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Having been tagged as one of the most popular games to date, Minecraft surely has been a cult favourite amongst gamers, young and old. My son is a massive fan of it, I’ve given him quite a few Minecraft gifts which he loved even though I am not a master builder myself, just a master gifter I guess!

So for people like me who know nothing about creative and survival mode, do not fret! We can still be a part of the Minecraft world even if we are just being a generous giver. I’ll help you be a pro and not a noob when it comes to gifting a minecraft gamer of your life. Because when it comes to presents and gift ideas, I’ve pretty much crafted the art of listing that!


Minecraft Door Plaque

This personalised Minecraft inspired name plaque is a simple yet cool gift to hand out to a Minecraft fan. They can really show their fanatic side once they hang it on their bedroom door or wall, and what’s great about it is it’s customizable.


Minecraft 4-Book Boxed Set

This set of books will help any Minecraft builder create, explore and protect oneself from mobs; hence, the ultimate gift set for the gamer that you know. I know how difficult it is to build and navigate the famous app, and these books will definitely help anyone who wants to learn more about Minecraft.


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Xbox Minecraft Bundle

This limited Xbox console is the best gift for a Minecraft builder and gamer all rolled into one. Not only will it give an adrenaline rush but the system and design are spot on! This is the type of gift that every Minecraft fan have on their wishlist!


Lego Minecraft The Crafting Box 2.0

There is no question that most Minecraft builders are downright creative, but this Lego box will make them think outside of the box. They can build, rebuild and make endless combinations with these bricks; the possibilities are limitless and what’s really excellent about Lego is that you can always connect and collect!


Minecraft Isometric Bed Set

Made of high quality microfiber polyester that allows a comfortable night’s sleep away from the zombies, this Minecraft bed set will surely make a Minecraft fanatic warm and cozy in bed. This complete bedding ensemble is the perfect gift to wrap!


Minecraft Color Changing Bottle

Bring the potion bottle out of Minecraft world and let it come to life, any Minecraft aficionado knows what does it do, but the special part about this bottle is that it changes color from cyan to indigo. It’s a type of merch that a fan would love to get.


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Endertoys Action Figure

This pixelated plastic figure is waterproof, scratch resistant and made of vinyl skin which makes it durable and worth the money. The recipient may opt to have it as a display or emulate the video game with other characters and collectible items.


Personalised Word Art

What makes this a unique and brilliant gift to give is that you will be able to gather your words and frame them like this herobrine character in Minecraft world, there’s just something special when you can customize the gift. The recipient may display it as a home or office decor, like a true blood Minecraft enthusiast.


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Minecraft Sword Shirt

A casual shirt with short sleeves that any Minecraft devotee will like, it is made of 100% microfiber polyester that is soft and quick to dry. The bright 3D diamond sword print makes this shirt unique and eye-catching!


Minecraft Wild Animal Pack

Each of these animal figures are pixelated which makes them look like you’ve taken them from Minecraft world. Give them as a gift to a kid or to an adult who is an avid fan of the app to start or grow their Minecraft collection.


Minecraft Creeper Zip-up Hoodie

The superb gear for the Minecraft lover, this zip-up hoodie will instantly turn you into a creeper (the character in Minecraft and not the one from Jeepers Creepers). This would work as a Halloween or casual hoodie because anyone can inject the Minecraft vibe into their outfit all year long, and we’ll surely gonna love it!


Minecraft is a game of exploration, creativity and online interaction the reason why it clicked to a lot of people is something that I am not sure of. But as a parent myself, I see that my son has honed his creativity skills by this popular video game, and it is really impressive. So it really isn’t a surprise for me to see how many people are engaged in this game, even if the merch comes with a price, I can say that it’s worth your while. As they say, once a gamer, will always be a gamer.