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If you’ve ever been frustrated by the fact that your parents don’t really seem to know you that well, and thus end up buying you things that aren’t quite “right”, you’re not alone.
Funny thing is, a lot of parents have that same issue when receiving gifts from their kids. After all, a lot of adult offspring seem to forget that parents are people, with their own unique interests and personal preferences that go beyond their parental roles.

Flummoxed at that thought? Have you always bought your mother additions to her elephant collection because you’ve been doing that since you were five? Or zesty ties for your dad, even though he retired years ago? Fear not: we have some great ideas that the parental units are sure to love.


Brass and Wood Display Box

There aren’t too many parents out there who don’t love to display beloved photos. They might have pictures of their kids and grandkids slathered around the house, or a couple of black-and-white mementos of their own parents (or grandparents) on display in loving memory.
This handcrafted wooden box is made of your choice or birch or walnut, and fitted with brass hardware. It holds up to 50 5”x 5″ square photos, which can be swapped out whenever they like to showcase new (or old) favorites.


Decorative Wall Plaque

Are your parents the sentimental type? Then they’re certain to love this wooden wall plaque, which proudly proclaims that they’re the Greatest Parents on Earth.
…because they are, right? They’re yours, after all.
The frame measures 8.5”x 12.5”, and can either be hung on a wall or propped up and displayed on a tabletop. Simple and elegant, it’s a heartfelt gift that expresses just how wonderful you think they are.


Coffee Mug Gift Set

Those who drink their morning coffee (or tea) together, stay together. With this his and hers mug set, both parents get gold medals for being the best mom and dad ever.
The mugs hold a generous 13oz each, and are fully microwave- and dishwasher safe, so they can reheat their bevvies to their hearts’ content.
Best of all, you know that caffeinated parents tend to be happier parents, so you’re not just scoring them an awesome gift: you’re keeping the entire family content.
If that’s not worth a gold medal, what is?


Dad & Mom Apron Set

Are mom and dad both culinary geniuses? Celebrate their foodie love with this his and hers matching apron set. Made of a durable, washable cotton and canvas blend, each apron is sized generously and has adjustable straps so it’ll fit pretty much anyone. Large front pockets are ideal for carrying grilling or baking utensils. This couples gift is seriously as adorable as it is utilitarian, and you’ll benefit in turn after they whip up some magic in the kitchen. Win-win all around!


Hand-Painted Sculpture

If you’re looking for a gift that’ll make both your parents all teary-eyed and snivelly, get them this sculpture. Made of hand-painted resin, this beautiful sculpture captures the beauty that comes with long-lasting love and devotion.
Standing 6 inches tall, it’s the perfect size to display on any tabletop, in a curio cabinet, or even a bedside table. The sculpture comes in a beautiful gift box, with a card that expresses the most perfect sentiment ever: ”Love ever endures”.


Family Memory Jar

One-of-a-kind gifts are often the best (and most memorable) ones to give. This memory jar is a beautiful, unusual gift that every family member can contribute to, creating a keepsake that can be enjoyed over and over again for years to come.
This gift takes a bit of pre-planning, so you’d best order it ahead of time.
The heavy-duty glass jar comes with a generous amount of paper notes and a pen, and family members are encouraged to write down their favourite memories about your parents. Then those memory papers are folded and popped into the jar. Once gifted, parents can pull them out one at a time and celebrate the wonderful memories they share with those who love them.
Go ahead, cry a little. ‘Tis the season for it.


Personalized Pushpin Map

Have your parents had some amazing cross-country adventures together? Or are they celebrating retirement with an epic Winnebago road trip to check out the entire continent together? Help them celebrate their epic travels with this personalized map.
This vintage-inspired map of the USA is backed by foam core, and personalized with whatever names and dates you like.
You can choose your parents’ wedding date, their nicknames for each other, or even the date they headed out on the road. Included are 100 pins so they can mark all the amazing places they visit, creating memories that’ll last the rest of their lives.


