If you are looking for a way to surprise a gamer in your life, there is surely no shortage of options!

In fact, there are so many gaming systems these days, that you can easily get lost in a variety of consoles and accessories.

But on the bright side, the choice of presents is not limited to pricey (but therefore amazing) devices like HTC VIVE or Xbox One X 1TB Console.

We have also included a bunch of cool gadgets and souvenirs that are much lighter on the wallet – but are just as awesome!

Just think, there’s no better way to surprise a keen gamer than by bringing a part of their hobby into daily life!

Whether they are at home, work, travelling or actually playing, these gifts will be a nice reminder that you really care, and what’s better – most of them are very practical and will bring their gaming time to the next level!

And if you are close enough to know their favourite video game, any item inspired by it is a sure shot!

Let’s not linger any longer – here is our complete list of gift ideas to excite the heck out of this special gamer in your life!

1. JXD Retro Tetris Game Console

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This pocket-sized piece of nostalgia will be a perfect gift for those on the move. Several versions of Tetris, Pinball and Racing are some of the 23 built-in games.

This console is cheap and reliable as hell, so it can be a good present for those who like active rest and at times might want to flip their smartphone for something less fragile.

2. Choose Your Weapon Gaming Console T-Shirt

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This tee may be a good conversation starter, but be careful, the Console Wars may result in hours of intense argument which may as well end up in a bar at 2AM!

3. World of Warcraft Alliance Decal Sticker

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This sticker will look awesome on literally anything – from a laptop to a car window. And while some people might simply ask “Are you into lions?”, fellow WoW players will notice the sticker-bearer in an instant!

4. BigMouth Inc “Game Over” 14 oz Black Ceramic Mug

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If even a coffee break feels like pain, when hands are trembling waiting for the heat of the battle, this mug will make the gamer’s fingers feel at home.

5. Super Mario Villain Figure

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This tiny Super Mario figure will look absolutely adorable on any worktable, not taking up any space. Not to say, it will be a great mood booster in any routine work – you just have to look away from the spreadsheets and charts, and give this little colorful fella a glance!

6. $10 Xbox Gift Card (Digital Code)

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If you’re not sure what games your friend is into, a gift card is the way to go. Believe me, it is so much better than buying a more expensive, but totally unwanted game!

7. Classic 5-in-1 Poker Electronic Games

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So you know someone, who is not computer savvy, but is really into poker? Look no further, this piece of technology will be a perfect gift – simple, durable, reliable – a time-killer everyone would like to have.

8. World of Warcraft Decal Sticker for Car Window, Laptop and More

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This decal sticker is not only a way to show the world what your friend is into, it is simply a beautiful piece of design as-is. World of Warcraft gamers will get it, but others will think: “I have no idea what this means, but it looks cool”.

9. Assassin’s Creed Origins 2018 Wall Calendar

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One doesn’t have to be a fan of this particular game to see how strikingly amazing this calendar looks. Just list through the previews!

10. 8Bitdo DPad USB Hub

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With three USB 2.0 inputs and a transfer rate of 480 Mbps, this USB hub will be a huge levelup to the overall coolness of your friend’s desk. A nice cool feature is that the arrows light up when a device is connected – beautiful and informative at once!

11. WoW Leveling Up Ding Button

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This big red levelup button can bring extra joy into daily life! Did you have a healthy breakfast? Ding! Did you wash the dishes right after meal? Ding! All the big and small merits deserve to be noted, and this is where this WoW leveling up ding button comes handy. You can be the first one to proudly press it, just for accomplishing the task of choosing a present.

12. PS4 Dual USB Controller Charger

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Why would someone need a charging station, when there are dozens of USB cables lying around the house? Because it is super convenient! Not only the controllers are always in one place, there is no more need to look through all the drawers and tables and shelves searching for a particular cable, or what’s worse, two of them. Presto: the drawers are organized, the controllers are fully charged when you need them. Everytime.

13. Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge

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An exclusive ThinkGeek creation, it is an old-school building game. Only it is not: players have to stack pieces on a platform that levitates! How hard can it be? A good reason to check it out together with your friends!

14. Gamer Pack Super Edition

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While socks themselves may not be enough as a present, this Mario themed pack may exceed all expectations – a random 6 inch canvas, Mario Kart Backpack Buddy along with a pair of exclusive Dr. Mario crew socks plus a Game Boy notebook. Well, quantity does count when it comes to presents.

15. Dual Charging Station for Xbox One

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Just like PlayStation addicts, Xbox One players are no less exposed to cable chaos and ever-drained controller batteries. This officially licensed Xbox One dual charging station will make your buddy’s life a lot easier.

16. Mattel Games UNO Card Game

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This is an awesome classic game for 2-10 players – the more the better. It’s a great entertainment for all ages, from grandparents to grandchildren, perfect for camping trips and home parties. Also, its tin box is unbreakable, and can literally remain undamaged for generations.

17. LED Gaming Mouse Pad

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Feeling like a space ship commander is no issue these days, and the easiest way to it is this beautiful LED gaming mouse pad. Its appealing surface texture and vibrant lighting make late night playing a very special experience.

