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If there’s one thing that’s up our alley, it’s writing for sure! And because we like to write about gifts, we think it’s about time we dedicate a topic for our fellow writers. If you happen to know someone who has a talent and love for writing and you want to give them a gift, then we can surely tell you what works and what our co-writers would love to receive.

Thanks in advance if you are thinking of sending us a gift, but sharing this internet space with us is already a great present. We’ve gathered some unique and sensible gift ideas for the ink slingers and journalists alike. Just keep on browsing!


Typewriter Coaster Set

A place where they can put their coffee mug or glass of water while writing their ideas in the laptop or computer, these non-slip coasters are conversation starters due to their rustic finish. It gives a unique touch to any room or desk, and it gives an ambiance perfect for writing novel pieces or any other writing related.


Leather Writing Journal

We were thinking to make a hard pass on this; however, when it comes to writing, some of us really starts with a notebook or a journal. Maybe this may come as a common gift for any person but we really think that a classic journal like this would be well-loved by a wordsmith. Nothing beats a classic way of writing, that’s what we really think!


Aqua Notes Waterproof Pad

It has been proven that most of our ideas come out while we are having a shower, they say it has something to do with the brain being relaxed while in the shower. So this aqua note would be the best gift for any writer, so they can easily jot down their ideas and would never forget them once they are out of the bathroom.


Tactical Pen

A self-defense tool for emergency situations, although there are a lot of self-defense tools in the market, sometimes they are not as convenient to carry around unlike this pen. It is a great personal survival gear should an accident arises, it is durable and can be used as a glass breaker.


The Storymatic

Learn to write extraordinary stories from these ideas in a box, not that you don’t need to think outside the box, but this novel box of cards will give a novelist some new ideas to include on his script writing job. Spark the author’s imagination through this game of words and let his creativity play along.


Portraits Of Fifty Famous Folks

An exquisitely illustrated almanac and cultural literacy of history buffs on interesting facts and trivias about the famous artists, writers and thinkers of the past generations. Any writer can get some inspiration from this book that illuminates 50 famous people like Leonardo Da Vinci to Martin Luther King Jr.


LapGear My Desk

An all-purpose lap desk that can be used for a laptop (as it tends to get hot) or when writing in a journal or paper. The micro-bead filled cushion conforms to the lap, providing comfort and stability. It also has a slot for a mobile phone, making it a functional mini desk for the writing jobs that one has to finish.


Son Of A Blank

Give a writer a pen and paper, and he can conquer the world! I mean, not literally but we all know the power of words. So for some downtime, your novelist can have some good time with family and friends by playing this fill-in-the-blank game that will make people make things up!


Antique Owl Feather Quill

Not that the editor needs to write using this quill, but he can surely try! What we love about it is it makes you feel like you are in the olden days where a writing quill is used to scribble or send a message. It comes in an elegant box, ready for gift giving.


Writer’s Sign

We just want to be pretty straightforward with this gift, it makes a perfect piece for a home decor of a writer that you know. They can just display it in the bedroom or living room wall, simply because they are a wordsmith in their own right. This is made of aluminum that will stand the test of time.


Old Fashioned Stationery Paper

Sometimes, in order to write a good story or article, a writer must be in the mood for writing. Make him/her be in the writing zone by this parchment kind of paper that looks aged, great for scribbling notes, poetry scrolls and so much more!


Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game

No reading required, just imagination! This board game is a fun way to bond with the family, randomly pick game pieces and an environment and be prepared to tell your story. A scripter may have an advantage but it’s always good to let those neurons fire and have some good ol’ stories to tell.


Coloring Book For Writers

This coloring book for writers will give them some relaxation time when they aren’t faced with a novel or a script to write. This book was developed with the hope of inspiring all those who write or dream of writing, although this isn’t a coffee table book, it definitely has images of coffee which fuels a writer’s spirit to publish a really good book.


Bluetooth Headphones

A lot of writers I know love to listen to their jam, I am currently listening to a playlist while I’m writing this listing, so I know for sure that headphones would be a great gift to give for your journalist friend or family member. These headphones have a noise cancelling feature that can guarantee a good quality of sound at a high frequency band.


Solid Oak Clock

We think a classic wall clock will never go out of style, and when times feel like it’s just passing us by, this oak clock will remind us how important every tick tocks. Etched on it is a quote that will give inspiration to an aspiring or seasoned writer that you know.


Just because our theme is gift for writers, we did not center it all to writing-related gifts, if you notice, there are board games and books that are included. Well, we really think that a biographer, in general, is a creative person and games and books will enhance his creative mind, that’s for sure. He/she can just come up with any novel or poem, so we really made sure that the gifts here are innovative and fun enough for an author to enjoy.