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He’s done it.
That special guy you’re proud of has graduated, and that’s cause for celebration! It takes a lot of hard work and effort to get through school, and although that nifty piece of paper looks great framed on the wall, it’s not the most heartwarming keepsake in the world.

We’ve gathered some great gift ideas that’ll let him know how much you care, and how proud you are of his achievements. Some are handy, some are heartful, some are even a bit on the silly side, so you’ll be able to find the perfect present to suit his personality.


Personalized Pen Set

Did you know that pens have been given as gifts for centuries? They’re beautiful gifts that are pretty much perfect for anyone who enjoys writing by hand, rather than just texting all the time.
Encourage better penmanship (and hopefully handwritten letters to you) with this stunning ballpoint pen and pencil set. You can customize it with his name, graduation date, or new title, and know that he’ll think of you every time he uses it.
Bonus points if he just finished a medical degree, since it may help him write more legibly than most doctors..


150 Things You Need to Know Now That You're a Grownup

Adulting is difficult enough on its own, but can be absolutely harrowing when you’re in an unfamiliar situation and have no idea what to do about it.
This book can help.
Spare your loved one the panic of not knowing how to jump-start a car in wintertime, or how much money to put into savings every month “just in case” with this handy guide. Anything that makes this whole grown-up business a bit easier is worth its weight in gold.


Leather Journal

Is your special guy an adventurous type who likes to chronicle his journeys by hand? Or a writer who’s working on a novel? No matter what his passion project is, if he loves to write, he’ll adore this handcrafted leather journal.
Measuring 7.5”x 5.5”, it’s the perfect size for travelling, and is packed with 300 pages of unlined cream-colored paper. This makes it ideal for sketching as well as note-taking! Best of all, it’s refillable—he can just add more paper whenever needed.


Pocket Watch

There are few things in the world more elegant than a pocket watch. They’ve been essential accessories for men for hundreds of years, and never go out of style.
This gorgeous piece is made of super-sturdy zinc alloy, which can take a beating without getting damaged. You can personalize it with his graduation date (along with any other info you’d like on there), and know that you’re helping him to show up on time wherever he goes.
The watch itself measures 4.5 cm in diameter, and comes with a matching 40 cm-long chain.


Money Clip

You know, money clips aren’t just for flashy Wall Street types who like to flash their cash around. They’re actually incredibly handy, and fit better into jeans’ back pockets than bigger, thicker wallets.
If your guy is a rustic type who prefers horses to highrises, try this gift. This thin leather wallet is 3”x 4″ long, and 3/8″ thick, with a magnetic money clip and a few slots for cards. It’s perfect for those who have an outdoorsy aesthetic and a preference for minimalism.
Best of all, you can have it engraved with his initials, or a special message that’s meant just for him.


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Decision Paperweight

Is your guy an indecisive sort? Not a problem. With this handy paperweight, he never has to agonize over making the wrong decision: he can just spin it, and the answer is given to him.
Does he really need to work late to get an assignment done on time? He just needs to spin the paperweight and it’ll give him an answer like “yes”, “no”, “pass the buck”, or “tomorrow”.
How awesome is that?
He’ll receive great life coaching, while also being absolved of any responsibility.



One great thing about being an adult is the fact that one develops a greater appreciation for high-quality items. Clothes, accessories, shoes… and watches. This piece in particular is incredibly elegant, and a must-have for any well-dressed man.
Its minimalist facade is a sleek, matte black, and features a 24-hour clock, 30-minute timer, and 60-second timer. It’s water resistant, so it won’t fall apart if he gets it wet accidentally, and its durable hardened mineral crystal case is durable enough for everyday wear and tear.


Beard Trimmer

Speaking of being well groomed, a good beard and moustache trimmer is essential for the bearded bloke in your life. If your grad has a penchant for bespoke logos and craft beer, chances are he’s also rocking a fine beard that needs to be tended regularly.
This Philips cordless grooming tool has 20 different adjustable settings so it clips to the right length, and has a vacuum feature so it sucks up all that trimmed stubble, instead of scattering it all over the sink. The blades are self-sharpening, and a single charge allows it to be used for a full hour.


Hanging Toiletry Bag

Whether your grad is taking a gap year before diving into the workforce, or starting a job that requires him to travel around the world, this toiletry bag is sure to come in handy.
Its mesh dividers and storage spaces keep shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, and medications close at hand, and features a hook so it can be hung up pretty much everywhere.
Will he be backpacking through Papua New Guinea? No problem: he can hang it on a branch.
He can even hang it from his bedroom door knob at home if he’ll be sharing a house with other people and doesn’t want them using his deodorant.


Men’s Skincare Gift Set

Men might not talk about skincare or grooming products as much as women do, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need them. Guys have to deal with dry skin and chapped lips too, and appreciate a little TLC!
This wonderful gift set contains all-natural shaving cream, body wash, aftershave, healing hand salve, and even an original beeswax lip balm—perfect for keeping his lips kissable during the harsh winter months. Best of all, these products’ woodsy scent is ideal for even the gruffliest mountain man.


Tile Mate: Find Anything

Many guys (especially younger ones) have a tendency to lose things.
Most things. Just about anything, really.
Help your grad keep track of his phone, keys, wallet, and anything else he tends to misplace with the Tile Mate. It can be clipped to all manner of objects, and its handy app allows him to find said thing whenever he misplaces it.
Not if, mind you. When.
Best of all, there are four tile mates per pack, so he has no excuse for losing anything anymore.
(You might want to get him a few packs…)


Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

If you’re stuck on what to get him, remember that the gift of reading is always the right answer. Whether he reads novels like a voracious beast, pores through non-fiction texts, or revels in comics and graphic novels until the wee hours of dawn, he’ll get years of use out of this fabulous e-reader.
The Kindle Paperwhite is pretty much the best e-reader around. It’s lit from within so he can read in bed, and there’s no glare, so it’s easy on the eyes as well. Seriously, he can pack hundreds of books onto this thing when he goes travelling, and a single battery charge can last up to a few weeks.
He will love this. Promise.


Scratch Map

School’s finished, so it’s time for the adventure to begin.
There’s a big, wide world out there to explore, and this brilliant map will reveal its gorgeous colours every time he visits somewhere new. He’ll be able to scratch the coating layer off each country he travels to, uncovering the bright pops of color beneath.
It’s a great way to document road trips and backpacking adventures, and will help encourage him to decide where to go next.


Teddy Bear

Yes, he’s a big, grown-up, responsible, recently graduated adult now, but he’s never too big for a teddy bear—no matter how fiercely he may protest that.
Inside that man-suit is a boy who’s still sentimental and sweet, and possibly a bit anxious about the great wide world he’s about to leap into. This super-soft teddy bear comes decked out in a cap and gown, carrying a diploma, and is a ridiculously adorable way to celebrate your special guy’s big milestone.
He may not admit to it, but you know he’ll cuddle with it regularly.

Graduation really is a big deal. It’s a testament to all the dedication and effort he’s put into his education, and that deserves recognition. Whether your guy is rugged or refined, introverted or a party dude, there’s something on this list he’s certain to adore.

A special gift like one of these makes his graduation day extra special, and will undoubtedly become a treasured keepsake.