Anyone who has a sister knows they have a built-in best friend for life.
…granted, that best friend might be really annoying at times, borrow your clothes, and cause all kinds of drama now and then, but let’s face it—life would be a lot less vibrant without them.

When it comes to shopping for your sister, it’s important to put some authentic thought and effort into gift-giving. She’ll know if you just pick up something at the gas station on your way to her place, and will never let you hear the end of it.
Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these ideas and lavish your sis with the sweetness she deserves.

1. Rockstar of Sisterhood Necklace

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Is your sister a veritable rockstar? Then celebrate her awesomeness with jewellery that sings volumes about how special she is.
This necklace features a row of semi-precious gemstones that reflect individual facets of her personality. Rose quartz represents love and kindness, pink tourmaline is for joy, pink opal is for hope and achievement, and black quartz is for positivity. It’s also really badass. It’s finished with a tiny golden star charm that glitters as brightly as she does.
Rocks, and a star.
See what they did there?? (Of course you did.)

2. Wall Plaque

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We may not always be able to express how we feel about our sisters when we’re face to face. That may be due to distance—like living on opposite sides of the country—or because expressing heartfelt emotion can be difficult.
This plaque is pretty much perfect for reminding her how you feel.
Whenever she’s having a bad day, or missing you, or going through a rough time, she can look at this hanging on her wall and remember just how strong, and brave, and loved she is.

3. Sisters Travel Mug

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Perfect for a woman who appreciates sweet gestures and pretty things, this brightly colored travel mug can fill your sister’s world with flowers and sunshine, no matter where she goes.
Made of double-walled ceramic, it’s perfect for either hot or cold drinks, and is fully microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Whether she’s into smoothies or lattes, she can take them on all kinds of adventures. With its bright hues and loving sentiment, you can be sure that each sip will remind her that you think she’s the grooviest chick ever.

4. Butterfly Suncatcher

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Butterflies are delicate, ethereal creatures that represent growth, change, and magic. If your sister adores these beauties, surprise her with this gorgeous suncatcher. Made with real wildflowers carefully pressed between layers of glass, it’s meant to be hung in a sunny window where its dangling crystals will refract light around the room.
Each handmade piece is a unique little miracle—just like your sweet sis.

5. Tea for One

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If your sister loves a good cup of tea, look no further. This gorgeous ceramic ensemble is perfect for brewing a single cup just for her. There’s just enough room in the mini teapot for her favourite blend to brew, and the generous cup is the ideal size to wrap her hands around to warm them up.
It even features a sweet little hang tag that reads: “There is no friend like a sister”. Just in case you have trouble putting your own feelings for her into words.

6. Anatomy of a Sister’s Heart Mug

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Uncommon Goods is renowned for unique, quirky gifts like this one. You and your sister share a number of things that you’ll never be able to bond over with anyone else. Childhood memories, inside jokes, hilarious catchphrases, reassurances… all those little things that you two shared as you grew up are etched into your memories forever.
And now they’re etched into a mug.
Pair this with the favorite hot drink mix the two of you cherished during late-night bonding sessions and you have a gift she’ll cherish forever.

7. Funny Decorative Throw Pillow

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Our siblings are usually our first real friends, whether we want them to be or not. We may get along with them really well, or we may have the kind of rapport that revolves around playful insults and practical jokes. If the latter rings true for you and your sis, she’ll certainly appreciate this throw pillow.
Not only is it cute and comfortable, it reminds her that she’s stuck with you no matter what.
This gift is guaranteed to evoke a big smile, whether your sister is 9 or 90.

8. Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Most women love to luxuriate in the bath, and that love usually starts at a young age. Do you remember yelling at your sister to get out of the tub so you could use the bathroom?
Apologise properly for hauling her out of the tub too soon with this glorious 12-piece deluxe bath bomb set. Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, they come in scents like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lavender, and Victorian Rose (with real rose petals!)
She’s certain to be delighted by this thoughtful gift… which means she’ll probably get you something great for you in turn.

9. Sculpted Magnet

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Gifts don’t have to be large to express a huge sentiment. If the bond you have with your sister is closer than friends, closer than family, then this is the perfect gift for her.
Made of shimmering resin, this magnet measures 2-7/8 x 3-3/4 inches in size, and can be affixed to everything from the refrigerator to a vanity dresser mirror. It will remind her of the special link you two share every time she looks at it, and can help to strengthen your special, unique relationship.

10. Musical Jewelry Keepsake Box

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Shabby Chic never goes out of style, and neither do classic tunes. This stunning gift features both.
Measuring 4 x 6 x 2 inches, this teal wooden box is just the right size for a few treasured jewelry items or keepsake trinkets. The locket that dangles from the lid can be filled with photos of the two of you, and when the box is opened, it plays “Wonderful World”.
Think you’ll both cry when you give this to her? (You know you will.)

11. Distance Print Poster Art

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It’s really hard being far away from the people we love, and even more difficult when there’s a strong bond between siblings. This poster reminds your sister that no matter how many miles there may be between you, you’re always there for one another.
You customize this with specific locations, dates, and times, and receive a poster with two star charts: how the night sky looks from where you both are.

Several different sizes and framing options available to suit any space.

12. Sisters Bookmark

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Any book lover knows that you never, ever turn down page corners: that’s what bookmarks are for. A bookmark like this one doesn’t just help to keep your sister’s place as she reads—it also celebrates all the special memories the two of you have shared.
If sister dearest loves books as much as she loves you, this little present is sure to be carried with her forever.
(Here’s a tip: Buy her a book on her wishlist and tuck this bookmark in before giving it to her to double the awesomeness.)

13. Compact Mirror

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We don’t always see our own beauty, but those we love are the most gorgeous beings in our eyes, aren’t they? With this beautiful compact mirror, your sister will remember just how stunning she is every time she glances at herself to check her hair or makeup. No flaws, no personal criticism: just the reminder of the fact that she’s absolutely beautiful she is in her sibling’s eyes.
That in itself is a gift, isn’t it?

14. Good Morning Sister Spoon

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If you can’t be present to wish your dear sister “good morning” in person, this might be the next best thing.
A lovely morning greeting is engraved into a high-quality stainless steel spoon that she can use to stir her morning coffee, or savor her favorite breakfast. And hey, if you ever make her angry, she can stab the spoon into some hot chili or something instead of yelling at you about it.

15. “Best Sister Ever” T-Shirt

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Sometimes, the simplest expression is the way to go. This T-shirt’s sentiment leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination: your splendid sibling will know exactly how you feel about her, because “BEST SISTER EVER” really doesn’t leave much room for misinterpretation, does it? No. No, it doesn’t.
If this is how you feel about her, let her know. Then let her wear it around proudly because you know what? She IS the best sister in the whole world.
She’s yours.

Siblings may not always get along, but there’s a special bond one has with a sister. Even if you have several sisters, chances are you have a unique rapport with each of them: one might be your partner in crime, another could be a trusted confidant. Step-sisters count as well, even if they join the family later in life.

Whatever bond you have with yours, let her know how much she means to you with one of these gifts, and watch her light up with joy.