18. Minecraft Light-up Adventure Sword

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Rejoice, Minecraft fans! Here’s a little trick: the farther you stand from the sword, the cooler it looks, not to say it will look astonishing on photos. People won’t even believe it wasn’t photoshopped into the picture!

19. Pac-Man Connect and Play

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Connect this yellow delight to a TV and there you have it: a time machine taking a player back to 1980, the year Pac-Man was released.
This game is a real proof of a saying that graphics do not make a game.

20. Monopoly Gamer Collector’s Edition

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Quite a few people consider Monopoly to be the best board game ever, and for a good reason: it probably is. Monopoly is a game for the whole family, and is there really a better way to convince kids into some quality time with their parents and grandparents?

21. Catan: Traveler

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Compact. Portable. Fun. This game can be a perfect entertainment for downshifting trips – away from the screens and internet. You can play it literally anywhere – on a plane, on a beach, at home. Even 2 players is enough, so it can be also perfect for trips with your kid.

22. PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired

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Even though it looks more like an alien spaceship, with all the programmable buttons and LED lighting, it is an exceptional gaming mouse. Not only it is super precise and functional, it is also healthier than generic models thanks to its ergonomics that don’t keep the fingers strained all the time.

23. Warcraft Doomhammer Power Bank

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Power is the key word to describe this Doomhammer from Warcraft powerbank. 13400 mAh is a lot – enough to charge a smartphone from zero to full 4 times! This thing is not as big as it may seem – 7″ high x 4.6″ wide will fit into almost any backpack.

24. OOFAY Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad

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I am not a fan of throwing powerful words around, but this controller is a must have for gamers owning Apple devices. Modern-day mobile games are so powerful, they are begging for an external controller to release their potential! Pressure-sensitive buttons give you the control a touchscreen will never offer, and 20+ hours of battery life guarantee that it won’t let you down even in a looong journey. It is super easy to setup up – simply connect and play!

25. Anbernic Handheld Game Console

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Of course, this portable player is not only for children – the games are so fun, you better grab two ore more of these at once to avoid a fight over who’s turn to play it is!

Classic Sega games are as innocent as a game can get, so this would be a perfect present for a kid who loves mobile games.

26. Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Game Set

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A person carrying this case will look more like businessman than a mahjong player – it’s amazing how well made the whole set is. The tiles have a nice heavy feel, are durable and scratch-resistant. Even if the person you want to present it to is not a professional mahjong player, they will certainly feel like one!

27. DC/Marvel Comics Super Heroes DIY Patch It Backpack

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Yes, it is as good as it looks – a Fallout backpack.
Getting really, really good reviews, this backpack is of remarkable quality – the material is durable, the stitches are precise. The straps are padded nicely and sit comfortably on the shoulders – the manufacturers gave a lot of attention to details.

So, if you heard someone mention the Fallout game at least once, this backpack will be a perfect gift!

28. Microsoft Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership (Physical Card)

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For all online Xbox players, this is not just a gift, it is the oxygen they breathe. You will literally hear the sigh of relief when you present this card.

29. Fallout Vault 111 Headset and Mouse

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So the Fallout packpack was SO good you couldn’t stop on that? Vault 111 headset and mouse will be a perfect thing to put inside.
Every Fallout fan will appreciate it – for it can feel like playing even if you’re doing a scientific research – the mouse is still there, in your arm, with magnificent 16.8 million color 2-zone illumination. The rubber coating feels comfortable and the sensor is pro-level precise.
The headset is nowhere behind in means of quality – memory foam pads will guarantee that a player will forget it is even there! Worried about setting up? It’s plug-and-play on any platform!

30. Fantasy Flight Games Carcassonne Big Box

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This tile-based Eurogame has easy to learn rules, yet may require all of the player’s brainpower! Suitable for all ages, it might as well be a good introduction into the world of board games. If you think the fun might fade over time, don’t worry – the game has an option of expansion packs which will freshen up the experience.

Two to five players will enjoy up to 90 minutes of gameplay – just enough to get super excited and nowhere near bored, and it only takes a couple of minutes to set the whole thing up.

The box itself has a convenient organizer, so there will be no mix up with all the elements.

31. Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

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If only there was some secret that would allow a person to feel young again… Or wait, there it is! Plug this console to a TV and there you are, back in the 90s crushing your enemies with your sword or running around with an old friend – Sonic the Hedgehog.
Tears is what this present will bring. Tears of joy!

32. 1 Year Playstation Plus PSN Membership Card

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12 months of online gameplay, plus free access to many games during the subscription period – this is a card many gamers postpone getting themselves. They either settle with single-player mode or pay every month, which is a bit of a rip off compared to the 1-year card.
Don’t limit yourself to presenting just one game – this card is the key to a gaming universe!

33. Gamevice Game Controller

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Modern smartphones are just too powerful to be just a phone. This controller gamepad is another great way to turn an iPhone into a portable yet powerful gaming machine.

34. Jenga GIANT JS7 Hardwood Game

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If you plan to present something that will make all other presents look em… insignificant, this giant Jenga has no rivals. With the contents of this bag one can build a tower up to 5 feet high! This version has 54 hardwood blocks that are nearly 15 times the volume of classic Jenga blocks.

35. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Collector’s Edition

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Don’t think of it as a mere game. This collector’s edition includes precious bonus materials, such as a soundtrack CD, Behind-the-Scenes DVD and Blu-Ray, Chen Stormstout Mouse Pad and The Art of Mists of Pandaria Book – a 208 page hardcover monster featuring a lot of material, from early concepts to final 4D renderings.
Must what is most important, this box will look amazing on any shelf!

36. Coavas Gaming Chair

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Didn’t you ever ask yourself – why there are no chairs that are as comfortable as sports car seats? It turns out, there are!
Premium PU leather and carbon fiber materials have a really luxury feel. And did you see how many adjustments this seat has? Enough to make literally everybody feel super comfy during long game (or work!) sessions.

37. Nintendo New 3DS XL – Galaxy Style

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As you may notice, this console looks amazing. This is one of the few portable gaming consoles that bring you a lot of joy even switched off- probably the only one. Still it doesn’t mean that switching it on makes things worse – the games this system has to offer are just as beautiful, and there are a lot of them to choose from.

38. Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console which can be used both connected to a TV, or as a portable device attached to a tablet.
Quick fact: it is the fastest-selling console of all time in Japan and the United States. For a good reason.

39. GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment for XBOX

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For those gamers who can’t leave home without their favourite home entertainment system, there is a weather-and-shock-proof solution.
Carrying around a gaming console with a TV screen and power supply may sound suspicious at first, but when a bunch of engineers work hard for an elegant solution… this thing comes up.

40. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition Console – Star Wars Battlefront II Bundle

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Giving someone a PS4 Pro is no brainer, but this limited edition looks really unique – and there might not be a chance to get it later.

41. ASUS ROG Centurion True 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

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Gaming headset with noise cancellation and different sound profiles to match any game genre – if you’ve seen the potential owner wearing $4 earplugs when playing, this might be their dream come true upgrade.

42. Xbox One X 1TB Console

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There are two options. You were asked to buy a new Xbox console. Or… you were not. And this will be an insane surprise. Even though I have Playstation 4 myself, I imagine someone presenting me a brand new, boxed and ribboned Xbox One X, and my heart rate goes up and up and up!

43. PS4 Shooter Bundle (5 Items)

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If you wanted to give someone a PS4 but can’t do it because they already have it, this bundle is probably the single best option. What was a common (yet great!) console will turn into a virtual reality machine!
Is has got everything needed – the controllers and the camera, the VR headset itself, plus the PSVR Doom Game to dive into the infernal realms of virtual reality.

44. HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

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Although more on the expensive side, HTC Vive is the ultimate present you can give a modern-day gamer. This is arguably the best virtual reality head set on the market today (in my humble opinion). Set the sensors up, connect it to a gaming PC and let the fun begin!

45. DGT BLUETOOTH Rosewood e-Board with CLASSIC pieces

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Wait a minute… Bluetooth chess board? Exactly! This beautiful board with classic figures connects to the computer so that you can broadcast your game, play against a computer program or record all the moves to load and analyze them in future.
An ancient game with a nice mix of modern technology – what else a chess enthusiast might want?

46. Wii by Nintendo

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If you’re lost in many options of gaming consoles, and wonder what’s good about this particulat one, here’s a hint: Nintendo Wii is unique because of its motion sensitive controller Wii Remote, which will require a player to be more physically active rather than just relaxing on a sofa hardly moving their fingers.
A good way to stay active even on a rainy day!

47. Next Level Racing GTultimate v2 Simulator Cockpit

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Speeding is bad. That’s why it is better to keep all the racing ambitions at home, particularly in this very racing simulator cockpit!
I guess your main concern might be its size, but luckily, this monster can be easily folded for storage.

48. Fanatec ClubSport Rally Bundle

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This steering wheel feels more real than some real ones! A player can adjust feedback strengths, steering angle and brake sensitivity to finally find those perfect settings which will lead him to a world record.

49. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

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Why not? Iphone 8 Plus is so incredibly powerful, that it has literally no rivals in the the field of mobile gaming. And the immense 5.5 inch Retina HD display makes it a freaking portable TV system!

50. ASUS ROG STRIX Gaming Laptop

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If you’re not sure whether this laptop is powerful enough to cope with today’s demanding video games, just look at the specs!
This rock solid game(work?)station will rise to any challenge, be it holiday video editing or infernal chainsaw-armed demon crushing mission.


Still lost and not sure what to give to a gamer in your life?

You can always get a gift card, but remember – the best present is the realization that you care and remember about a person’s hobby – so take some time to find out what their favorite games are, and make your decision based on that.

I don’t recommend trying to get away with something very generic, like “a new mouse”. But if you do, at least make sure that it is actually a gaming mouse! It will otherwise end up buried in a drawer. There are so many really unique options to choose from!

As a gamer myself, I guarantee that a Fallout game fan will be delighted to get anything Fallout-themed, be it a backpack or just a pair of socks.

Or if they are a Super Mario fan… but wait, who isn’t? 🙂

So tell me, could you resist getting this #5 Super Mario Figure just for yourself?