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Anyone who has a sister knows they have a built-in best friend for life.
…granted, that best friend might be really annoying at times, borrow your clothes, and cause all kinds of drama now and then, but let’s face it—life would be a lot less vibrant without them.

When it comes to shopping for your sibling, it’s important to put some authentic thought and effort into gift-giving. She’ll know if you just pick up something at the gas station on your way to her place, and will never let you hear the end of it.
Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these ideas and lavish your sis with the sweetness she deserves.

1. Rockstar of Sisterhood Necklace

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Is your sister a veritable rockstar? Then celebrate her awesomeness with jewellery that sings volumes about how special she is.
This necklace is a true work of art and features a row of semi-precious gemstones that reflect individual facets of her personality. Rose quartz represents love and kindness, pink tourmaline is for joy, pink opal is for hope and achievement, and black quartz is for positivity. It’s also really badass. It’s finished with a tiny golden star charm that glitters as brightly as she does.
Rocks, and a star.
See what they did there?? (Of course you did.)

2. Wall Plaque

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We may not always be able to express how we feel about our sisters when we’re face to face. That may be due to distance—like living on opposite sides of the country—or because expressing heartfelt emotion can be difficult.
This plaque is pretty much perfect for reminding her how you feel.
Whenever she’s having a bad day, or missing you, or going through a rough time, she can look at this hanging on her wall and remember just how strong, and brave, and loved she is.

3. Sisters Travel Mug

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Perfect for a woman who appreciates sweet gestures and pretty things, this brightly colored travel mug can fill your sister’s world with flowers and sunshine, no matter where she goes – she can bring it with her.
Made of double-walled ceramic, it looks quite like silver, and it’s perfect for either hot or cold drinks, and is fully microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Whether she’s into smoothies or lattes, she can take them on all kinds of adventures. With its bright hues and loving sentiment, you can be sure that each sip will remind her that you think she’s the grooviest chick ever.

4. Butterfly Suncatcher

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Butterflies are delicate, ethereal creatures that represent growth, change, and magic. If your sister adores these beauties, surprise her with this gorgeous suncatcher. Made with real wildflowers carefully pressed between layers of glass (and art in itself), it’s meant to be hung in a sunny window where its dangling crystals will refract light around the room.
Each handmade piece is a unique little miracle—just like your sweet sis.

5. Tea for One

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If your sister loves a good cup of tea, look no further. This gorgeous ceramic ensemble is perfect for brewing a single cup just for her. There’s just enough room in the mini teapot for her favourite blend to brew, and the generous cup is the ideal size to wrap her hands around to warm them up.
It even features a sweet little hang tag that reads: “There is no friend like a sister”. Just in case you have trouble putting your own feelings for her into words.

6. Anatomy of a Sister’s Heart Mug

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Uncommon Goods is renowned for unique, quirky gifts like this one. You and your sister share a number of things that you’ll never be able to bond over with anyone else. Childhood memories, inside jokes, hilarious catchphrases, reassurances… all those little things that you two shared as you grew up are etched into your memories forever.
And now they’re etched into a mug.
Pair this with the favorite hot drink mix the two of you cherished during late-night bonding sessions and you have a gift she’ll cherish forever.

7. Funny Decorative Throw Pillow

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Our siblings are usually our first real friends, whether we want them to be or not. We may get along with them really well, or we may have the kind of rapport that revolves around playful insults and practical jokes. If the latter rings true for you and your sis, she’ll certainly appreciate this throw pillow.
Not only is it cute and comfortable, it reminds her that she’s stuck with you no matter what.
This gift is guaranteed to evoke a big smile, whether your sister is 9 or 90.
Of course, this is not the best pillow to sleep on, but for house decor, you won’t find a more suitable gift!

8. Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Most women love to luxuriate in the bath, and that love usually starts at a young age. Do you remember yelling at your sister to get out of the tub so you could use the bathroom?
Apologise properly for hauling her out of the tub too soon with this glorious 12-piece deluxe bath bomb set. Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, they come in scents like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lavender, and Victorian Rose (with real rose petals!) That’s a real treat for skin!
She’s certain to be delighted by this thoughtful gift… which means she’ll probably get you something great for you in turn.

9. Sculpted Magnet

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Gifts don’t have to be large to express a huge sentiment. If the bond you have with your sister is closer than friends, closer than family, then this is the perfect gift for her.
Made of shimmering resin, this magnet measures 2-7/8 x 3-3/4 inches in size, and can be affixed to everything from the refrigerator to a vanity dresser mirror. It will remind her of the special link you two share every time she looks at it, and can help to strengthen your special, unique relationship.

