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15 Gifts That Any Music Lover Would Love

Music, like travelling is food for the soul. And what is more interesting about music is it gets better and better as time goes by. Even if this world is ever changing, the classical songs will always have a room within our ears, heart and mind.

To be honest, I feel like an old soul trapped in a Millennial’s body because I’m such a big fan of The Beatles even when I was not even born yet during the peak of their career, but if you play an 80’s track I can groove to the beat of that and I am also up-to-date with the upbeat music of this generation. What I’m trying to drive at is that music never ceases nor there is an exclusivity when it comes to different genres.

I will never wonder if you know someone who is a music maestro or someone who keeps the same track playing on his phone or laptop. It’s a bit tricky to find the perfect gift for a picky music enthusiast or performer, but that’s why we are here!
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100 Coffee Mugs with Hilarious Sayings

Not everyone will like the idea of having the F word on their coffee mug.

It’s even more likely that not everyone will like the idea of reading it.

But it’s hard to deny, a really good print on a mug is a small-scale work of art.
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15 Heartfelt Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

Of all the different types of relationships out there, long-distance ones are some of the most difficult. It’s really hard to be away from the one you love for lengthy periods of time, though absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Being apart sucks, but those moments you spend together are all the sweeter for it.

One sweet thing that far-away couples can do is to ensure their partners know how much they care through little gestures, like handwritten letters and thoughtful gifts. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas that are sure to let your special someone know how much you love them, and how often they’re in your thoughts.
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30 Mindblowing Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

Boys this age can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for.

They’re not little kids anymore: they’re starting to develop their own unique interests and leanings, so getting them a stuffed animal or toy car isn’t the answer. Some might be really into building things, others might love gaming, and still others might really love to read.

We’ve rounded up 30 spectacular gifts that boys this age like best, so you’re certain to find something weird or wonderful that’s sure to make them smile.
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17 Tremendous Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Boys

We’ve heard a lot of stories about newly minted teens, and more often than not, the stories can be a little astounding. We all have traveled the teenage road once in our lifetime, but we have to admit that times are changing and generations differ from one another.

They say as your child shifts from being a kid to being a teenager, it gets harder by the day to deal with them. To be honest, I don’t see it as a difficult phase, rather it should be a milestone that both parents and their child have to endure and surpass.

So whenever I hear comments that gifting a youngster is tough, I completely understand the notion behind that. Kids these days are tech-savvy and would like to keep their hip and cool personality by showcasing their talents and abilities; hence, impressing their peers.

We really think that gifting them is not that hard, you just got to know what works and what doesn’t. Remember that in this life, sometimes it really is a matter of trial and error.

But if you are still unsure of what to give your thirteen year old boy for his birthday, you’ve come to the right page! Scroll down for some cool gift ideas for your kid, even kids at heart will consider buying them for themselves!
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17 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Nine Year Old Boys

Our little Mr. Nice guy may seem afloat but really it’s a phase where he begins to understand the rules more and would seek approval from parents and peers. He may appear aloof and would never want to be treated like a child anymore, because as he grows up, he also learns to be a little more independent.

We may still see our nine year old boys as our little one, but the reality is, they are becoming young teens. Their gameplays are so much different now, they may also start to be athletic or unathletic. They would rather socialize more with boy playmates as they want more physical games and would prefer someone who gets them.

And because you may be experiencing the same dilemma when it comes to gift ideas for our wonder boys, we dedicate this list for you. We promise that you’ll never have to spend a fortune to become a nifty gifter!
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16 Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Boys to Keep them Busy and Make Them Smarter

Listing these gifts didn’t come easy, because today’s generation can be obsessed with video and computer games, but we want to stick with traditions and we believe that keeping them active is still the best encouragement for them to socialize or bond with their parents as they begin to embrace their responsibilities and independence.

In general, kids at this age like accomplishing things. If you tell them a plain story, they may find it boring, but if you give them hands-on experience, it’s going to be heart pounding yet satisfying for them. They tend to be a show-off and wanted to be cool in front of their peers, while it’s not really cool to brag, bear in mind that they are still lacking maturity.

But every child is different, that’s for sure! So I guess you really have to know the personality of the kid whom you are giving the present to. As a mum to an eleven year old boy, I understand that you want to see what’s going on in his world. One of the many tips to connect is to communicate, which will also be a lifelong benefit even when he becomes a fully matured adult.

Since we know that youngsters at 11 can’t be bothered with toys and stuff that aren’t thrilling enough, we listed these products for the clever recipients, you can trust our motherly instinct when it comes to mastery of presents!
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35+ Wonderful Wooden Gifts

Out of all the mass-produced materials that this modern civilization can offer, wood will always be the most palpable thing that comes to our mind. We understand the importance of metals, cement and other materials, but there’s a sentimental feeling when it comes to wood.

The history of wood goes back farther than you think, it has been used by our ancestors and has been a part of our human race, hence, the nostalgia.

You know how they say that a certain feeling is being revived when you smell a specific scent, and that’s one distinctive character of wood, there is that homey vibe and rustic odor that we get.

So it’s only fair to say that a gift made of wood is considered to be a finest present one can give; not only because of its elegance, but it’s our way of getting closer to nature, due to its earthly structure.

Plus, if you’re looking for a gift for a Wood Anniversary (that is, 5th Wedding Anniversary), that’s the place!

In this article, we came up with a range of wooden gift ideas, from toys to tools to single use then multi-function. Please take a look, ‘wood’ you?

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45 Gifts for Artists They Won’t Throw Away Next Day

Choosing a gift for an artist can be a bit of a headache. What might they really want? A set of pencils, brushes? Or maybe something less obvious?

These creative types are hard to understand, and what makes it even harder, all their stuff may look the same to common people (like me).

This is why I spent some time talking to both aspiring and professional artists among my friends, and found out a lot about their needs, tastes and preferences.

Some of the artists I know are crazy about their workplace. It can be messy, it can be German-level organized, but it inevitably has character.
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50 Gifts for Gamers You Will Want to Keep for Yourself

If you are looking for a way to surprise a gamer in your life, there is surely no shortage of options!

In fact, there are so many gaming systems these days, that you can easily get lost in a variety of consoles and accessories.

But on the bright side, the choice of presents is not limited to pricey (but therefore amazing) devices like HTC VIVE or Xbox One X 1TB Console.

We have also included a bunch of cool gadgets and souvenirs that are much lighter on the wallet – but are just as awesome! Read more

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