug

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Mugs will always make it on the gift giving list because we use them on a daily basis, but this type of mug is never typical, look at those 3D ears, any cat lover will understand the cuteness of this ceramic mug. And let me add, you can put the recipient’s name on it with a metallic gold text and have it customized at hand.

2. Vacuum Insulated Cat Flask

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Reduce the waste of plastic and paper cups with this vacuum insulated flask, a thoughtful gift for your friends and colleague, even kids will love this! They’ll be surprised that this flask is made of recyclable material and it’s durable enough. If they want to keep their drink hot or cold, this is a cat’s lover wish for a water bottle!

3. Design Fashion Foldable Umbrella

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Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, they can’t stop a cat lover strut this foldable umbrella on the street. Because how cute is this cat print made with waterproof fabric? It also has a plastic handle which is lightweight for anyone to hold!

4. Squishy Cat iPhone 6 case

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A cat’s lover dream for a phone case, imagine holding a squishy cat at the back of their phone, oh what a satisfaction! Its cute design will always catch anyone’s attention.

5. Post-it Pop up Notes Cat Dispenser

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Practical and adorable in one present, this post-it dispenser will make anyone’s desk unique and convenient. If you know a cat lover who likes to keep things tidy and organized, you know she deserves some purr-fect love.

6. Sippy Cup for Adults Cat Lover

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A unique cat themed gift for a cat lover that you know, this insulated tumbler can be used indoor and outdoor as long as they have a pet that says ‘purr’. Just make sure they hand wash it in order to maintain its function for a long period of time.

7. Cat Ears Headphones with LED Light

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An out-of-this-world kind of gift, this cat ears headphone should never go amiss! Look at those LED lights that sparkles like stars in the night sky, who would not fall in love with this portable gadget, it’s more for convenience than amusement.

8. Talisman Designs Measuring Spoons

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If she’s a cat lover and a good chef, these laser etched cat art measuring spoons is the best gift for her! It’s like hitting two birds in one stone with this collection, except you’ll be using a cat in an artistic execution, she’ll definitely enjoy cooking more!

9. Talisman Designs Measuring Spoons

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Good food provides good memories, but behind every sumptuous meals is the mastery of the cooking skill. Add some more inspiration to a chef that you know with these measuring cups that are inspired by our feline friends. Oh yes! We trust that cooking should also be done artistically!

10. Fuzzy Black Cat Slippers

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How about give a little love to those tired feet as the winter months are approaching, slip those feet into these fuzzy slippers, and no cat lover will fuss about it! Just think about a warm hug for her toes, oh she’d rather stay at home than go.

11. Thirstystone Coaster Set

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A set of four coasters made especially for people who has a heart for cats. Grab these coasters and let them be an addition to a growing collection of anything cat related, its cork backing will also protect any furniture from damage.

12. Cat Paws Mouse Pad

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Probably the only time one can see a mouse and a gang of cats get along.This perky mouse pad has a smooth surface and has a non-slip rubber at the bottom that is an ideal gift for people who have an affection for a kitty cat. You know what they say, when the cat’s away, the mouse will play!

13. Cartoon Cats Print Duvet Cover Set

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It doesn’t matter whether they own a sphynx or a siamese cat, this duvet cover set is a stand out gift for any cat lover. Because they can now have a sweet sleep, and they can stay in bed longer with this breathable, cotton-made cover!

14. Lovely Pillowcases Cover Cushion

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A pack of 5 different cat patterns, any kitten lover can relate to these pillowcases. They are easy to match with any pillows on the bed or couch, keeping them nice and clean would never make the receiver stressed out!

15. Angry Cat Luggage Tag

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You know someone who is bound to seek an adventure? Anyone who owns a cat can understand the heartbreak that you get for leaving your cat at home. So give her this custom luggage tag so she can somehow feel the presence of her favorite cat!

16. Juego Cat-Opoly

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A whisker-twitchin’ version of the classic trading game Monopoly, this cat-opoly is for cat and even non-cat owners, because there should never be a limit when it comes to clean fun and challenge. So if you want to give a kid a cat-themed gift, then check out the link!


Those were the gifts that we cautiously picked to meet any cat lover’s expectations. Finding the purrfect gift may not be easy, but we always press on being pragmatic when you can because gifts should be something that can be used for a long period of time, and as cliché as it may sound, it should always be quality over quantity.

If you want to know what’s my personal favorite amongst the list, it’s got to be the angry cat luggage tag, I can really see it as something I would give as a present to my loved ones and I can use it too on my next adventure.

Whether you agree or disagree with our list, we would love to chat with you through our comment section below. ‘Till our next listing!