10. Musical Jewelry Keepsake Box

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Shabby Chic never goes out of style, and neither do classic tunes. This stunning gift features both.
Measuring 4 x 6 x 2 inches, this teal wooden box is just the right size for a few treasured jewelry items or keepsake trinkets. The locket that dangles from the lid can be filled with photos of the two of you, and when the box is opened, it plays “Wonderful World”.
Think you’ll both cry when you give this to her? (You know you will.)

11. Distance Print Poster Art

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It’s really hard being far away from the people we love, and even more difficult when there’s a strong bond between siblings. This poster reminds your sister that no matter how many miles there may be between you, you’re always there for one another.
You customize this with specific locations, dates, and times, and receive a poster with two star charts: how the night sky looks from where you both are.

Several different sizes and framing options available to suit any space.

12. Sisters Bookmark

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Any book lover knows that you never, ever turn down page corners: that’s what bookmarks are for. A bookmark like this one doesn’t just help to keep your sister’s place as she reads—it also celebrates all the special memories the two of you have shared.
If sister dearest loves books as much as she loves you, this little present is sure to be carried with her forever and bring her hours of joy.
(Here’s a tip: Buy her a book on her wishlist and tuck this bookmark in before giving it to her to double the awesomeness.)

13. Compact Mirror

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We don’t always see our own beauty, but those we love are the most gorgeous beings in our eyes, aren’t they? With this beautiful compact mirror, your sister will remember just how stunning she is every time she glances at herself to check her hair or makeup. No flaws, no personal criticism: just the reminder of the fact that she’s absolutely beautiful she is in her sibling’s eyes.
That in itself is a gift, isn’t it?

14. Good Morning Sister Spoon

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If you can’t be present to wish your dear sister “good morning” in person, this might be the next best thing.
A lovely morning greeting is engraved into a high-quality stainless steel spoon that she can use to stir her morning coffee, or savor her favorite breakfast. And hey, if you ever make her angry, she can stab the spoon into some hot chili or something instead of yelling at you about it.

15. “Best Sister Ever” T-Shirt

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Sometimes, the simplest expression is the way to go. This T-shirt’s sentiment leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination: your splendid sibling will know exactly how you feel about her, because “BEST SISTER EVER” really doesn’t leave much room for misinterpretation, does it? No. No, it doesn’t.
If this is how you feel about her, let her know. Then let her wear it around proudly because you know what? She IS the best sister in the whole world.
She’s yours.

16. Sisters Throw Blanket

by Pure Country Weavers

This soft, cottony, and sturdy woven tapestry throw blanket would give your sister some comfort especially on days that have gotten so cold. She could also use it alternatively as an interior decor in her room, its artisan design has that natural charm, just perfect for days and nights when your sweet sister choose to cuddle up on the bed or on the sofa.

17. Cinnamon Scented Candle

by Scentiments

In many cultures, candles are symbolism of friendship and many relationships in general. It serves as light, joy and devotion– things that correlate with sisterhood. Cinnamon, as usual, is a scent that many people love; it gives a nostalgic autumny vibe which you may want to consider when gifting a loved one.

The candle jar also has a thoughtful message that brings more sentiments, grab this and give your sister some glow especially on the days when she needs it the most.


Hair Tie Bracelet

You can’t go wrong with a hair tie and a bracelet combo, if you’ve experienced wearing your hair tie or scrunchy as your bracelet then you know what I mean. So why not give your little or big sister something that is she may not see coming, and nothing beats this most useful hair accessory with a touch of subtle elegance, now that’s what we call the element of surprise. I mean, I never thought this could be possible but as Alice in Wonderland has said, “nothing is impossible!”.

It also comes in a pair, with engraved big sister and little sister print, and so you don’t only get to give her a gift but you can also keep the other bracelet.


Sisters Make Life Beautiful

What better way to celebrate sisterhood is by a well-written and illustrated hardcover– a book! This type of kind never gets old, and not that your sistah needs more affirmation but it’s just a little reminder that life is better with your sister!


Adult Coloring Book

When we were younger, we could not wait till we get into our teens then into our 20s and 30s, and now that we are older and probably wiser, we realized how fun it was to be young, wild and free!

I used to dislike coloring books when I was younger and now I find it more relaxing than adulting, actually! Thanks to this coloring book designed for adults like us, your sister can channel her stress and frustrations into a work of art.


Ceramic Mug and Memo Pad

We are never running out of options when it comes to mugs, apart from it really is a quintessential gift it’s also something that you can easily get your hands on. Plus, the notepad that comes with it makes this gift package worth considering; so don’t say you didn’t get a memo from us, because you surely did!


