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You are probably searching for a worthy gift for your running buddy, fitness activist workmate, or your better half who is an avid fan of marathon, and you’ve clicked this page wondering what we can offer. Well, welcome to this space where we talk about anything gift-related.

There’s actually a lot of options when it comes to items and equipments in a runner’s world, but the tricky part is, would they work? To prevent impulse buying, typically, you can do your own research, but the reason why we are here, is to smoothen out the process of gift giving.

We ransacked the internet world for the best gifts that you can score for a runner that you forever know! So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

1. Men’s Running Short Sleeve Tee

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If your man will be joining a marathon, hand him this shirt that’s funny and cool enough to keep his sweats away from its fabric, leaving him comfortable and chill even after that 10 km run. Then maybe you can hand him a beer after that marathon, yes, you may consider that!

2. Run Fast Eat Slow

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Most athletes I know are very conscious on their food intake and would normally choose to prepare their own food. If you are looking for a good recipe book for your active beau, then check out this book for amazing flavors.

3. Hand-held Running Water Bottle

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This BPA-free bottle can hold 10 ounces of water, and the straps fit perfectly in anyone’s hand, but what we appreciate so much about it is that it can also be a cellphone holder. Surprise your running partner with this mighty water bottle.

4. Therapeutic Massage Stick

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This wonder stick is beneficial for athletes and nonathletes, it reduces muscle pain and promotes flexibility. If your husband needs a quick body massage, this should ease and relax his tendons.

5. SPIBelt Running Belt

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Keep your valuables within arm’s reach or in this case, belly reach. But really, this belt may look too tiny but it can hold a cell phone and house keys in times when your hands must be free. A wise gift for your boyfriend so he can keep his essentials where they should be while he run every morning.

6. Born To Run

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Some secrets are meant to be shared; this book talks about a runner’s capabilities and how to push oneself to his limit. Grab this book for your husband’s birthday, he might get some inspiration from it, even non runners have vouched how fascinating this book is.

7. Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker

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Keep track of your heart rate, pulse and active activities with this fitness tracker. This is an ideal gift for your life partner, or have it as a couple’s watch, when it comes to staying fit and healthy, we all want to monitor that!

8. Bib Display Vinyl Protector Sheets

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A bibfolio race vinyl that will protect the bibs from all the marathons that you and your friends have participated in. All them race memorabilia deserves to be kept and well taken care of, share these vinyl sheets to all your runner friends.

9. Double Insulated Tumbler – Runner

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Thinking on what to give your friend this Christmas day, people would typically pick a tumbler because it’s a common gift to give. Well, this type of tumbler is rare, thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation, it’ll keep the drink hot or cold for an extended period of time.

10. Nuun Performance Hydration

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If your brother or sister is into sports like running, this performance hydration has optimal absorption of fluid and electrolytes, give this box of Nuun to keep them hydrated all throughout. It is also non-GMO and gluten free, you can really be safe when you get your hands on these.

11. Tiger Tail Tiger Ball

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This no ordinary rope will alleviate the sore muscles. So if your dad suffers from muscle aches due to a marathon race or even from a simple exercise, buy him this massage ball and let all his body tension be relieved in just a few minutes.

12. Runners Race Bib Display Frame

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It’s only right to be proud on your son’s hard earned bib. As parents, we like to keep a token from all of our child’s or ang family member’s achievement, so when you are still contemplating on what to give them for their birthday, consider this stylish frame!

13. Anti-Blister Running Socks

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These socks are made of high-quality organic merino wool which has anti-odor properties and prevents blisters. A thoughtful gift, indeed, for your runner best friend. He can enjoy his run without having to think of chafing and blisters.

14. Naturopathica Mighty Mint Rescue Cream

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It really does what it says on the tube! The peppermint smell is not overpowering, I think it gives it more like a spa feeling, and does it really remove muscle tension? It does! It really is a mighty cream and you have to hand this out to your runner dad.

15. Foot Massage Roller

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We all suffer from foot pain at least once in our lifetime, well, our feet are the most used part of our body to begin with. So it would only be fair that we give them the love and care through this foot massage roller. Your marathoner hubby would love some deep tissue massage after that tiring race that he had.

