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Shopping for gifts is quite convoluted in general, but most especially if you are looking for a present to a movie buff who is close to your heart. Sure, you can book them cinema tickets but where is the challenge on that?

Step up your gifting game as we share with you some silver screen related knickknacks. Just sit back, relax and grab some popcorn because we want to make sure that your gift will be a hit to your dearest recipient.


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

It’s double the surprise for a gift like this, I mean you’ll technically be surprising the lucky recipient by giving them a present; then as they scratch off this poster, they’ll be surprised for what’s in store for them. I’m sure there’ll be a movie marathon every weekend!


Mini Projector

This gives an ultimate viewing experience! Due to its portable and compact design, the user can carry it around and they can simple watch a movie anytime. As a movie lover myself, I personally like watching through a projector as it gives me a more movie house feeling even if I’m in the comfort of my own home.


Movie Quotes

People do it all the time, search the internet for that particular movie line. But wouldn’t it be great if you can just grab a book and browse the famous dialogue? A cinephile would not mind to add this book to their collection, trust me! So may the force be with you as you hand this gift to the movie enthusiast..


Movie Lovers Degree

Customize it with the name of your choice and give it to the movie buff that you know, not that they needed to prove how big of a fan they are, but it’s just nice to have a novelty gift about being a cine fanatic that has a seal of approval.


Movie Lovers Keychain

The perfect gift to give is something that represents the person even in the littlest of things. This charm keychain symbolizes the film department, and every movie lover would appreciate having it in their bag or pocket.


Movie Prints- Set of 3

These unique and high quality prints deserve a spot on a film lover’s wall. They can easily match any paintings due to their monochromatic scheme. So don’t ever think twice if you want these as presents for the avid moviegoer.


Home Theater Decor

This vintage metal sign would be a fun decor for the bedroom or home theater wall. It is made of gauge steel which can last for a long period of time; this is a cute gift for the movie marathoner who loves to lounge and watch movies on a weekend.


Film Producer Mug

Whether the receiver is a filmmaker, a producer or a moviegoer, this coffee mug would be a suitable gift for him/her. It is a classic mug with a simple design, but what I love most about it is how relatable it is for film fans like me.


Microwave Popcorn Popper

Who watches a movie without a popcorn on their hand? No one! This item is a fitting gift for all cineaste, because of its space-saving design, this collapsible popcorn maker can be stored in a small drawer. So for their next movie marathon, they can just make their poppin’ popcorn.


Superstar Movie Gift Box

This is a gift box that will make one feel like a superstar! The basket comes with chocolates, candies, popcorn and more; it only goes to show that the die-hard fan of cinema deserves some spotlight while enjoying his/her movie night.


Ticket Stub Diary

We can sometimes be too sentimental especially with good memories, so this journal would be a thoughtful gift for someone who wants to reminisce all the good stuff. From concerts to movies and broadway tickets they can all safely keep and treasure them in these paper stuff.


Movie Clapboard Rug

A cinephile can never get enough of any film related item, even if it means changing up their living room to make it look like a theatre. So grab this one-of-a-kind rug to give as a gift to the movieholic.


Music & Movie Themed Pillow

Made of thick cotton material, these movie themed pillows are the ideal gift for a film-dependent person that you know. They can put these on the sofa or on the bed and match their other pillows, there will always be a space for these anywhere around the home to showcase their love for films.


Cinema Table Lamp

It does feel like you got it from one of the studios in Hollywood, thanks to its vintage style, this gift is really fit for a star! It has an adjustable design which makes it easy to install, the lucky recipient will be impressed by its retro decor.


Metal Movie Reel Accessory

This accessory is an elegant home decor that a movie lover can display on his home theatre, living room or bedroom. It will always be a standout accent to show their liking for films, not that they need to say it out loud, but it’s nice to have a symbolism of what a person’s hobbies are.


We hope that you found the right gift for the movie-dependent, as Forrest Gump has said, “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Of course, you can always choose to give the most practical and simple gift, like book a movie ticket or get the most fancy gift that you can ever get. Just don’t forget the essence of giving is to really give from the heart, and for practicality wise, make sure it’s within your budget. Nevertheless, a true film buff would appreciate anything that’s movie-themed but I got to say my favourite amongst this listing, it’s the retro lamp stand listed at number 14. It just speaks Hollywood vibes and is also a useful gift to give.

We hope to see again on this internet space, but for now, Carpe diem or seize the day!