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Are you stuck when it comes to what to buy for your grandmother or grandfather for special occasions? You’re not alone. Grandparents are notoriously difficult to shop for, since their interests can fall across such a wide spectrum.

They might be travellers or couch potatoes, avid readers or reality show addicts. Ultimately, the one thing they all have in common is how much they adore you: their grandkid. Check out this list for some wonderful gift ideas that are sure to please the special elder in your life.

1. How to Babysit a Grandpa

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This adorable hardcover book is sure to be cherished by grandparents and grandchildren alike. Written as a how-to guide for kids to take care of their grandpas, it offers all kinds of handy advice. For example, snacks should include ice cream, cookies, and just about anything dipped in ketchup.
It’s sure to bring a smile to grandpa’s face, and will be so much fun to read to the kids (again and again) every time they visit.

2. Wooden ‘Grandkids’ Picture Frame

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One can never have too many beautiful photos of loved ones, and this is especially true for grandparents and their grandchildren. This stunning dark wood picture frame holds three photos, and is perfect for displaying proud memories of the little ones. It’s elegant enough to match any interior decor scheme, and can either be hung on the wall, or displayed as a countertop piece.

3. Keep Calm Mugs

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There are many different, creative ways to let people know that a new baby’s on the way, and this “Keep Calm” mug set is sure to inspire happy tears. It contains two mugs, one for grandma and one for grandpa, and allows them to announce their upcoming grandparent status quite adorably.
They have large, easy-to-grip handles, and are fully microwave and dishwasher safe.

4. Grandmother’s Journal

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Grandmothers don’t always have the opportunity to tell their grandkids all about their own life story. They sing songs to the little ones, cuddle them, take them on adventures, and are there for them whenever needed, but many people grow up not knowing who their grandparents were as people.
In this beautiful journal, Grandma has the opportunity to share her own story. Writing prompts and fill-in-the-blank sections allow her to tell stories about her childhood, her favourite foods, and special memories. A perfect keepsake gift.

5. Personalized State Map Print

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Love really knows no distance, as this customizable state map print portrays so wonderfully. We’re not all fortunate enough to live near our loved ones, but they’re always in our hearts. With this map print, you choose the states where grandparents and grandkids live, add in their names, and show just how connected they are at all times.
At 8”x10”, it’s the perfect size to pop into a standard frame and display proudly for all to see.

6. Grandparent’s Peaceful Reflections Garden Stake

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Is grandma or grandpa an avid gardener? Or perhaps they’ve made a small garden for the kids to enjoy? This lovely garden ornament is a perfect way to celebrate a grandparents’ love, in the environment they love best. It comes with a handy display post so it can be tucked in amongst some beloved flowers or herbs out in the garden, and all generations can enjoy it every time they spend time outdoors.

7. Customizable Sign with Grandchildren’s Names

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Perfect for grandparents who have several grandchildren that they adore, this wooden sign can proudly display all the kids’ names. Made from solid wood, the main sign measures 13″ x 9.25″, while each individual name board is 1.5″ x 13″.
It’s a great way to celebrate all the kids in a large family, and grandparents can add new names to the board whenever a new baby is born.

8. Grandpa Pocket Watch

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Some things never go out of style, such as good manners, classic tailoring, and pocket watches. If grandpa appreciates classic style, then this pocket watch is a surefire winner. Its brass exterior has a retro feel, and the numbers are elegant serifs against a white background. With this gift, gramps will never be late to go see his grandkids, and it may very well become an heirloom to pass on to future generations.

9. Solid Wood Candle Holder

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Do your kids call their grandparents Grandma and Grandpa? Oma and Opa? There are so many different titles in all languages, and with this fully customizable gift, you can celebrate those special family members any way you like.
Made of solid beech wood, this piece holds two candles, and can be laser-engraved with whatever message and name(s) you’d like. Personalize it however you like, with a message that’s either sweet and sentimental, or cute and smile-inspiring.
The gift also includes two tea light candles so it can be lit and enjoyed as soon as it’s received.

10. Grandma Keychain

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You really can’t go wrong with a keychain gift. It’s small, adorable, and absolutely utilitarian. This keychain’s message is: “The love between a grandmother and her grandkids is forever”, and every time gran-gran looks at it, she’ll certainly remember it and celebrate that love. She can use this keychain for her car keys, gym locker, or even as a charm for her luggage. However she uses it, she’ll keep the bond between her and her grandkids near her at all times.

11. Personalized Grandchildren Photo Sign

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Do the grandparents appreciate rustic or country decor? Then this is the gift for them. Personalize this blackboard-looking sign with the grandparent’s title (Bubbie, Grammie, Bobo, etc.), and the grandchildren’s names. Then, when it arrives, pop photos of all the kids into the mini wooden clothespins beneath their names. Those pictures can be swapped out as the kids grow, so this gift evolves and changes over the years, just like the family.

12. Wooden Sign Gift

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A perfect way to let parents know that a new baby’s on the way, this wooden signs reads: “Only the best parents get promoted to grandparents”.
It’s true, of course.
Those parents raised amazing kids, who are now going to have the opportunity to raise little ones of their own. Now you can celebrate their parenting example, and appreciate the lessons they passed along.

13. Celebratory Light Bottle

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You’ve heard of a message in a bottle, right? Well, this is a message ON a bottle, lit from within by miniature fairy lights. You can customize the message with the grandkids’ name(s), and there’s no worry about plugs or extension cords: there’s a handy switch right on the cork topper. It even comes with 3xLR44 batteries, so it can be enjoyed immediately.
As far as bottled gifts go, this is almost as good as champagne.

14. Sunday Dinner Cookbook

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Sunday night dinner is a tried-and-true family tradition that’s been celebrated for centuries. With this book, grandparents who love to cook can delve into some wonderful classic meals to share with the entire family, and hopefully rekindle this weekly tradition! Everyone can look forward to delicious roasts, perfect potatoes, and desserts that’ll leave everyone drooling.
Best of all, grandkids can learn to cook their favourites alongside grandma and pappy!
This truly is a gorgeous gift for all generations in one.

15. Grandma and Grandpa T-Shirts

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When in doubt, get a T-shirt.
Seriously, you really can’t go wrong with these shirts, and since you can customize them completely with family titles, kids’ names, AND colors, you’re sure to create something that the grandparents will just adore. They can broadcast their family pride every time they wear it, and be the envy of everyone else in their ultimate frisbee league.
Available in sizes S to 3XL in 8 different shirt colors, with several different ink combinations to choose from as well.

What type of grandparent are you shopping for? Sporty or quiet? Bookish or adventurous? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that grandparents are individuals with their own interests and leanings, since we associate them with very specific experiences. Whatever their preferences and personalities may be, there’s something on this list that they’ll absolutely love.

After all, they love their grandkids, and any memory of them will be loved just as much.