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Of all the different types of relationships out there, long-distance ones are some of the most difficult. It’s really hard to be away from the one you love for lengthy periods of time, though absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Being apart sucks, but those moments you spend together are all the sweeter for it.

One sweet thing that far-away couples can do is to ensure their partners know how much they care through little gestures, like handwritten letters and thoughtful gifts. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas that are sure to let your special someone know how much you love them, and how often they’re in your thoughts.

1. Distance Bracelets

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These two gorgeous bracelets mirror one another, just like you and the one you love. Made with 8mm black onyx and white howlite beads, each incorporates one bead from the other, so you can feel connected even when far apart. The onyx beads are known for releasing stress and negativity, while howlite’s energy is incredibly calming.
Wear these bracelets daily, and even use them for a brief meditation whenever you find yourself missing your boo.
You’ll see them again soon.

2. Gift Jar of Messages

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Since you’re not near enough to slip cute notes into your lover’s lunch bag, this is the next best thing. This elegant glass keepsake jar holds 31 sweet notes that can be opened daily for a month, or just whenever someone needs a pick-me-up.
Messages such as “Distance means so little when someone means so much” and “Have I told you today how much I love you?” are tucked into decorative linen cardstock envelopes, and are wonderful little treasures to brighten one’s day.

3. ’May The Moon Kiss You to Sleep Until I Can’ Pillowcase

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Your beloved might not be able to fall asleep with their head on your chest right now, so let this sweet pillowcase be a stand-in until they can do so again.
Made in the USA, this super-soft, silky microfiber pillowcase acts as a temporary substitute for you, so your honey can cuddle up to something that reminds them of you. “May the Moon Kiss You to Sleep Until I Can” is printed onto the fabric rather than embroidered, in a permanent digital dye that will never fade.
Just like your love.

4. Magic Box Candle Holder

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If you’re looking for a gift that’s unique, beautiful, and lets your schmoo know how much you love them, this one ticks all the boxes. This beechwood box just needs a tea light candle (preferably an LED one) popped into it, and it projects hearts AND the words “soon my love” onto the walls around it. At 5 inches square, it’s just the right size to perch on a bedside table, so your love will see those words (and those hearts!) as they drift off to sleep.

5. Box of Handwritten Letters

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Emails and texts all look the same, but our loved ones’ voices can be heard in their written words. That said, writing letters can be difficult if we don’t know where to start… and that’s where these come in. The 12 blank letters inside come with a variety of different prompts, so you can get ideas about what to write in each of them. Fill them with cheerful wishes and heartfelt thoughts, then seal the envelopes and send them to your special someone.
They can open them whenever they’re feeling down and need a message from you to cheer them up.

6. Puzzle Pieces Keychain Set

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Do you remember those snap together “best friends” necklaces? This gift is sort of like that, but way more “awwww”-inducing.
You and your honey fit together like puzzle pieces, just like these two stainless steel keychains. Decorated with a globe and an airplane, respectively, one says “I’ll be back”, and the other says “I’ll be waiting”. Every time you two lovebirds pull out your keys, you’ll smile with the knowledge that you’ll be together again super soon.

7. Personalized Color-Changing Mug

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If you’re aiming to make your lover burst into happy tears and snivel into their coffee, this is the way to do it. Seriously, this mug is awesome.
When they first unwrap it, they’ll see a standard-yet-elegant black coffee mug. The surprise happens when they pour a hot beverage into it… at which point it shows a map with your respective locations marked on it.
It gets even better.
You personalize this mug with your love’s name and the measured distance between you, with the message that they still make your heart melt despite being so far apart.

8. Long-Distance Luggage Tags

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You may be miles apart, but you’re still together in spirit.
Celebrate that bond with this gorgeous set of personalized leather luggage tags. Your names can be engraved in gold lettering (which juxtaposes beautifully against the dark brown leather), so even your luggage tells the world that you two belong together.
When you’re not jetsetting to go visit one another, you can shift the tags onto purses or messenger bags instead so you’re always labeled as “taken”.

9. The Complete Guide to Long-Distance Relationships Paperback

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As mentioned, long-distance relationships are hard… but they’re far from impossible. Pick up a copy of this guide for your sweetheart (and another one for yourself) so you can refer back to it whenever you’re feeling frustrated at the distance between you. Draw upon expert advice from leading authorities to help you two navigate your relationship together. You’re not the first to go through this, so let others who’ve been there help you through the fog.

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10. Spinning Heart Messenger

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This modern approach to slipping a love note into someone’s locker is one of the cutest things ever. Just send a text to your honey with an easy-to-use app, and the chunky pixel heart on this beechwood box spins to let them know they’ve got mail. Then, they just open the box to read your note on the screen inside. Isn’t this adorable? Your sweetie can then spin the heart back to send a cascade of digital hearts all over your phone screen. It’s an adorable way to stay connected, and you can be sure no-one else you know has one!

11. Why I Miss You’ Fill in the Love Journal

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This little fill-in-the-blank book may be small, but the words you’ll fill it with make it an enormously beautiful gift idea. At 4.5 x 3.25 inches, it’s just the right size for your love to hold in their hands to re-read again and again. You have 112 pages full of writing prompts and blank areas that you can use to be as sweet, funny, or heartfelt as you’d like to be.
It’s an incredibly sweet, very personal gift that’s certain to touch them deeply.

12. Personalized Long-Distance Picture Frame

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One can never have too many photos of our loved ones, and this is especially true with a long-distance relationship. When they’re not close enough to hold, you can look at them (or pictures of the two of you together), and remember how special they are.
Personalize this wooden frame with your names, locations, and a sweet sentiment to tide you over until you can take new photos together again.

13. ’I Miss Your Face’ CandleE

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Do you miss your lover’s face? Of course you do. So, tell them that with this hand-poured soy candle, which will express your emotions while warming up their room and making everything smell nice in the process.
Choose from 20 different scents including vanilla sandalwood, banana pancakes, Mexican hot chocolate, and cabin in the woods (among many others), and personalize the lid with a special message to your boo.

14. Let Love Grow Air Plant + Crystal

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Your love is ever-growing and evolving, so a charming little plant is an ideal gift to represent that constant, verdant growth. These air plants are glued to gold-dipped quartz crystals, and are wonderful gifts for nature lovers, yoga aficionados, and those who just love sparkly stuff.

Even better, Tillandsia plants are really hard to kill: they thrive on neglect and just need to be misted with a bit of water a couple of times a week. They’re the perfect combination of absolutely gorgeous, and super low-maintenance.
Just like an ideal relationship.

15. Heartfelt Message Drinking Glasses

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Sometimes, having a long-distance relationship can really suck. You and your partner miss each other like hell, and even though you know you’ll see each other again soon, the distance can feel overwhelming at times.
These glasses share a sentiment that you both need to be reminded of on occasion:
“No Time or Distance can Stop Our Love”
Get two of them—one for each of you—and drink from them during video chats so you can be reminded of how freaking awesome you both are, and that this distance is temporary.

Whether your sweetheart is sentimental, fun-loving, or serious, there’s something special in this list that they’re sure to love.
Yes, these relationships are tough, but they’re also incredibly rewarding. Those who make long-distance partnerships work tend to have the healthiest and most long-lasting relationships/marriages once they’re together. If you two can get through this distance, you can get through anything together.
You got this.