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Just because he is about to retire does not mean he’s at the end of the line. If anything, retiring is a great time for him to do his hobbies or learn new skills, and maybe go to somewhere he has never been. There’s still a lot of things to do even if he says adieu to his corporate or non corporate job; and even if he is a newly pensioner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he should give up his young self within, because no one is too old for adventures and chasing dreams.

Help him celebrate his retirement with this list of gift ideas that he’ll surely enjoy and love. Whether he’ll set sail on the Caribbean or fly over to Japan, or continue doing his sports or learn a new hobby first-hand, here, we’ve gathered a short and sweet lineup of gifts for the new retiree.


Can Coolies

If there’s one thing that he would always want, is to have a cold beer at hand, and of course to never look at the time especially when he’s having fun. This beer can coolies will give him that ice cold beer anytime he wants plus he doesn’t have to mind whether there’s work the next day because this reminds him that he is off from the employment world.


Grilling Tool Set

An essential set for a retiree who likes to grill, now that he has more time hosting parties and family barbecues every weekend. I’ve given this to my dad and to other friends who are retirees and I always get a positive comment. I mean, sure, they appreciate it as a gift, but it really is a practical and useful present.


Folding Wood Cigar Ashtray

If he takes his cigar seriously, then give him this folding wood cigar ashtray. Made of high gloss walnut finish that gives this a classic look, plus the guillotine cutter makes cutting his cigars precisely and not crush them.


Destinations Of A Lifetime

They may or may not want to travel the world, but you may want to let them know their options should they decide to hop on an airplane or maybe this book can convince them to see what’s out there. It’s a complete travel guide for a beginner or even to a seasoned traveler should they wonder where to eat, where to stay and what’s the best place to see, all is covered on this hardcover.


Recycled Bourbon Barrel Bookends

These rustic bookends are made from oak bourbon aging barrels, now who would have thought you can practically use it as a book organizer? Well, all things are possible when you let your creativity mind flow. If your retiree happens to be a bibliophile, then you have to give him this bourbon barrel ledge.


Retired Novelty Shirt

A cute and fun retirement gift for the newly retiree, this shirt is made of high quality cotton fabric and is safe to wash on a machine. Let the pensioner wear this shirt loud and proud, after all, he has done a good job working on his shift or a 9 to 5 job!


RFID Blocking Passport Holder

Before he goes to a new place of discovery, hand him this RFID blocking passport holder/leather wallet, it has a technology that can block digital thieves for a more safe and enjoyable travel from one place to another. We all know how men are usually minimal when it comes to their accessories, and we love how simple this leather wallet is, just the right tool to keep his docs secure.


Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box

Get that smokin’ barbeque in minutes with this charcoal grill, made of heavy steel and cast iron cooking grates, this is the best cooking assistant for the king of the grill. Now that he’s off the hook from the employment field, he can definitely practice his masters in grilling.


Reflexology Sandals

A pair of reflexology sandals with little rubber points so he can enjoy a mini shiatsu treatment when sitting or even standing. Now that he has retired from work, it does not mean that he is spared from stress and muscle tensions, so let this be your gift for the man who now receives his pension.


Retirement Fishing Lure

He can now use his time and energy into a new or even old hobby, if he likes fishing or is interested to start it, this fishing lure is the best gift to o-fish-ially welcome him into the hobby of catching a fresh fish! I bet he’ll be hooked on this type of recreational activity!


Billion Dollar Art Gallery

Due to the fact that he is retiring, chances are, he has a time to lounge around and see some historical arts. This isn’t a ticket to a museum or any art gallery, but what I like about this is he can turn his living or entertainment room into an art museum. Inside this wooden box is a gadget that is similar to a USB, just plug it into the TV’s usb port, and voila! He can watch the presentation any time he likes.


Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Because who amongst us does not sing in the shower? I think that this premium gift is built to last, thanks to its waterproof feature, this bluetooth speaker is a gadget of perfection. The retiree can just play his favourite songs even outside the shower, I’ve given this as a gift and I received numerous praises for it!


All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set

Packaged in a paint can, this bath and body set is perfect for any man. We included this on the list because we really think that even in their golden age, a pensioner should still be able to look after himself. The gift set includes soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and body mitt, all those goodies to keep his skin soft and moisturized.


Nibbler Gift Crate

One way to celebrate his retirement is through food, give him this gift basket so he can taste these 5 different Wisconsin cheeses. Perfect for a cheese platter when hosting a gift or he can indulge by himself while watching a movie flick.


Custom Cartoon Portrait

A digital download that you can print and put in a frame, to give the golden boy a personalized cartoon portrait. This will surely be an awesome keepsake for a retiree to display on his home as an indication that he can now finally relax and do the things he wants.


Retirements can be a big milestone for people. It’s like an achievement of a lifetime to be able to bye to the working life, and when there’s an achievement, there’s a reason to celebrate. What I really like about listing these gifts, there aren’t no limits when it comes to picking the appropriate gift, sometimes personalization can give a more meaning behind the gift, but anything that can showcase your thoughtfulness would be a fitting retirement gift to give.