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Do you know someone who’s obsessed with knitting?

Whether it’s your grandma, girlfriend, sister or best friend, finding the right gift for a knitter can be extremely difficult sometimes.

If they already have all the necessary basics like yarn and knitting needles, what else may they possibly require?

To encourage you and help you find the ideal gift, we’ve made a research and picked out the best knitting gifts possible.

Knitting accessories, books, funny pieces of clothes – you’ll find your perfect gift idea here.

If you’re waiting for a new handmade sweater for your birthday, then handle your favorite craftswoman something unique with these special knitting gifts.

  1. Knitting Tote Bag

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    Teamoy Knitting Tote Bag, Travel Canvas Project Wrist Bag for Knitting Needles(14inches), Yarn and Crochet Supplies, Lightweight, Perfect Size for Knitting on The Go (Large, Tree)

    A practical and thoughtful gift for knitters: a tote bag to store all knitting material and instruments.

    So handy – no more hunting for the next ball of yarn that has most likely been smuggled to the dog’s bed…

    A zippered outside pocket keeps small tools and stitch markers from escaping; grommets may help keep yarn from tangling when working from multiple balls of yarn; internal open-topped pockets help keep all the stuff from falling out of the bag when not knitting.

    The small size is large enough for a container of needles, crochet hooks, scissors and stitch markers.

    Convenient handle allows the user to knit while standing.

  3. Knitting and Crochet Organizer

  4. ArtBin 6932AG Needle Arts Caddy Knitting & Crochet Organizer, Collapsible Poly Canvas Caddy, Gray Print

    This magic bin helps to keep all your supplies in one place: no more looking for necessary needles, no more hunting for the next ball of thread.

    Put this helpful storage unit next to your favorite chair so that your materials and projects are always at hand.

    It is made of black coated metal and durable polycanvas.

    Very sturdy and holds a lot; needles of any size will fit into the pockets.

    It’s easy to take it with you to a “knit night” with the girls.

    Would make a lovely gift for knitters!

  5. Interchangeable Needles Set

  6. Knitter's Pride Ginger Deluxe Interchangeable Needles Set

    These needles will become your knitter’s favorites in no time!

    These are the easiest needles to work with.

    They are beautiful wood, warm to the touch, smooth but not too slick, a true pleasure to knit with; perfectly pointed (neither too dull nor too sharp) and feel very comfortable.

    The little pouch holds all the small tools like stitch markers and cable connectors at hand.

    The case is really attractive and functional.

    You can use it to support patterns – it really works!

    This amazing set will be a real hit among other gifts for your favorite knitter.

  7. Silver Stitch Maker

  8. Knitting Diva - 5 Silver Knitting Stitch Markers by Charmed Knitting

    Knitting Diva stitch marker set is ideal for all avid knitting lovers – beginners or advanced.

    Features silver yarn balls, wool balls and a knitting diva charm on a 6 cm silver pin.

    Can also be used in any craft project, or even as an ornament on your bracelet, necklace or even your phone.

    The split rings are 10 mm and suitable for almost all yarn but particularly DK (double knitting).

    Beautifully wrapped – such a lovely touch.

  9. Japanese Knitting Bible

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    Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible: 260 Exquisite Patterns by Hitomi Shida

    If you choose this amazing book as a gift for the knitter you love, be sure that she could spend the rest of her life knitting patterns from this lovely edition!

    A real feast for the eyes of those who are into knitting projects!

    Nice English translation.

    Spend an evening or two studying the formation of the symbols and layout in the guide in front of the book.

    This book should be kept out on the coffee table, ‘cause it is far too nice to hide away on the bookshelf!

  11. Knitting Dictionary

  12. The Knitter's Dictionary: Knitting Know-How from A to Z

    An awesome knitting dictionary from A to Z: with specific language abbreviations, knitting techniques, handy cross references, extended information on some challenging topics with clear explanations, more than 150 detailed illustrations – a really unique guide to understanding knitting and pattern instructions language.

    Can make a perfect gift for both beginners and more experienced knitters.

    A great tool to provide you with the knitting information in a concise format, so it is a must-have to be always kept in the project bag!

  13. Acrylic Skeins

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    Mira Handcrafts Acrylic 1.76 Ounce(50g) Each Large Yarn Skeins – 12 Multicolor Knitting and Crochet Yarn Bulk – Starter Kit for Colorful Craft - 7 Ebooks with Yarn Patterns

    An ideal gift for any knitter-amateur or an expert.

    Twelve 100% acrylic yarn skeins, 50 g each; approximately 1200 m long, nice and vibrant rainbow colors!

    Excellent for a variety of knitting projects: crochet, amigurumi, afghans, pompoms, granny squares and other yarn crafts.

    Seven E-books with patterns and step-by-step guide are available (PDF convenient format).

  15. Knitting Storage Bowl

  16. Wooden Yarn Bowl, Knitting Yarn Bowls with Holes Storage Handmade to Prevent Slipping, Perfect Yarn Holder for Knitting & Crocheting, 6" x 3"

    Are you in love with knitting?

    Or maybe you simply want an unusual, unique but handy gift idea for someone you love?

