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To the person who makes your heart skip a beat, you’ve got to think of techniques to woo her in any possible way. Not because we are object-oriented but simply because we like the idea of giving to the one we love most.

Whether you are on a new budding romance or you have been in a long term relationship, expressing your affection through gifting is one of the languages of love. Although we mentioned the word “gifting”, it doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank. We believe in the saying to live between your means, and these range of gifts will surely be meaningful to the recipient whom you called, girlfriend. Now to our listing!

1. Couple Name and Heart Keepsake Box

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Made from solid oak that represents the solid relationship that you have, give this keepsake to your girlfriend so she can keep your special photos/memories together by her bedside table. You can customize it with both your names, your sweetheart will all be happy days!

2. The Love Journal

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Use this journal to help you express what’s in your heart, you may opt to be candid or serious in this fill-in-the-blank book. And what’s nice about it is she can keep this book and you guys can browse it anytime you want. It’s just really great to look back on wonderful memories.

3. Compass Charm Keychain

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A really sentimental gift for your sweetheart, we all know how a compass can direct us to the right path, but just as the words written in it, “I’d be lost without you” it clearly shows that she is your guiding light/direction to be on the right track. It’s never too mushy to let someone know how much you love and need them.

4. Jane Austen: 7 Book Boxed Set

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This Jane Austen book collection is the perfect gift especially if your girlfriend likes to read. She can add these instantly in her bookshelf; a classic gift will never fail when your heart is in the right place.

5. Girlfriend T-Shirt

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Oh just a simple shirt to let you know how to love and protect her. This really gives such a statement, but you can never deny how funny and cute this tee is, just like your girlfriend!

6. Lingerie Satin Nightwear

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A really practical gift that are comfortable to use, let your girl have a sound sleep in this satin nightwear. It really pays to be pragmatic and romantic all at the same time.

7. Creative Explosion Box

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This box may seem like a plain gift box from the outside but once she open it, it explodes and shows all the efforts that you have put in it, you can also put a watch, necklace or a ring on the small box at the center. You can really surprise her with a gift that has a DIY touch!

8. Bath Bombs Gift Set

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Give her some romantic explosion through these bath bombs that will help with her relaxation in the bath. Also, because each bath bombs has essential oils, they will surely keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

9. Personalized Message In A Bottle

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A unique way to send a message to your beloved, this small vial says “You hold the key to my heart” because she really does have a special place in your heart. Give this mini bottle as a lovely keepsake of your unending love for her.

10. Best Girlfriend Water Bottle

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Whether it’s her birthday or you just want to give he a random gift, bear in mind that this pick is never accidental. It’s just the right present to keep her hydrated during her workout or while at school or at work, a water bottle will always have a practical use.

11. Hug This Pillow Pillowcase

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Made of luxury microfiber which is comparable to cotton, this pillowcase will make a long distance relationship feels like you are just around. Give it to her so she can hug her pillow tight and have a good cozy night.

12. Fitness Tracker

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A gadget that will monitor her heart rate, sleep and functions as a smartwatch, too! How good it is to monitor the heartbeat of that person who holds your heart? It’s also water and dust resistant which makes this a great present for your active girlfriend.

13. Silk Eye Mask

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If you are feeling fancy and wanting to give your sweetheart something that will keep her sleep uninterrupted, then you should grab this mask that is made of mulberry silk that gives comfort, softness and durability in a blink of an eye! We really think that this is worth it, for the apple of your eye.


Those are our short but sweet list for your loving girlfriend. You may opt for a pricey item or stick to your budget, all in all, we want you to really go where your heart wants to take you. After all, gifts can be great memorabilias but every moment spent with your beloved serves as a lifetime memory that no amount of money can buy.

If you think we should add some more gift ideas to this list or you would want us to do a different gift listing, then let us know on the comment section below.