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If someone close to you is a Harry Potter fan, you’re in luck! Not only are they certain to be one of the coolest people you’ll ever hang out with, but there’s a plethora of gorgeous gifts for you to pick out for them.

We’ve accioed cauldrons full of fab presents to choose from, so you’re certain to find the perfect item—whether your friend/loved one is a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff.


Collectible Wand

A wand is the quintessential witch’s or wizard’s tool in the Potterverse, and this replica of Harry Potter’s own wand is sure to summon up a smile. According to lore, Harry’s wand was made of holly wood, and had a phoenix feather at its core. This version is made of resin and 14” long, and contains all the magic and wonder your gift’s recipient will ever need in order to make it all their own.
Versions of Hermione’s, Dumbledore’s, and other magic folks’ wands are available as well.


Collectible Quiddich Set

Die-hard fans are sure to love this collectible Quiddich set, which can be displayed proudly in a cabinet or on a shelf for all to admire. Bonus points to their house if their entire bedroom is decorated in theme!
The quaffle, bludgers, and snitch all rest in a lovely case that measures 9″ wide by 4.5″ tall and 4.5″ deep. The set also comes with a poster that can be framed. It’s a beautiful set that any avid collector is certain to love.


Wizard Chess Set

Is there any type of chess better than Wizard chess?
Of course there isn’t. What a ridiculous question.
This fully functional chess set is significantly less dangerous/lethal than REAL wizard’s chess, and allows the recipient to truly up their game. The gorgeous pieces are molded in resin, and are exact replicas of the full-sized versions used in the first movie.
…only these are slightly less likely to attack people if they make a bad move.


Hedwig Collectible Owl Figurine

Everyone’s favorite owl—Hedwig—is now available in collectible figuring form.
Harry’s wonderful familiar is a snowy owl, and she has been captured perfectly in this officially licensed resin figurine.
Meticulously sculpted and painted, Hedwig and her removable stand measure 4.3 x 6.8 x 4.4 inches together, and come in a lovely display case. This is a wonderful gift idea for any Potterhead, and even moreso if they love owls as well.


Hogwarts Great Hall Lego

We might not be able to visit Hogwarts Great Hall in person, but this LEGO set offers the next best thing: the opportunity to build it instead.
This incredibly detailed set allows the recipient to re-create the esteemed Hall, complete with its huge fireplace, house banners, grand staircase, and more. The set also includes the sorting hat, assorted mini figures (like Hagrid and other main characters), and a variety of buildable magical creatures.
With almost 900 pieces, this gift is sure to keep a very lucky person engaged and entertained for hours.


Hufflepuff Charm Bracelet

Are you looking for a special gift for someone who’d be sorted into Hufflepuff House? Well, you’ll be certain to ascendio in their eyes when you give them this beautiful charm bracelet.
Made of durable stainless steel, it features the Hufflepuff colors, and comes with a trademark badger charm.
There’s plenty of room to add additional charms as well, so this is a gift that can keep on giving: you can gift them with new Potter-inspired charms on birthdays and holidays for years to come.


Collegiate Backpack

If you’re not sure which house your gift’s recipient belongs to, no problem: this handy backpack features the Hogwarts crest, which incorporates all four houses equally.
Expandable and sturdy, it’s ideal for students of all ages, and has handy pockets and sections for everything from electronics to pens and notebooks.


Throw Pillow Case Set

Any true Potterhead knows that there’s no such thing as too much Potter-inspired decor. If their room (or home) is decorated to express their love of all things Rowling, this set of four throw pillow cases is pretty much perfect for them.
The cases are made of durable cotton linen, and feature a mix of graphic design and photo images.
Each case measures 17” square, so it’s good to make sure that they either already have pillows that size, or consider picking up a few for them to accompany the cases.


Personalized Spoon

One of the great things about the Potterverse is the ability to imagine oneself as a participant. Harry’s world allows us to lose ourselves in magic and wonder, and this personalized spoon seems like just the thing for stirring up some potions in one’s very own cauldron.
Perfect for an avid cook or baker, this spoon can be customized with the recipient’s name in a beautiful typeface. (Can’t you just picture Mama Weasley stirring some of her famous fudge with this? You know you can.)


Wizards Throw Blanket

Three of the most famous magic folks in Hogwarts history adorn this throw blanket, which can either be used to snuggle beneath, or hung up as a decorative tapestry.
Made of 100% polyester, it’s incredibly soft and cuddle-worthy, and perfect for all ages. It’s also completely machine washable, so the recipient won’t have to worry about dribbling pumpkin juice or chocolate frogs on it while binge-watching the movies every weekend.


Ravenclaw iPhone 6 Case

Represent Ravenclaw pride with this spectacular hard shell iPhone 6+ case, which features the house’s crest and emblem. Ravenclaws are renowned for their wisdom and wit… but not necessarily their hand-eye coordination. With this case, the special raven in your life will keep their phone safe as well as stylish.
Also available in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and generic black Hogwarts styles.


Hermione’s Time Turner

Just about all of us wish that we had a Time Turner so we could cram more into any given day. This replica necklace might not allow us to do so, but it can certainly allow the recipient to channel her inner Hermione whenever she wears it.
Plated in 14-carat gold, this piece is an authentic re-creation of the one Hermione wore in the Prisoner of Azkaban film. It has a mini hourglass at its center, and the various rings rotate just like the original.


Books T-Shirt

Let’s face it: the Harry Potter books are a gazillion times better than the films, and those who love them have read them over and over again.
If you’re buying for a devoted Potter bibliophile, give them something awesome to wear when they’re curled up in bed reading them for the gazillionth time.
The shirts come in a variety of different colors and sizes to suit any fan’s personal style, and list out the seven books by their keyword.
Other Potterheads will be able to identify tribe members on sight, and new friendships are bound to unfold.


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Silver-Plated Bookmark

No true book lover would EVER ruin a page by dog-earing it. If you’re looking for a great present for a dedicated fan, then this bookmark will forever win you a place in their heart. Featuring a dangling Dobby the House Elf charm, the bookmark is silver plated and fits neatly between pages so they never lose their place.
The bookmarks also come with other charm options, such as Hedwig the owl, a golden snitch, and more. Since there are so many books to read, you might want to consider picking up a couple.
And one for yourself, too.


The Tales of Beedle the Bard Deluxe Illustrated Edition

Fans of the literary series are certain to love this collectable edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It’s a companion book to the Potter series, and features a series of tales written by J.K Rowling, and illustrated by the renowned Chris Riddell. It’s apparently translated from ancient runes by Hermione Granger, and the book featured prominently in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
This is an absolute treasure for a devoted Potter fan, and the little blurbs added by Dumbledore Himself make this a keepsake that will be adored for generations.

The Potterverse is a wild and wondrous place to explore, and it’s no surprise why there are so many dedicated Harry Potter fans around the world. The engaging stories have the most wonderful characters, and fans will discover something new and interesting every time they revisit those tales.

It’s really special when we take the time to not only acknowledge another person’s passions, but make a point of celebrating them as well. These gifts show that you’re paying attention to a subject they love, and that you’re keen to help them keep enjoying one of the most beautiful, magical universes ever to be created.
20 points to your house for being awesome.