16. Running Sports Gloves

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For an athlete who is on-the-go, this pair of gloves is a trusty companion. It has a grippy silicone that ensures a grip on the phone, just in case your husband needs to answer your call.

17. Runner’s Measurement Stemless Wine Glass

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Laser engraved made with high-quality glass, this wine glass is such a worthy companion after a long run. You can pick this up for dad or uncle, because this one is dedicated for runners.

18. Runner’s Charm Bracelet

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Buy this as a gift for your marathoner girlfriend, not that she needed more charms and luck in her life, but simply because her charm and beauty exudes in all aspects. Just like this bracelet, she can simply wear it while she runs, who says you can’t be stylish while you dash?

19. LED Running Armband (2pcs)

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This armband will ensure anyone’s safety without it being pricey. Some races start from dawn and can last until night time, you definitely want to put your loved one’s security on your priorities. The next time your husband runs for a long marathon, make sure that this band is included in his sports bag.

20. Icy Feet Vionic Orthaheel

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Athletes are prone to foot injuries, and ice packs are usually the first remedy to a swollen extremity. With this engineered insole shape and elevated arch foot ice pack, you can be sure that your son’s foot will be comfortable while alleviating the pain in his sole.

21. Funny Running Mug

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This mug is an ideal gift for your co-worker who is also an active marathon runner during weekends. This ceramic mug is dishwasher safe, but we bet that your colleague will use this on a daily basis, so handwashing it will be more appropriate.

22. JQP Sports Running Vest

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A running equipment that is beneficial for your sports enthusiast friend. This running vest have LED lights which can be attached to it, making one’s run safe during the darkest hours of the day.

23. Daniels’ Running Formula- 3rd Edition

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Help your friend get into the groove of his running career with this book that shares some formula about training and getting into the right program for certain type of races. So while you are still thinking what to give your best friend for his birthday, consider this paperback edition for some runner’s inspiration.

24. Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

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We like to put a balance in our everyday life, that means it’s okay to indulge in junk food once in a while, but healthy foods should always be a part of our diet. In case you are wondering what to get your girlfriend for her birthday, we are sure that this blender is something that she’ll appreciate.

25. Garmin GPS Smart Watch

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This product is a great companion for any active movement, like running, swimming and biking, etc. There’s a built-in tracker that will keep track of the calories a person is burning and each steps will be counted, this is a fitting gift to your active boyfriend.

26. Gregory Packs Maya 10 Backpack

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This is the type of backpack that you would want to carry around for hiking and joining a marathon. It will not only keep your essentials in the right compartment, but it’s a pretty versatile bag and lightweight, too just the perfect present for your girlfriend.

27. 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

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A one-of-a-kind roller that incorporates vibration to aid in muscle recovery and flexibility. Give this to your husband so he can self massage his legs after a tiring day in a marathon event, he can choose from low, medium and high intensity depending on how much pressure he needed it to be.

28. YakTrax Pro Traction Cleats

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These traction cleats fit perfectly to any shoes for safely walking, hiking, and running on ice or snow. A winter must have for you and your husband if he ever decides to participate on a winter marathon or climb the Alps.

29. Marathon Engraved Pint Glass

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A sleek glass, individually laser engraved for your other half, don’t you think your husband needs a drink after a long day of running? You know, just a post-relaxation technique, all I can say is, this glass is just so unique!

30. Petzl Nao+ Headlamp

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A headlamp that is powered by a bluetooth technology, if you are contemplating on what to get your girlfriend on her birthday, then stop wondering. This is a great ally for running at dawn, thanks to its technological advancement, she can adjust the brightness of its LED light to optimize the battery life.

31. FlexFixx Massage Ball Therapy Set

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The ultimate massage therapy in one package. All three balls come in different sizes and textures that are targeted to heal different types of foot pain. A bang for your buck kind of equipment should your loved ones experience any foot and body pains after a marathon event.

What we’ve come to realize after making this list, is that functionality will always be a top priority in finding a gift. As an equipment must be something one can use for a long period of time and would not just end up as a clutter in the space of their home.

We trust that we gave you meaning gift ideas that are uncomplicated and which a runner can really depend on, just like them, these gears should also go the extra mile.

If you think there’s something missing on the list that we gathered, just tell us what you think and we’ll run through it!