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Veganism is more popular than ever these days, and chances are you probably have several friends and family members who are living as cruelty-free as possible. You might think that it’s difficult to find great gifts for them, but buying gentle, ethical gifts is easier than ever.

We’ve put together a list of some great, kind-hearted presents that are sure to please the animal lovers in your life. There’s something here for everyone, and each item is as ethical as it is gorgeous.

1. Vegan Prep/Dessert Bowls

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Does the vegan in your life love to cook? Get them these adorable little prep (or dessert bowls) to celebrate their love of plant-based foods!
Made by a vegan for other vegans, these stoneware bowls have 1 cup capacity each, making them perfect for mise-en-place cooking, or scoops of dairy-free ice cream.
They’re available in 10 different hues, and you can mix and match colours to suit the recipient’s personal tastes or kitchen decor.

2. Vegan for Everybody Cookbook

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Some people who are new to veganism may find cooking for themselves a bit daunting. After all, switching to a plant-based diet after years of being a meativore means exploring all kinds of new ingredients and culinary techniques.
This cookbook takes the guesswork out of vegan meals, with foolproof recipes and step-by-step guides that veggie-vores of all ages can appreciate. These dishes are delicious and satisfying, with familiar comfort foods like burgers and dairy-free cheesecake.

3. Bath Bomb Gift Set

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If the person you’re buying for loves a good, long soak in the tub, then this is the ideal gift for them. These all-natural bath bombs are made with 100% organic, natural ingredients like coconut oil and therapeutic-grade essential oils, making them great for both body and soul. They’re suitable for all ages and genders, and come in 12 different scents ranging from invigorating to relaxing. Best of all, they come pre-packaged in a beautiful gift box, with a lovely card you can fill out too!

4. Smoothie Blender

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Have you ever met a vegan who didn’t like smoothies? Probably not, and with good cause—they’re absolutely delicious.
This countertop blender has two different blending beaker sizes (32oz and 18oz, respectively) so the recipient can make smoothies to share, or for themselves. Heavy-duty blades can cut through just about any fruit and vegetable, so they can revel in more kale-pineapple blends than they could have ever dreamed of. The BPA-free plastic cups have leak-proof silicone lids, so your special someone can take their smoothies with them wherever they go.

5. Vegan Mug

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Do you know the best way to tell that someone’s a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you (and everyone else).
That’s the running joke, but it’s actually true… and with this mug, they can proclaim their cruelty-free lifestyle to the entire world. Every sip of almond milk-filled fair-trade coffee, miso soup, or herbal tea will announce their dedication to a plant-based, gentle lifestyle.
And hey, if it just so happens that they’re as close to perfect as a person can be, then this mug suits them perfectly, right?

6. Nakd Bars Variety Pack

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If you’ve ever tried a Nakd bar, you know how awesome they are. Now picture 15 of those bars in a delightful gift box, and imagine how how much awesomeness they contain.
These delicious bars aren’t just vegan—they’re also gluten-free, and made of 100% natural ingredients. Seriously, most of them contain fewer than five ingredients, with no chemicals or preservatives. And have you seen the flavors? Cocoa Crunch, Cashew Cookie, Rhubarb Custard, and so many more.
If the person you’re buying for is a dedicated foodie, this is the gift for them. (You might want to get one for yourself too.)

7. Vegetable Slicer/Spiralizer

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Of the many great things about a vegan diet, one of the best is that it incorporates a TON of vegetables into one’s diet. With this multi-purpose vegetable spiralizer and slicer, the person you’re buying for can incorporate exciting different veg shapes into everything they cook. There are four different blade options, including delicate angel hair pasta and thick-cut spiral types. From carrot and beet chips to zucchini noodles, they’ll be able to transform everyday ingredients into culinary masterpieces.

8. Soy Candle Gift Set

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Who doesn’t love scented candles? They don’t just brighten up a space with their soft, gentle glow: they add just enough fragrance to make a space smell like “home”.
This gorgeous gift set includes four candles scented with rose, lavender, jasmine, and vanilla essential oils. Made with 100% pure soy wax, they’re fully biodegradable, burn cleanly, and won’t pollute the air with toxic chemicals. The tins they come in are also sealable, so their recipient can take them along wherever they go.

9. Magnetic Organic Spice Jars

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One great thing about vegan food is that it can be incredibly diverse. Mexican, Indian, Thai, and Ethiopian are just a few cuisines that incorporate delicious vegan dishes, and each one has its own fabulous spice blend.
With this gift, you can choose seven different organic spices (or blends) in gorgeous hexagonal jars. Their lids are magnetic, so your recipient can keep them close at hand on the refrigerator, or any other metal surface nearby.
Choose from options like adobo seasoning, chaat masala, smoked salts, and hundreds more to create a one-of-a-kind present for someone special.

10. Gluten-Free Vegan Caramels

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After switching to a plant-based diet, one thing many vegans lament is the fact that they can no longer enjoy some of their favorite sweets. Most commercial brands incorporate dairy or honey, neither of which are options in cruelty-free diets.
Fortunately, these delectable sea salt caramels are vegan and gluten free too! Made with coconut milk and oil instead of dairy products, they’re toe-curlingly good, and absolutely ethical.
This gift contains two 5.2oz boxes of individually wrapped candies.

