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Not that you want to brag about being the best daughter or son-in-law but giving her a present is a way to show how you love and appreciate her for being the woman that she is, and also trying to impress her would never be a bad thing. You can opt for the pricey gifts or keep it really simple, all I know is you can count on us when it comes to gifts for your lovely mother-in-law.

We’ve created this gift guide to help you out in picking the most pertinent MIL present. These presents will fit any season and occasion, because all in all, the things that she can use would be your best bet when buying a gift. So keep on browsing this list to find your ultimate gift!


Literary Candles

If she is fond of literary classics then chances are, she’s got an entire book collection of them, so instead of giving her a hardcover, get this scented candle. Each candle has a different scent and was named after the famous locations like the 221B Baker street in Sherlock Holmes. These custom blend fragrances can take her into a world of imagination.


Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set

If she enjoys her weeknights with ricotta, cheddar and other bite-sized appetizer with a wine glass on the side, then this has to be the gift that you should be wrapping for the MIL that you love. This is elegant and functional, best for entertaining or even when she indulges on a movie night.


Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is more than just a lamp, the himalayan salt in this do wonders for a person’s overall health. It doesn’t only light up the night, it can also lighten up the mood and energy of the person. And when it comes to being stress-free, that’s is one of the things we want for our mother-in-law.


Laser Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

A sweet and thoughtful gift for your loving mother-in-law, she will surely be touched by your efforts to come up with a cutting board that will make her feel special. So whenever she does her cooking, she will be reminded of your love.


Tabletop Plant Peace Lily

This is an ideal indoor plant that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, it produces a calla-like flower that pleases the eyes. They say that plants improves our mood and minimizes stress, and if your MIL likes home gardening then this is the one that you have to add on your list.


Tea to Go

Impress your mom-in-law with this dependable tea tumbler, great for people who are on-the-go and who are self-proclaimed tea lover who enjoys a cuppa at random times of the day. It has a built-in glass filter which makes it easy for them to just brew a tea bag or loose leaf, hot or cold.


Fresh Baked Assortment Cookies

When there is tea, there should also be some cookies! Opt for something sweet and she may give you the sweetest smile, these cookies are baked the same day they’re shipped, so freshness is guaranteed!


Hanging Collage Photo Frame

With a unique puzzle layout, give this hanging photo wall decor to your mother-in-law so that she can look at those memories when she feels a little nostalgic. She can hang it in her bedroom or anywhere in her home, and she can decorate and design it the way she wanted to, it’ll surely bring out the creative skills you haven’t known.


Kate Spade Bangle Heart of Gold

This arm candy may seem simple but that’s what we love about it. Give your MIL an elegant piece of jewel that speaks for itself, just like this Kate Spade bangle with engraving because she really has a heart of gold.


Cardigan Poncho Cape

A stylish and classy poncho to keep her warm during the cold months, this cardigan has detailed workmanship with carefully stitched edges and made of 100% high quality premium bamboo viscose. That’s giving the best to your one and only MIL.


Cuisinart Food Processor

A reliable assistant in the kitchen, this food processor will make food preparation such a breeze, and we are sure that your mother-in-law will love it. If she’s the queen in the kitchen then she deserves to have a sidekick that will cut all the veggies in one switch!


Handmade Solid Lotion

Each bar is loaded with cocoa and shea butter, organic coconut oil, beeswax, and scented essential oils that promote relaxation and balanced moods. But what makes them unique from the usual bottled lotion that we get from the grocery stores is the fact that they are in a solid form inside tin cans. Your mom-in-law can just shove it in her purse and use it whenever she wants or have it on her bedside table just before she takes her good night sleep.


10 Coffee Gift Box

If she’s a coffee lover, then give her this box of coffee that has different types of caffeine from different parts of the world. And what’s atypical with this one is that it has its own coffee brewer, just open and brew and pour it straight from the bag.


Spa Gift Basket in Cherry Blossom

This complete spa gift set will make her have a luxurious spa treatment at home. She’ll absolutely love the cherry blossom fragrance that will evoke the feeling of being refreshed and glamorous. Especially when she’s very particular with scents, its cherry blossom scent will never let you down.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s be more technically advanced and impress her with your pragmatic mind, this vacuum cleaner may be small but it does the biggest household chore, cleaning! It has a strong suction that provides concentrated cleaning, MIL would just have to schedule it and the recharge it after. Now she can have a breezy life!


Coffee Mug and Funny Socks

Treat her like a diva because she deserves that, she’s been a super mom all this time and what better way to celebrate her life is to give her a ceramic mug with matching socks to keep her feet warm and basically, just let her sleep in for an extra hour or two.


