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Oh! If you didn’t know, I am a massive fan of Halloween and I enjoy celebrating it every year with my friends and family. Since I am in the writing mood of anything related to zombies and ghouls, I thought I should share with you a topic that is close to my heart.

Now that you know about my enthusiasm for what they called ‘hallowed evening’ I cannot let a day pass without giving you a hand (only severed) when it comes to gifting this Halloween season. The least thing that I want to happen is for you to fall into the trickery of unnecessary splurging.

Listed below are a few spine-chilling gifts apt in celebration of Halloween in this year of 2018, and if you are like me who is looking forward to trick-or-treating with kids this year then continue looking through this page. The cat’s out of the bag, I must say!

1. Halloween Skull Chocolate Lollipop

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Send shivers down their spine with this skull chocolate that is splattered with blood (red chocolate) except it is not real blood so it is relatively safe to eat. For as long as they eat it in moderation, as we don’t want anyone to have a spike in their blood sugar this Halloween season.

2. Amazlab Halloween Party Cups

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Anyone would be amazed with this kind of gift, a clever way to be in the Halloween spirit is if you can pull out a party that is as spooky as the movie, Jeepers Creepers. With these party cups, anyone can make a drink that looks like blood, I won’t be surprised if Dracula would show up in your friend’s house.

3. Halloween Bedding Set Gift

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This Halloween inspired bedding set is the perfect gift for your loved ones this coming ominous month. Although it says Happy Halloween on its print, they can actually use this any season they want because we all love to curl up in bed during witching hour.

4. Life Size Hanging Animated Talking Witch

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No Halloween is complete without a scary witch, my fondness of this spooky season started when I first watched the movie Hocus Pocus. I’m so sure that your family and friends would love to have a life size witch hanging in their yard for a more creepy facade.

5. Halloween T-shirt

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Just because it’s Halloween does not mean we have to look scary, there’s always a good reason to dress up and be sleek even if you are in the zombie zone. Send this Jack-O-lantern shirt to your friend who will be celebrating her birthday this October, she can also wear this as a Halloween t-shirt.

6. Bag of Farts Candy

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Even zombies need to have a good laugh, this unique Halloween gift can also be given as a birthday gift. Although zombies may be cold blooded, they too, need some warm hugs; this ingenious cotton candy is guaranteed to make any kid die laughing (of course! Not die literally).

7. Happy Halloween Throw Pillow Case

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Let your friends create a stylish bed, sofa and bench with these Halloween-themed pillow cases. They all have amazing prints that are worthy of your money; also this cushion cover has an invisible zipper, yeah you may think it’s just like Casper the friendly ghost just because I said invisible.

8. Haunted House Green Goblin Door Cover

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To me, this looks like the Hulk is grinning his teeth while looking after your home to tell the visitors to enter at their own risk. If you want your friend to ace their Halloween game then give them this door cover that is easy to tack or tape.

09. Skull and Test Tube Shot Glass Set

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A molded skull with 5 holes and 5 test tube shot glasses will make a Halloween party so epic. If you know someone who likes to host a party during this time of the year, then give them this shot glass set because it only takes a skeleton staff to have a witch-hunting event this year.

10. Halloween Leg Warmers

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Never let your anyone get a cold blood this fall months, so give them these Halloween leg warmers that are truly fashion forward. Girls would love to wear these to complete their Halloween outfits.

11. Spooky Boo Trick or Treat Witch Sisters

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Anybody would appreciate it when they receive a gift even if there is no particular occasion, these figurine set of witch sisters aren’t as creepy as other items in the list. Because they are rather charming than horrifying, they make a good home decoration this festive fall season.

12. Mercury Glass Lighted Pumpkin

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Your family members may opt to do a pumpkin carving this year or you may give them this modern LED flickering lights pumpkin that makes a rustic decor at home. We promise you that this can work all year long in the interior of their humble abode.

13. Inkology Halloween Light Up Pens

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These are great for party favors, trick-or-treat giveaway and even as a souvenir for your officemates. It’s nice to see these creatures at the office desk, we vouch for Halloween the entire year, if you haven’t notice it.

14. Halloween Decorations Bloody Footprints

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Help your friends with their Halloween decorations by gifting them these bloody footprints that are just too creepy to look at. This kit definitely adds a horror atmosphere to the event, and if he’s lucky, Freddie Kruger might come to the party.

15. Halloween Bingo Game for Kids

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Halloween shouldn’t have to be all scary and eerie, it should also be fun, it is for kids after all. And when we talk about fun and entertainment, a bingo game will always be on the list. Give this bingo set cards to kids and bingo enthusiast for a lively evening during Autumn time.


Despite the fact that this list is Halloween-themed, please know that they aren’t exclusive for the Fall months, simply because we want to bend the rules when it comes to decorating and we are in an era where people are more expressive and experimental with the way they want their home to look. A Halloween-themed home or events can work all year long; hence, you can check out this list from time to time for that rustic or halloween vibe.

So is this a booyah or a boo boo list for you? We hope we didn’t make someone’s blood boil this Halloween season and if we ever scare someone’s pants off, please let us know. This surely will never be a good riddance because we’ll definitely want to see you in our next listing!