11. Vegan Chocolate Gift Box

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Chocolate gifts never go out of style, and these vegan options don’t skimp on deliciousness. Each box contains an assortment of 5-7 luxury vegan chocolate treats, which may range from bars and truffles to biscuits and cocoa mix. Those curating the boxes scour the world for the best cruelty-free chocolates around, and package them up for choco lovers to enjoy. The person you’re buying for is guaranteed to be delighted.
Just don’t expect them to share. You know you wouldn’t either.

12. Indoor Wall Garden

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Most vegans like to grow their own vegetables and herbs whenever possible. After all, part of living a cruelty-free lifestyle is respecting all life, and growing your own food means that you’re taking an active, ethical role in food security.
This charming gift allows your special someone to grow six types of herbs on a sunny wall in their own home. Two rows of three bronze pots each come with seed-starting medium and erasable chalkboard labels, so they can get started growing their own chives, basil, and more, right away!

13. Vegan Apron

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Being vegan has thousands of upsides, but it can also be really frustrating when dealing with people who just don’t get it. This is especially true at family gatherings, or when they’re involved in group cooking situations.
This handy apron helps to fend off all kinds of questions and comments that vegans are usually subjected to. Most difficult situations are alleviated with a bit of humor, and an apron like this is like a superhero shield against tiresome, annoying queries.
It also keeps clothes from being stained. Win-win.

14. Electric 9-Tray Food Dehydrator

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Okay, if you really, really love your vegan friend/family member, get them this. Then ask them to cook for you.
You wouldn’t believe how delicious seitan jerky can be, or the bliss that ensues when you’ve used dehydrated sweet potato or beet chips to scoop up hummus and guacamole. That’s before trying organic fruit leather, homemade dried fruit granola, and so much more that can be created with this magnificent electric beast. It’s true love with 9 trays, presented in a box.

15. Salad Spinner

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Are you familiar with the expression, “when in doubt, make salad”? Okay, so that might be a new phrase, but it holds true. It may be a common trope that vegans eat a lot of salad, but for most of them, it’s quite accurate. The key is that those salads are diverse and wonderful, using ingredients like escarole, kale, sprouts, and arugula.
A salad spinner allows your boo to wash and prep all their organic farmer’s market fare with ease, without having to worry about sand in their teeth or wasted, soggy greens.


Nature's Bakery Vegan Brownie

Can you even believe there’s no butter in it? Satisfy their sweet craving by giving them this box of vegan brownies, the baker used non-GMO soy oil and other natural flavours to make these “sinfully” looking sweets. But really, they shouldn’t feel bad on this guilty pleasure, the story behind making these brownies is ever so compassionate. Let’s just say, it’s more than just baking and making a profit, it’s also about giving back to the community and giving people another chance at life.


Detox Bath Salt

Who doesn’t want a relaxing bath after a tiring day or when you are feeling poorly? I know I do! This epsom salt will do all the detoxifying for that flexitarian in your life, you may want to add another jar in your cart so you can also experience that detox bath.


Healthy Vegan Snack Assortment Care Package

Just because they eat more salads or greens doesn’t mean they can’t have snacks while watching flicks. There are people who are considered as junkie-vegans, you see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to vegan treats. Who says being vegan isn’t fun?


Vegan Makeup Brush Set

How cool is it to actually opt for vegan tools for her everyday makeup wear? Yes! Veganism is a lifestyle that is growing and venturing continuously. Consider purchasing this brush set, and the animal and makeup lover will surely be joyful as ever.



Team Herbivore Sweatshirt

A simple yet expressive shirt that your vegan friend would simply adore. Vegan apparels such as this make a low-key but also a firm statement that sends the message across to people who may not be inclined with the vegan world.


Bamboo Cutting Board

As part of this vegetarian gift listing, it’s only right to include this bamboo cutting board which is free of toxic, dyes and chemical resins. Give them a peace of mind while they chop their fruits and veggies by using this kitchen tool that has no formaldehyde. They surely will be happy to prep and plate using organic equipment.


Vegan Wallet

You can be 100% sure that no animals were harmed in making this eco-friendly wallet. Made of a sustainable cork fabric, this wallet can carry all they need. With its RFID blocking system, their cards are protected from skimming and private data theft.

There’s color variations to choose from, and it’s so easy to care for. That’s functionality and sustainability in one billfold.

B07GZXV6PW Vegan AF Socks


Vegan AF Socks

As promised, we’ll give you vegan options from head to toe. These socks will give your vegan friend some vegan vibes. They may not want to take this trendy and cool socks off, these are comfy and warm, perfect for a chill out evening over Netflix and wine.


Scarleton Crossbody Shoulder Bag

For that handbag enthusiast who happens to be an animal lover, too, here’s a faux leather purse just for her and for you budget as well. This is stylish, versatile, convenient, and the most important thing is it’s cruelty-free. This proves that we can be fashion forward but eco-conscious, too!


Non-Toxic Vegan Nail Polish

This is a set of nail polish that used mineral based formula which is surprisingly long lasting and durable. This contains no animal-based ingredients or toxic substances, just earth minerals that contain energy healing properties, let’s get easy on Mother nature and ditch those nail polishes that has harmful toxic contents.

Being vegan really is ten thousand shades of awesome. Whether you’re vegan as well, or just supporting a loved one in their lifestyle choices, you’re helping to make the world a kinder, gentler place. Plant-based foods can be spectacular when prepared well, and gifts like these allow people to expand their culinary repertoires to discover textures and flavors they might have never dreamed about otherwise.

Besides, vegetables are good for you. Join them for dinner whenever you can.