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But first, coffee! Because who can ever turn down the rich, aromatic smell of that caffeinated drink? Whether you want an extra shot or have it decaf, it has an enticing scent that jumps start your day especially in an aftermath of sleeping or partying.

Just by doing this article, it already makes me want to head on to the kitchen and grab some cup of the drink that helps me function more in life. But before I drink my cappuccino, allow me to be of assistance when it comes to gifting.

In line with the coffee theme, I’ve come up with an array of gift ideas for that coffee person in your life. Enjoy brewing, I mean browsing!

1. Deluxe Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box

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One can never get enough caffeine in their system, so let them experience this complete set of Seattle artisan coffee and chocolate tasting box. Add a little note for a personal touch!

2. Caffeine Molecule Necklace

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A stylish and one-of-a-kind necklace that explains the science behind a caffeine, any coffee lover would like to wear it around their neck, and it won’t take a long time for them to appreciate the gesture that you made. This jewelry will show their love for coffee and their nerdy side, which are both attractive if you ask me!

3. 16 Pieces Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee

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Do you know someone who has an all out love for anything coffee? Then give them this coffee set all the way from Turkey. This would be a stand out collection and a gorgeous gift as the Christmas nears.

4. Cup O’ Coffee

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I’ve done some research and some studies have proven that coffee has natural anti-oxidants, and so it really is good for our skin and immune system. And if you have a friend who is into skin exfoliants, give her this luscious coffee mask as a gentle scrub to remove all impurities and make her skin extra glowy!

5. Tech Tools Heated Travel Mug

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If you know someone who is a techie and who also has a love for coffee, then this heated travel mug will tick off the boxes for them! They can travel anytime, anywhere and sip their favorite coffee blend.

6. The World Atlas of Coffee

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A coffee table book for a bookworm friend or family member, they’ll know more about coffee and its roots in this World Atlas of Coffee book. It’s just good to know to learn more about the favorite drink and ways to improve their taste. Wrap this as a present and this will surely be a brewtiful gift to give.

7. All You Need Is Love and Coffee Shower Curtain

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Shower your loved ones with affection by giving them a bathroom curtain that will keep them awake and amazed by its design. Thanks to its colorful print, a coffee lover should always find ways to express their love for the aromatic beans.

8. Morning Mug

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Let a coffee lover wake up with this mug that wakes up, too! When they pour their hot coffee in it,
it instantly changes from being a sleepy head to wide awake. And we all know that our senses become fully alive once a we drank our coffee, we can all relate to this mug, am I right?

9. Milk Frother Coffee Art Set

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If you have a friend who is serious in making their own coffee, then give them this set of milk frother and make their espresso look and taste better. Whisk away her blues with these art stencils, she’ll absolutely love making coffee patterns in every hot drink.

10. Crumb Coffee Cake Jar Candle

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Looking for a gift that smells like sugar and spice? This candle jar has coffee cake and cinnamon smell, isn’t it nice? Give this to a coffee lover and fill her home with a decadent scent and warm her heart with a lovely astonishment.

11. I Can’t Stop Drinking The Coffee iPhone Case

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Surely, you know someone who is devoted to coffee. So this clip-on iPhone X case would be a fitting gift to drape their phone with a coffee themed item. I know I want one, too!

12. Coffee Bean Oil by Leven Rose

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In general, essential oils are beneficial to our health, but this coffee oil in particular helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin. Due to its benefits, you can definitely give this as a gift to anyone who are very keen with their skin regimen.

13. K-cup Coffee Pod Storage

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A spinning coffee pod carousel that can hold about 24 k-cups to elegantly display them in the countertop. It’s a done deal for any coffee aficionado to keep their coffee items in a rack, neat and tidy.

14. Sleepwish Owl Bedding Set

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Find a way to say, ‘Owl love you a latte’ with this owl bedding made up of coffee beans. Designed purposely to make dreamers wake up in a coffee duvet cover and two matching pillows with vivid colors. You will undoubtedly can brighten up their day!

15. Inspirational Quote Pillow Case

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There’s always a way to inspire someone today, this cushion cover should motivate a coffee drinker to design her home in the simplest way. Just like how a coffee should be, this pillow case will match the taste of any home owner.

16. Personalized Coffee Spoon

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The perfect personalized gift for a coffee lover, you can either add your name, a date or a cute message. This hand stamped silver spoon will bring a silver lining to anyone’s day, packaged beautifully and ready to be given as a gift.

17. Coffee Shop Lip Balm Set

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Hydrate and protect their lips with this lip balm set that is inspired by the aromatic scent of coffee. Any coffee lover would appreciate the smell of an espresso, and if they can wear it all day in their lips, that would make them like a walking coffee bean, doesn’t it?

18. Coffee Lovers Gift Box

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This coffee spa collection features 4 natural, high-quality handmade items that will delight any coffee lover. The gift box is tied with a lovely satin ribbon, add a personal message to the card and give it this coming season. ‘Tis really is the season to be jolly with a box of coffee thingy.

19. Coffee Lover Keychain

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A keychain that will make them realize their need for a caffeine drink, this trinket was deeply embossed proving its quality as a die-stamped medallion. Really, a cup in hand is what they need to start the day right.

20. Unisex Socks Ribbed Knit

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The socks have a ribbed cuff for a snuggly fit, these printed socks were made from high-quality polyester, a really suitable gift for a java drinker. You do not have to compromise their comfort just to have a fashion forward outfit.


As a coffee lover myself, I was really amused by the list because I feel that it really is a coffee lover’s dream. I understand that there are a tad more coffee items in the internet realm but I’d really like to limit this list to the ones that are more practical.

If I can just choose one item then it’s the Crumb Coffee Candle, listed at number 10. I’ll take the smell of coffee any time of the day, so I don’t really mind if my home smells like it and because it is made of soy, it is eco-friendly and it burns cleaner. It’s never too late to help mother Earth!