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A retirement is one of the milestones that we are probably looking forward to, it’s like a completion or conclusion for all the years that we’ve worked so hard. If you know someone who will become a retiree soon, be it your mum, aunt, sister or an officemate but you have little to no time shopping for the right retirement present, don’t worry because we have done the research for you.

Find the perfect retirement gift on our list, anytime would be the best time to give but this occasion is the best time to show them how proud you are for finishing this milestone with grace. And when something ends, something is about to begin, so here’s to more adventures and learnings as a retiree!


101 Fun Things To Do In Retirement

Begin with a book that will guide the pensioner on how to live life after work, this fun narrative will make anyone love being a retiree. There’s a handful of ideas here that will try to push her boundaries, so they can be that cool looking lady sitting by the beach having a selfie. But really, if there’s anything we should never stop, it’s laughing so hard!


Retirement Angel Figurine

Intricately sculpted, this stone retirement angel would be a thoughtful gift to give for the woman who is about to enter a new chapter of her life. Engraved at the bottom part are well-wishes for the person to retire, may she receive abundant blessings to her new venture even if it means staying more often at home.


Travel Fund Piggy Bank

It’s about time she dedicate a travel fund for herself, whether she has done it before or it’s the first time she’ll ever do it. I really think that travelling is good for the soul, you’ll know more about other people’s culture and you will know more about yourself, too. Jump start her travel fund with this wooden piggy bank and watch her go places!


Leather Travel Journal

Made from a classy and durable leather, this journal does not necessarily mean she has to be a jetsetter. It’s a thick notebook that she can bring anywhere to write down her daily activities or use it as a planner, or sketch on it. It’s good to write the ideas and thoughts on a refillable journal like this.


Rustic Planter Box with 3 Mason Jars

The lady retiree will surely love this customized planter box with 3 distressed mason jars, it’s a nice centerpiece for any table. She can design it with flowers that she likes, while you can customize it with the words that you want to wish her. Anyhow, this will be a thoughtful keepsake that she will always remember.


RFID Passport Wallet

As a new retiree that is off to new adventures, the last thing you want for them to experience is the hassle of losing their travel documents or worse, having their personal information being taken. So this multi-purpose travel wallet goes handy, it has an RFID blocking shield and has roomy compartments to keep all those important docs in one leather envelope.


Garden Tools Set

If she isn’t a big traveler then she might be spending most of her time in the garden. If the retiree likes to dig and grow her plants, you might as well give her a complete set of garden tools. They also come with an organizer bag so she can keep all her pruners and all those gears in one compartment.


Retirement Wooden Box

A timeless woodgrain finish, this music box is a keepsake. Being a special woman that she is, show her that she’s appreciated through a classic wooden box like this which she can use to put her valuables in. Don’t just settle for the words in it, you can personalize this with your own message.


Pyramid Tea Infuser Bags

Let her enjoy her daily dose of tea even if she no longer needs the caffeine. Now that she has more time to enjoy her cup of tea, it would be nice to give her these pyramid infusers. There is no need for an infuser, as it comes in an adorable triangle tea bag with a leaf that sticks up to ensure that the string stays in place.


Compass Rose Necklace

This necklace would be a constant reminder that wherever life takes her, what’s important is for her to enjoy the journey. Being a retiree does not mean it’s the end of it all, for some, it’s just a beginning of lifetime adventures. This necklace comes in a simple gift box ready to be given as a present, also you can include your personal message to add as a touching memo!


Stemless Wine Glass

We don’t always include glasses and mugs, unless they are worth mentioning and they really catch our eyes. So it’s safe to say, that this stemless glass did not make us think twice, just look at the design, sophisticated and classy just like a stained-glass windows from a cathedral. She can now enjoy her wine night with this posh stemless glass.


Scrapbook Album

Now that she has more time to do some arts and crafts, then hand her this album and she can start her diy scrapbook whenever she wants. She can either post photos during her years at work or add new photos as she is off to a new chapter in her life. If you want it to be more personal, you may opt to add photos of you together and she can just add whatever she wants.


Bath and Body Spa Gift Set

Maximize her relaxing experience with this spa gift set that will make her say, “Goodbye tension, hello pension!” This set comes with vanilla and coconut oil ingredients, whenever I hear the word spa, these two need to be a part of the pamper package, both are rich and luscious, which leave the skin feeling smooth and the spirit, invigorated.


How To Retire Happy, WIld and Free

This purposeful book will make a person live life to the fullest, I mean do we really have to wait for our retirement to enjoy every bits in pieces of our lives? But it’s never too late to live a satisfying life anchored on a meaningful creative pursuits, so let this book be a guide to a newly retired person that you know.


Mini Crystal and Air Plant Gift Set

Crystals are becoming an eminent part of the house, some people believe that crystals can give you a happy mood, while some believe that they can give a cure. To be honest, I am still a bit skeptical on the healing part, but I really think that crystals and plants do enhance our mood and adds a homey ambiance. All these and more makes this gift set a great retirement present for the lady who is bound to take a time off from the labour world.


Being able to finish a task would give us such satisfaction and how much more when we are finally be able to retire. To be able to relax and seek new adventures are just few of the things that come to mind when we speak of retiring. But for now, one thing is certain, we will never retire, at least not anytime soon. Because it’s a privilege to share this space with you where we talk about nifty presents!