Family Tree Photo Display

Parents and grandparents really can’t have too many photos around. This display piece is a literal family tree that can showcase all the faces your parents adore.
Made of dark metal, this tree can display up to 10 2”x3” frames. If they don’t have many kids or grandkids, they can make this a multi-generation tree, including their own ancestors in the mix.
Alternatively, you’ll know if they love their pets more than you if you see photos of Mr. Whiskers hanging all over it instead of your own smiling visage.


Pro Robotic Vacuum

If there’s one thing parents do a lot of, it’s cleaning. All the time. Especially if they have younger children, grandchildren, or pets to tidy up after.
This may not be a romantic or sentimental gift, but it’s a smart, utilitarian present that neat freak parents are sure to appreciate.
This self-charging, programmable robot vacuum is perfect for hardwood floors or low-pile carpets, and scoots around to pick up dust, hair, fur, and particles so your darling elders don’t have to.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Certain scents are known to enhance wellbeing and elevate moods. Lavender is calming, lemon and eucalyptus are uplifting, and jasmine makes everyone smile. This essential oil diffuser won’t just spread wonderful scents throughout your parents’ home: it’ll also add much-needed moisture to a dry indoor winter environment.
It uses ultrasonic waves to diffuse the oil-scented water so there’s no worry about overheating, nor will it emit harmful chemicals like scented candles. This burner offers your parents the gift of better health and emotional wellbeing, and a beautiful night light too.


Fitbit® Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

If one (or both) of your parents is a fitness junkie, then this is the ideal present for them.
This all-in-one fitness co-pilot tracks activity levels, encourages rest and meditation, and allows your parent(s) to track everything from steps taken to calories burned. They can program their desired fitness levels, get feedback on their sleep quality, and even sync with their smartphones to get updates and alerts.
This is as close to a personal trainer as you can get, and comes in several different colors too.


Greeting Card

If you’re getting your parents gift cards, vouchers, or plane tickets somewhere awesome, then you don’t need to worry about stuffing something into a fancy wrapped box. A beautiful greeting card is all you need.
Decorated with sparkly butterflies and flowers, the card proudly expresses what you already feel: That they’re the best parents ever.
The inside message says: “You two aren’t just the head of the family, you’re the heart. Celebrating you and your love.”
Keep tissues handy. They’ll need them.


Glass Set

It’s very rare for parents to enjoy the same type of festive libation. More often than not, mommy dearest will be sipping a nice, chilled Sauvignon Blanc whilst daddy-o knocks back a few pints. That doesn’t mean they don’t like to share the drinking experience, however, which is where this thoughtful gift steps in.
Decorated with gold and black lettering, there’s a beer pint glass for dad, and a wine glass for mom, both announcing just how fabulous your parents really are.


Family Blanket

This truly unique gift isn’t just extraordinarily beautiful: it’ll keep your parents’ bodies all wrapped up and cozy while also warming their hearts.
You get to customize each square of this lovely quilt with dates, names, and images that represent both parents’ favorite hobbies and/or personality traits.
Fully machine washable, this 54”x 60” blanket can either be kept on the couch to snuggle beneath, or hung up on the wall like a tapestry. For icons, you can choose anything from arts and sports to pets and projects.
Even a unicorn, if that’s a thing for either of them.


Keychain Set

When in doubt, get a keychain. Or, in this case, a pair of them.
Honestly, people will always be in need of keychains, for everything from their gym locker to their own front door. Gifts don’t need to be huge or ostentatious to make an impact: a little, heartfelt gesture is just as special.
These simple stainless steel pieces state quite eloquently that you love your dad, and your mom, a whole lot. People—especially parents— can never hear (or read) those words too often.

No two parent-child relationships are the same. Some are very close, others are more formal, but it can be pretty much universally agreed upon that the bond between moms, dads, and kids is really quite special. Even when those kids grow up and have children of their own.

It’s okay to get stuck and unsure when it comes to picking a present for your own parents: after all, you see them through a very specific filter, and you might think they already have everything. Hopefully something on this list piques your interest, and in turn, will light up mom and dad’s world in turn.