Scented Candle Aromatherapy

Something that’s quite common when it comes to gifts is a candle that symbolizes a relationship. But what I like about this candle is its scent of white tea and it also comes in two wicks which can deliver a sweet fragrance to a spacious room. The tin can also has a nice design that your MIL can be used as an interior decoration.


Teapot and Infuser Set

A no drip teapot for a special mom-in-law, if she enjoys sipping her cup of tea in the morning then this infuser set is the perfect gift. It’s a microwaveable pot and dishwasher safe, it comes with a bamboo coaster that’ll protect her furniture. There’s nothing better than waking up with a steeping tea and toast on the side.


Family Tree Necklace

This stainless steel, nickel-free necklace with a matching pendant is another way to show your love for her when words can’t be uttered. It is simple yet symbolic, and has the words that perfectly describe your relationship. It also comes in a lovely packaging, ready for giving.


Trinket Dish

You may add this trinket dish with the necklace gift or just give it entirely solo, this keeps her jewelry and knick knacks clean and organized, and who wouldn’t want that? Crafted from a top notch ceramic glaze, this dish has an emotional wording to thank her for raising your man.


Table Runner

Somewhat classy and rustic, this table runner is here to commit! When it comes to dressing up her table, this will be a hit in whatever the occasion. And oh! This is a low-key way of saying how good of a host she is and that she needs to put up more parties. Cheers!


Mother-In-Law Shirt

You may want to exclaim how amazing she is as your mother-in-law and there’s nothing wrong about it! So an easy way to make a shout out is by giving her this shirt that talks about… well, who else but her! This shirt is made of 100% cotton and available in solid colors.


Heart Themed Measuring Cups

Send love on her way with these heart shaped measuring cups. These are BPA free and dishwasher safe, a really trusty companion in the kitchen. Surely, she will instantly like the bright colors, and although her love is immeasurable, you got to find a way to make her feel loved and secure.



Three things to describe it: classic, stunning, yet affordable– this satchel is a great present to give your mother-in-law. It has two compartments and has side pockets and middle zipper pocket, I really think that this is an essential accessory that she’ll be thankful to receive.


Pillow Cover

If you can’t say it or put it in a letter, then you might as well buy this pillow cover. There’s nothing too fancy about it but the simplicity of it will catch anyone’s attention, from the design to the cloth itself, if you give this to her, surely, you won’t get wrong.


Family Chart

Now if you want to go the extra mile, you can opt for this family chart. It may take a lot of research to do but I promise that it will be worth it! There’s just something so touching when we get to know our ancestors, for instance, we learn and understand certain behaviors and personality. And just the fact that you get to track and set it in stone (I mean paper), I know you mother-in-law will appreciate the extra effort.


Wine Glass

Let your mother-in-law wine down, because why not? A glass of wine is always a good idea, and let this vacuum insulated wine tumbler do the trick. Even if she doesn’t want a sip of the vintage drink, she can still use this tumbler with hot or cold drinks. Oh! It also comes with a metal straw and a straw brush, I just thought we should be mindful of our world and ditch plastics.


Sunflowers in Vase Ornament

As she turns old and golden, the perfect gift would be this vase ornament. It has stunning clear crystals that really add sparks to the home interior. This also comes in an elegant storage box ready to be given as a gift, and when it comes to your mom-in-law, gifting should be memorable and specific.


Plywood Poster Wall Art

Made from birch plywood, this wall art will definitely make a mark, not only on her wall but especially on her heart. The things that she do for love and how well she brought up her son, is something that you can’t look pass. And when it comes down to surprising her with a present, this poster will serve as an appreciation plaque that you’ll never regret.


Reluctantly Related Revisited

We like a good book when it talks more about life and relationships, hands down, this book has got all the tips on how to be a chill MIL. And no, I’m not trying to be pushy or mean, I really think that this book has covered the issues and struggles of most MIL and DIL relationships. Even if your mother-in-law is really charming and nice, I can still recommend this for some new learning and perspectives.


Gifting your parents may be an effortless duty because you can be confident that they will love whatever you give them, but when it comes to your mother-in-law you always have to bring your A-game. Of course, you want to please your parents as much as you want to please your MIL, but you may know your parents too well and your MIL may be a hard person to read.

But then again, you have to do your research and know her a little bit more, your better half may be of help when it comes to choosing the appropriate present. But as I always say, gifting shouldn’t feel like a responsibility but a gesture of love and appreciation to the one who’ll receive your lovely gift.

We hope you liked this gift guide but I have to go now, see you next time, I’ll bond with my mom-in-law now.