“Being an engineer means solving problems you didn’t know you have in ways you can’t understand” – since all engineers have heard this saying a thousand times, you should refrain from scribbling it on a greeting card and handing it over together with a banknote as a present.
Instead, you should rather rely on our gift suggestions!
We’ve put together the most appropriate gifts for engineers especially selected for you!
The t-shirts, gadgets and fancy kits will make every engineer’s eyes light up.
Finding presents has never been easier.
So let’s go!

  1. Unique Design Ceramic Mug

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    Engineer Gifts For Men | Women | Chirstmas Gifts | Birthday Gifts | Wine Glasses, Mug, Funny Cup

    Starting a day right off with a sip of coffee or tea from this specially-customized engineer mug is priceless!

    The funny quote “I’m an engineer.

    To save time let’s just assume I’m always right” adds that little extra pep when the afternoon feeling kicks in.

    Your engineer will be extremely thankful for the laugh you provided him with when he felt like he wasn’t going to make it through the day.

    He will become attached to his mug in no time!

  3. JoFomp Math Wall Clocks

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    JoFomp Math Wall Clocks, Night Light Wooden Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock for Mathematics Teacher Gift, Vintage Rustic Country Tuscan Style Decorative Wall Clock for School, Home, Office (Wooden Math)

    If your engineer could be solving math problems “around the clock”, this math clock will be the absolute highlight for his premises.

    Before he can read the time, he has to cope with a task or just think of a normal clock and the time at which the task is set – because it’s the solution!

    One more proof in favor of the statement that knowledge and time are relative concepts;)

  5. SHARPER IMAGE Light Up Electronic Word Clock

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    Sharper Image Light Up Electronic Word Clock, Copper Finish with LED Light Display, USB Cord and Power Adapter, 7.75in Square Face, Unique Contemporary Home and Office Decor

    An alternative way to tell the time!

    At first glance it might look like a stylish word search puzzle, but as the display lights up, it is obvious that it is functional – and the quality is impressive.

    This unique word clock is a good conversation starter if you purchase it for work, and the centerpiece of conversation for all who come over to your house – in any case you are sure enough to receive compliments!

  7. IDIOPIX Tesla Patent Prints Chalkboard Art Print Set

  8. IDIOPIX Tesla Patent Prints Chalkboard Art Print Set of 6 Prints UNFRAMED No.1

    Perfect gift for engineers, nerds, geeks and all science lovers – Nikola Tesla patented inventions to be hung separately or grouped to suit your home decor.

    Easy to hang and ready to frame.

    Being highly detailed, this art print set will complete the look of an industrial design space in your house.

    It can even be used as a part of a wall feature!

  9. Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen

  10. Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen - To Find the Secrets of the Universe, Think in Terms of Energy, Frequency, Vibration. - Gifts for Scientists Engineers Nerds Inventors Intellectuals

    A cool and reliable pen is indispensable for every engineer, isn’t it?

    Then what about giving this durable, heavyweight luxury pen as a gift to your friend, relative or someone you love?

    The pen is engraved with Nikola Tesla inspiration quote: “To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.

    Essential for signing beneficial contracts!

  11. ComputerGear Caliper Tool Pen

  12. ComputerGear Caliper Tool Pen Engineer Architect Contractor Engineering Gift

    Another smart pen in our gift list.

    But it is not an ordinary one.

    Does your pen measure up?

    This pen for engineers and architects does!

    It is a retractable ballpoint pen with built-in caliper measures – especially useful for emergency measuring.

    Comes in a gift box.

    Perfect gift idea for anyone who appreciates precision in life.

  13. ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle

  14. ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle-Mechanical Model-Wooden Craft Kit-DIY Assembly Toy-Mechanical Gears Set-Brain Teaser Games-Best Gifts for Adults & Teens Age 14+(LG504-Tower Coaster)

    If you want something that requires not just sheer assembling but also some practical skills to get it working, the Tower Coaster 3D puzzle is what you are looking for!

    Your engineer will have a great time putting this elaborate wooden kit together, and his finesse will eventually come to light;)

    Challenge your engineer to use his talents – he will need to examine several steps closely enough to ensure he has things correctly positioned!

  15. Engineer By Day Engraved Cutting Board

  16. Engineer By Day Engraved Cutting Board, 15" x 10", Unique Gift For Engineers, Premium Bamboo Cutting Board, Great Christmas Gift Idea

    Do you know that engineers make the best chefs?

    And what can help you relax after a day in the office better than cooking a delicious dinner for your family and friends?