Heart Paperweight

Made of color changing LED lights, this paperweight isn’t just a cute desk adornment but it’s a sweet expression of how bonded you are as sisters. There’s just this special connection between sisters and more than being related by blood, you two are also linked at heart.


Sisters Garden Gnome

Tickle her funny bone with these sisters garden gnomes who are into selfies, they too, are onboard with technology, just so you know! If your sister is into gardening, then she can display it in her lovely lawn or she can simply display it on her kitchen counter or work desk, this is definitely your best bet for some comical and cute sculpture decoration.


Apron for Sister

She really is an awesome sister, but sometimes words don’t come out so easily and you can’t just tell her. So let the apron do the talking, just to affirm your sister how much you appreciate her. She’ll surely enjoy hanging out in the kitchen or maybe you can join her and bond with her on a new baking recipe or a sumptuous pasta meal.


Leather Journal

An elegant journal that you can give to the sister whom you’ve been looking up to, it’s very useful to write down her thoughts, organize her schedule and even doodle as a relaxation technique.

This luxe journal is also presentable and nifty, perfect for gift-giving.


Kate Spade New York Bangle

A dainty accessory like this will never go out of style, it has the right amount of bling, and the pattern is very classic. Surely, a stylish arm candy that your sister will feel so dandy.

I understand that this ain’t a cheap gift, but if you are willing to stretch your budget then this will be a fitting gift.


My Beautiful Sisters Brooch

Made of solid design and mixed materials, this brooch symbolizes not only the bond between two sisters, maybe three or more sisters and also as friends who became sisters at heart. Oh we love some women empowerment representation in our daily lives.

For sure, your sister would love wearing this pin over a lovely top or dress, it’s a standout accessory that no one can resist.


Sisters Tea Tin

If she happens to be a tea lover and fancies some English Breakfast Tea, then this is the answer for her tea cravings. Inside this tin are 25 tea bags that are individually tagged with funny and amusing quotes, drop the basic box of tea bags, we always want to go extra when it comes to the gifting arena.


Fill-In-The-Blank Gift Journal

When you can’t verbalize it to your sis, then maybe writing it down would be the best way to tell her your sentiments. This is something that she’ll read over and over, and why not? I know you’ve got some cool and hilarious banters that will not only make her laugh but also win her heart!


Pandora Forever Sisters Charm

You may either get her a pandora bracelet or if she owns one already then this sister charm is something that you should consider. This doesn’t come cheap but you get your money’s worth, she’ll be reminded of your sisterhood every time she wears her charm bracelet and when it comes to our siblings, there’s no such thing as over splurge!
You should also check out Pandora’s earrings collection!


Athletic Running Socks

She doesn’t have to be athletic for her to be deserving of this gift, these socks are actually made of ultra-spun polyester moisture wicking technology that keeps the feet dry! Although it’s a performance socks, she can still use it even when lounging around the house. Moreso, if she has an active lifestyle.


Custom Handmade Preserved Flower

If there’s a way to keep flowers fresh and vibrant, I’ll take it any time of any day. We typically don’t pick flowers as gifts because in a days time they start to wither. But that’s not going to happen on this enchanting flower, and no, it doesn’t have any magic spell like the one in Beauty and the beast. It’s just been preserved to last in three to five years, which makes it an alluring gift to give to your sister that she can display on her bedside table.

No water needed for it to last a good amount of time, and there are no pollen present that might irritate or cause her hives.


Jewelry Tray

We cannot look pass this jewelry tray since we’ve talked about some jewelry pieces here. I really think that we can squeeze this item on our gifting list. Not only it is useful as a jewelry tray, the color and the design make this trinket gives us some happy vibe. And so why not share it to your sister, sister.


Infusion Water Bottle

Don’t we all love a practical gift that is geared towards a more healthy lifestyle? Ah yes! This infused water bottle is a great alternative for a can of soda. This is easy to clean and 100% leak free. She can just easily shove it in her gym bag or even work bag without worrying of a spill.

When it comes to our loved ones, it comes natural to us to be more cautious about their health, and so clearly, this is a reasonable gift to give to your sister.


Ceramic Succulent Bonsai Pots

If she likes plants then this set of pots would be the most fitting gift for her to grow succulent plants. If she isn’t a fan of grass, herbs and flowers then you can jumpstart that fondness by giving her these cutesy planter pots, plants aren’t included in these but she can choose whatever plant she wants to grow in them. And the best thing about succulent plants is that they are low-maintenance.

And how can anyone resist these owl-dorable pots?


