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It can be hard to shop for teens, unless you bring them to the shops and let them pick what they want, but that would lack excitement especially if it’s meant to be a present.
There’s nothing so thrilling than seeing a loved one be surprised, so whether you are a parent, a relative, or a friend of a teen, wrapping those presents should be worth it.

I don’t know about you, but I noticed how fast a child grows.
I used to babysit my nephew a couple of years ago and now he looks so grown up and in a few years time, will start going to college.
On that note, I just want to self-proclaim how cool of an uncle I am and how I can help you in finding the perfect gift for the not so young kid.

So, here are the best gifts we found for teen boys in 2020:


Table Top Robot

Let him experience a hands-on science/robotics experiment with this table top robot, it’s a basic type of robotics which is easy to learn and construct. And just a side note: it has some acrobatic tricks that is fun to watch; the teen would be proud to show it off to his peers.


Phone Phever Board Game

Isn’t it amazing if we can combine a classic game and an in-demand gadget that most teens have, ah yeah, a smartphone perhaps? This phonetastic game include trivia questions challenges that can only be done through the smartphone, and so the tween should have both wits and smartphone skills to win the game. And if ever he doesn’t own a smartphone yet, you may also want to add it on your gifting list.

P.S. Suitable for a game night with family or friends!


Smart Watch

Not only because it’s a trendy item but it’s also a way for his parents to contact him. He can make and receive calls through this watch, if you think that it’s still too early to give him an actual smartphone, then this is a great alternative for that. And for the coolest part, it comes with a camera and also has an audio player for some music playing.


Farting Poop Emoji Pen

This one is for a young prankster who may want to add some fun and laughter within his group of friends. This is a safe prank for everyone to enjoy, we all know how tweens have natural funny bones. He just needs to push the emoji’s head to hear it make a farting sound.


Realistic Hoodie

Isn’t it a cool hoodie? It has a 3D vivid print that makes anyone think they’ll go into a spiral abyss. The design is pretty unique and will make anyone take a second look. And when it comes to fashion, most teens want to be on the trend.


Refractor Telescope

A powerful tool to learn about space and anything on it, this refractor telescope allows your teen to explore an endless horizon of planets, stars, and moons. He can also use this to see a scenic view from wildlife and landscapes, this will make him appreciate what a wonderful planet we live on and what’s in and out of it is beyond his imagination.


Novelty Cotton Socks

These are non-skid rubber, anti-slip but not anti-gaming socks for a teen gamer who just can’t get enough of his gadget and to also keep his feet warm during cold weather. These may be too common as a gift but really practical in the sense that we all use socks, and with those funny printed scripts, you can be sure that the teen giftee will laugh.


The Graphic Guide to Planning Your Future

From gaming to a more serious note, planning for the future is always expected. This type of paperback is something that may guide them in their future careers and endeavors, let’s not forget how books have honed us to prepare for the unknown. You can pick the kindle version for the techie tween, but whichever type of format and edition you pick, will surely be a great career benefit.


Cellphone Stand Holder

It’s very common nowadays that teens have their phone gadget as a way to communicate with their family and others. So another practical thing to give is this stand holder which is cool and compact; and is made from an eco-friendly TPU plastics. Not only is this a cool thing to give because of its thumbs-up design but it’s also great to use to keep the phone from sliding and prevents scratches.


Basketball Court Comforter

I don’t want to sound redundant but this comfy comforter is truly soft and warm, made of microfiber polyester that is more durable than cotton. The 3D design is really suitable for a basketball fan, there’s other choices of design, too, if in case your teen loves another sports.


Multi-sport Helmet

Speaking of sports and being active, this multi-sport helmet can also be a considerable gift. When it comes to our kids, we always want to take their safety into account. Really ideal for biking, skating, and other extreme sports that they may be interested in.It has an ergonomic interior padding that makes it comfortable and secure.


3D Wooden Puzzle

A no ordinary wooden puzzle, this one comes with a solar panel that makes it a unique rover. What makes this an ideal gift is the teen can practice their ability to plan and construct, who knows he’s going to be a future engineer or architect on his chosen career path.


Model Foam Airplane

This wind glider airplane brings fun and entertainment, and if you think that this gift is lame, I say that’s wrong, it is made of polymer material with impact resistance and has a good flexibility. It’s also good as a stress relief and removes the body’s tenses, and creates harmony between a teen and his friends or family.


3D Jogger Pants

Teens are usually fashion forward and hipsters, they are always on trend and who can blame them? Most of us really want to dress up and for that, I’ve got an awesome 3D pants to show off. It’s stretchy and soft and won’t cause any itching, it has two side pockets to keep his belongings.


Under Armour Backpack

Still on the fashion side of things, this accessory is rather useful than trendy, I am talking about this Under Armour backpack that is ideal as an all-around bag. He can use this as a school bag, camping, or travel bag and it has a soft lined laptop sleeve that can hold a 15 inches laptop.


Gifting a teen can be hard at times, because you may not be so sure if they want a toy or they are over that. If you may, directly ask them about their interests and ideas, but if you want to see their surprised faces then stick to the idea of wrapping your present.

I hope that I was able to deliver some good and fun gift items, when it comes to surprises and gifts, you can always count on this online space.