    This engraved cooking board will make it easy!

    No matter how intense the cooking session is, the fine engraving will endure over the years.

    It has a smooth surface and is simple to clean up.

    Slice and dice away without worries about the knives traces.

    Perfect gift for a perfect engineer chef.

  17. Coroler Cool Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves

  18. Coroler Cool Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves for Repairing,Working in Darkness Places, Fishing, Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Activities (Right +Left Hand)

    These cool fingerless gloves will make you a spy at night!

    Well, if you don’t want to be a spy, be a fisherman, a gadget lover, a network engineer, a plumber, a maintenance manager, a mountain camper or whatnot.

    Engineers can be whoever they want – with the original Coroler gloves nothing is impossible!

    The gloves are made of comfortable soft material, with a position adjustable strap.

    And they are super easy to use – you will be surprised by how well they work, putting the light exactly where you need it!

  19. Emergency Survival Kit

  20. Gifts for Men Dad Husband boyfriend him,survival gear,Emergency Survival Kits 14 in 1,Cool Birthday gifts,tactical gear,Fishing Hunting Hiking Camping Gear

    If you are thinking about a unique present for an engineer who is an outdoor lover, this survival kit will be a nice choice.

    And it doesn’t mean your friend or relative is someone who is waiting for Doomsday!

    It’s just good to be prepared for any random situation.

    The kit is compact, but contains plenty of essentials and multi functioning tools: a tactical military knife, a flashlight, a compass, an emergency whistle, a wire saw, an emergency blanket, a waterproof box, and a fire starter.

    Very convenient to carry in your backpack while hiking, camping or wilderness survival.

  21. Badass Engineer Engraved Folding Survival Knife

  22. Personalized Gifts for Engineer Badass Engineer Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Folding Survival Knife

    Trusty knife is a man’s best tool, especially if your friend or relative is an engineer who loves outdoor activities.

    This Engraved Stainless Knife will be a great gift for him, for sure.

    The easy-open thumb flip for one-handed use, the laser engraved rosewood handle, as well as durable stainless steel can handle any job he tackles.

    Includes a nylon pouch with belt loop.

  23. IVESIGN PU Leather Briefcase Business Binder Padfolio

  24. IVESIGN PU Leather Briefcase Business Binder Padfolio Portfolio with Calculator and Writing Pad, Professional Interview Padfolio with Zippered Closure, Interior 10.1 Inch Tablet Sleeve (Brown)

    This Business and Interview Portfolio will help any engineer stay organized and up-to-date with all the important meetings with all his data and documents in one place!

    Perfect design and great integrity in cover look and feel beside all conveniences inside: multiple pockets and make it easy to store all kinds of stuff.

    A really stylish and functional gift!

  25. Funny IT Geek Shirt

  26. No I Will Not Fix Your Computer | Funny IT Geek Geeky for Men Women Nerd T-Shirt-(Adult,M) Sport Grey

    Want a little workplace humor?

    Give this T-shirt as a gift to your colleague engineer and the whole office will get a kick out of it! Very soft and comfortable material.

    Design is simple and to-the-point.

    Unisex modern fit sizing: it is slightly tapered to be less boxy than an ordinary T-shirt.

    High quality ink is used: non-cracking, durable and carcinogen-free.

  27. Table Desk Lamp – Atomic Age Led Metal Accent Light

  28. Table Desk Lamp - Atomic Age Led Metal Accent Light

    You will definitely love the style of this lamp: “cracked glass” effect on the bulb, stylish metal framing that represents the paths of electrons.

    Battery powered for easy placement anywhere.

    Keep it on your desk at work and collect the compliments!

    Even if someone has an urge to touch the lightbulb (and this can happen;), it remains cool.

    Perfect gift for your favourite scientist.

  29. Pi Pie Pan

  30. Pi People Pi Pie Pan

    All engineers love clever word games that are not immediately understandable to outsiders.

    They especially like the circle number Pi, which is lurking behind every corner and can be found in almost every formula.

    The English word „pie“ sounds exactly like the beloved number “Pi“.

    The Pi pie pan we found for you is sized to use a standard filling recipe and bakes applying the same oven temps and time.

    Your engineer will be looking forward to experimenting with a banana or a cherry Pi pie!

In our shopping list you found 15 nice and exciting things with which you might be able to please your tech-savvy friends.
Our gift ideas for engineers impress with clever technology, extraordinary and modern design.
Show your engineers that they are special and belong to the smartest of our species!
No doubt, our engineer gifts are the best surprises for ingenious technicians!