    Search no more!

    This amazing wooden yarn bowl can make a hit among the gifts!

    It is used to keep the yarn clean and in the right place.

    The swirls on the bowl provide support for the yarn.

    The bowl also has 2 holes for storing your crochet hooks.

    The bowl is solid, smooth, with enough heft that it stays in place, even if just setting on the arm rest.

    It would be a lovely gift for your favorite yarn artist, and can be just put on a shelf like an amazing decor when not being used.


  17. Funny Socks

  18. If You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty Socks - Knitting - Funny Socks For Men and Women Christmas Stocking Stuffers Gift Ideas

    Are you looking for a humorous gift?

    We’ve got you covered!

    How much fun can you have with your socks on?

    Perfect gag gift idea for someone who loves knitting.

    Comfortable socks with a funny sign for everyday use (91% cotton and 9% polyester).

    Very soft and breathable, one size fits most.

    Easy care: machine wash cold, tumble dry medium, do not bleach.

    Hilarious and great gift for any knitter to brighten her/ his day!

  19. Knitting Necklace

  20. Gutsy Goodness 24" Knitter Necklace Keeps Me from Unravelling Jewelry Gift Yarn Charm

    Knitting is a kind of therapy, so give this amazing necklace to the knitter in your life to show how much you care!

    This glass pendant choker includes a zinc alloy bronze-colored yarn charm and a clear-colored glass bead.

    It’s a romantic piece of jewelry designed specially for knitters.

    Individually packaged with care – to touch your heart.

    Comes in an organza bag, sealed with a decorative elastic band and inserted into a box with a special quotation card.

  21. KnitIQ Blocking Mats

  22. KnitIQ Blocking Mats for Knitting - Extra Thick Blocking Boards with Grids with 100 T-pins and Storage Bag for Needlework or Crochet - Pack of 9

    Of course, you may hesitate whether you need this unique mats or not.

    And of course, using just towels on the table instead of these mats might be fine, too…

    But if you care about your knitting project, if you are concerned that your projects are blocked properly, don’t even think – order these cool knitting mats right now!

    Your only regret will be why you haven’t bought them earlier!

    The T-pins attach the project securely to the mats, and you don’t have to think about the measurements of the finalized project.

    The mats are easy to fit together, and the grid lines are great.

    A real bargain and a great gift for your favorite knitter.

  23. Twist Shawl Pin

  24. Circle With A Twist Shawl Pin, Aluminum Sweater Brooch, Scarf Pin Handmade in Oregon Knitters Gift

    Beautiful handcrafted pin – a marvellous gift for the knitter you admire.

    It doesn’t damage the sweater or shawl.

    Works nicely on a looser weave shawl, poncho, blanket scarf or wrap.

    Lightweight so it will not pull down on the clothes.

    Simple to use and very stylish!

    The pin comes wrapped in colorful tissue paper, in a nice gift box and tied with a bow ready for gift giving.

  25. Wooden Umbrella Winder

  26. Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder 24 Inch– Handcrafted with Materials and Super Smooth Finish – Elegant Design - Perfect Gift for Knitters!

    A nice addition to your or your favorite knitter’s craft room!

    Especially, if you are a husband, who has been ‘’working’’ as a skeins holder for years!

    Now when you know about this amazing device that would take the place of your arms or the back of a chair – go for it!

    The wood is smooth which works well even with special yarns (such as alpaca, merino wool, silk and wool blend etc).

    The swift is very easy to use and folds to be easily stored.

    And it can entertain your cat, which can be a serious bonus of the purchase!

  27. Baby Yoda DIY Kit

  28. Knit KIT - DIY Baby Yoda Inspired Cactus - with pattern, knitting needles, yarn, pot, stuffing, etc! Great star wars lover knitter dorm gift

    Do you want to have your own personal Yoda cactus that never needs water?

    Here you are: the knit Baby Yoda kit, including patterns, needles, yarn, pot, stuffing – everything you need to ‘’plant’’ this amazing flower!

    Arrives in a cute box with full color photo finish, instructions, tools and yarn to complete your project.

    No special knitting skills are required – it is easy enough to make it as a gift for a friend who likes knitting.

  29. Knitting Loom

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    Readaeer Round Knitting Looms Set Craft Kit Tool with Hook Needle and Pompom Maker

    If you or your favorite knitter have never used a knitting loom before, just take a chance on this amazing one!

    The set comes with 4 loom boards, 4 pompom makers, one yarn needle and a soft grip pick to make items, like scarves, hats, socks, shawls and whatnot, making knitting extremely easy and satisfying.

    Made of high quality ABS plastic, which is very light and durable.

    The instructions (included) are simple and fairly easy to understand.

    Great gift for knitters!

Knitting is so much more than making something look nice.
A real master knows that a bit of his soul goes into everything he makes…

Some rows may be associated with the hope that this very piece of work will find a home filled with love and will keep someone warm during long winter evenings.
Others are knit with great expectation that they will bring someone happiness and satisfaction.

Each stitch and each row carries a piece of warmth and comfort.

And we hope that our gift choice will be a true source of inspiration for your favorite knitter!