Cactus Tapestry Wall Decor

Still on the plantation scene, this type of gift does not need watering, well you typically have to wash it to make it clean. I am talking about this tapestry that is just too adorable. Give this to your sister and she’ll surely rearrange her room decor. This is perfect as a wall or headboard decor, even as a thin blanket during the summer. The possibilities are endless for this tapestry cactus.


Cheeseboard and Cutlery Set

An impressive gift to give to your sister, this cheeseboard and cutlery set is perfect for her party hosting needs especially as the holidays near. This is also ideal for nights when she wants to wine and chill out while watching her favorite series or movies.

I mean, this is technically a cool cheese idea without being too cheesy on your sister.


Jewelry Storage Carrying Case

I simply love it for its convenience and practicality, travel cases and organizers are always a good gift idea. If she’s a jetsetter or someone who wants to always be organized with her things, there are a gazillion of travel organizers in the market but this case is especially designed for jewelries.

Travel without the tangles especially on her necklaces. It has a roomy space and secured zipper that will prevent her jewelry from falling out.


Sally’s Cookie Addiction

Unleash her love for sweets or baking maybe with this hardcover baking recipe, you can either join her in the kitchen or let her surprise you with a new cake confectionery, this is the best source for all those sweet goodies. I doubt if cookie monster would ever withstand peeking through this, but your sister now has an option to bake instead of buying from Millie’s.
In any case, cookes are are secret addiction for all of us!


Silicone Baking Mats

You can’t skip the baking department without having these baking mats. They may look simple and maybe useless but this is a trusty companion that will fit every kitchen. This silicone baking mat provides evenly distribution of heat and isn’t as time consuming as a baking tray.

This is truly a sweet surprise for your sister, this will make her a baking master in no time!


RFID Blocking Wallet

Perfect for the techie and the not so techie sister, this wallet protects credit card information from identity theft, which will calm her worries away. It’s an elegant yet an expensive wallet that is rather functional in these times of modern technology.


Gift Basket

If this isn’t the perfect relaxing gift then I don’t know what is. This gift basket comes with vanilla milk bubble bath, vanilla coconut body lotion, decorative soap, and some fine assortments like chocolate and pretzels. Sissy deserves to relax and have some sweet treats every now and then. Oh life is really sweet when you’ve got a sister!


Desk Organizer Set

To some people, being organized is a lot of hard work. To some, it comes out naturally. So whether she needs to be more organized or is already organized, this desk organizers kit would still be a super meaningful gift. She can always find ways to arrange and rearrange her things. And the mint color is what really makes people get drawn to this set.


Owl Candle Holder

When you can’t verbalize “I love you” maybe “Owl love you” will do. This rustic candle holder is a charm in itself, no further introduction needed. It can only hold small tea light candles but it can actually be a striking piece of item by the lounge area, kitchen and bedroom of your sistah!


Daily Flip Calendar

I feel like because we are now living in a world of technology and grand innovations, we sometimes forget how fun it is to live simpler. Everything is on our smartphones, and while I don’t necessarily condemn that, I still think that some old ways are still better. Your sister may opt for a synchronized calendar on her phone but what we got here is a calendar with daily inspirations.

For the times when you can physically be with her asap, this calendar will somehow remind her that she’s doing a good job!


Sisters Picture Frame

A no ordinary picture frame, this is made of environmentally friendly wood and the photo will be directly printed on the wood for a more rustic and personalized effect. I understand how it’s easy for us to take photos now more than ever and store them on our phones or USB but nothing beats a printed picture in a wooden frame – moreover, it will fit any interior.

I know that you have a photo of your sister that deserves to be printed out and be displayed on her bedside table.


Willow Tree My Sister

Giving her a figurine would be one of the best ways to show your love for her. Figurines are very symbolic, this one in particular shows two sisters hand in hand, and just like your sisterhood, you will walk hand in hand. And it doesn’t matter whether you are together or apart, sisters are always close in their hearts.


Custom Amazon Gift Card

One of the super convenient ways of giving is through gift cards, at least you don’t have to sweat out on gifting ideas and you’ll be sure that the giftee will really like what she picked from the range of items on the internet. And although we always say that it’s the thought that counts, sometimes being pragmatic is the best way to move forward.

Choose a gift amount from $25-$2000 and you can be sure that she’ll get what she wants.

Siblings may not always get along, but there’s a special bond one has with a sister. Even if you have several sisters, chances are you have a unique rapport with each of them: one might be your partner in crime, another could be a trusted confidant. Step-sisters count as well, even if they join the family later in life.

Whatever bond you have with yours, let her know how much she means to you with one of these gifts, and watch her light up with joy.