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Photography as a hobby can be quite expensive, so when you need to give a fellow photographer or a friend who has an interest for cameras and lenses, you may have to prepare for the budget. But just because photography is perceived as a costly craft, it does not mean that you have to spend a lot, unless you really want to give a lavish camera accessory but if not, there’s a ton of gifts that are camera-related or camera-themed that you can choose to give. One thing that makes it hard to buy a gift for a camera person is when you don’t really know which accessory or present to get, so leave the searching to us because we know what to give that person who’s behind the lens.

We’ve done the research for you, and rounded up these 15 best gifts for any photographer that you know. We really think that these are all worth a click!


Leather Camera Strap

This leather strap is stylish and functional, perfect for daily use or for travel as they can hang it around their neck and they do not have to worry about putting it anywhere else.. Also, because it can be personalized with a name or initials, it will become a memorable gift for your photographer friend or family member.


Vintage Camera Organizer

It’s always a good thing when you can have decor and function in one item, this charming vintage-looking camera will brighten up any work space. Made of cardboard pieces that are easy to assemble- no glue and scissors needed to put the pieces together, a creative organizer for a camera enthusiast.


Photo Video Studio

This kit is complete to make a sturdy photo studio environment, with cross bars, support stands, photo clamps and sand bags, who would need an assistant to make it stand? Perfect as a backdrop for parties, the recipient of this does not necessarily have to be a professional photographer, because even amateurs can use it for special events.


DSLR Waterproof Case

This waterproof camera case can take clear pictures underwater for up to 16 feet. For outdoor travellers or beach lovers who like to take their photos to the next level, give this DSLR waterproof case and they do not have to worry dipping in the ocean and taking pictures with the marine animals that can only be found in there.


Camera Lenses Pendant

This may not be a real camera accessory but this does make a statement as a photographic connoisseur. The pendant is handcrafted with a vintage-styled chain and lobster clasp to secure the necklace in place even if the photographer is hot on the job. It’s true when they say that behind every camera lens is a camera enthusiast!


Lenspen Pro Camera Cleaning Kit

These little brushes are a must-have in every photographer’s camera bag. They give the absolute best cleaning method for any lenses, who needs a camera cloth and fluid if you’ve got a simpler and effortless solution for cleaning not only the lens but even to the viewfinder of a dslr or smartphone.


Canon SELPHY CP1300 Photo Printer

A handy camera printer for a budding or professional photographer, not only will the photos dry fast but they’ll also look great and be water resistant. It’s easy to connect to a camera with a wi-fi feature or connect it to a smartphone and have the pictures printed in no time.


Camera Roll Toilet Paper Holder

If you ever want to give a fun and novelty gift for the camera enthusiast then choose this toilet paper holder that is a film paper inspired. No one can ever deny the fact that he/she has an eye for any camera related gear. *wink


Digital Photo Frame

Almost everything now is digital so step up the photo game with this digital photo frame that shows crystal clear photos and videos for that ultimate visual experience. The photo enthusiast can easily connect the usb or memory card to instantly display his/her favourite pictures.


Photographer Candle

Made of natural beeswax and coconut oil, this candle is a cute alternative to camera gears and gadgets. Due to it’s funny camera quote that speaks about what a photographer really is good at, this candle will bring some glow into any room, ideally, a photographer can use it for creative photography or as a decor in his camera room.


Gosky Titan Monocular

With its high power magnification anyone can have the best view of the outdoor or wildlife scenery. This can maximize the camera capacity of the smartphone due to its large BAK-4 prism inside and fully multi-coated lens coating resulting in brighter, crisper and clearer image.


Camera Muzzle SLR

A sound muffling enclosure for Canon and Nikon DSLRs to reduce the camera’s shutter noise when they need to shoot in enclosed areas such as churches or theatres. Although it may appear bulky, its foam block does a good job in securing smaller dslr bodies.


RC Drone Quadcopter

Don’t let any special moments slip away with this HD camera and live video quadcopter, even when they are in the middle of nowhere (islands, mountains, valleys), this powerful drone camera will let a shutterbug capture the most exciting moments in life. It has an easy and stable flight perfect for beginners and even professionals to use and pilot.


Tile Pro

Give this as a gift to safely secure a valuable camera gear, the recipient can ring this into his gadget and ease his worries of getting it lost as it can send location updates to a smartphone. It also comes in a replaceable battery that is guaranteed from a year of activation.


Crystal Ball Sphere Photography

Due to its portable light filter, this crystal ball is a great idea as a photography assistant, creating inverted reflection by a photographer. It absorbs sunshine and moonlight to enhance the divination ability. And because it’s small, the shutterbug can bring this all along for his outdoor photography session.


Although photography is known to be a costly hobby or profession, there are accessories and finds that won’t make you go overboard if you really need to give a gift that is inclined with photography. We really think that the lenspen kit is worth a shot, some of us are guilty of using our shirt to clean the lens and it can do more harm than good to the actual lens.

We hope to see you here again, just keep on clicking our webspace for some ideas on practical gifting.