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Anyone who’s ever taken part in a Secret Santa gift exchange knows that they can either go really well… or horribly wrong. If they go well, then everyone receives a super-awesome gift that they’ll truly love, and use on a daily basis. If they go badly, then people are stuck with obscene reindeer ties and wall calendars covered in glittery kittens.

Fortunately, the best way to avoid the latter heinousness is to buy something wonderful for the person you’ve been assigned. After all, if everyone held to that rule, no-one would need to hide their present in the supply cupboard instead of taking it home.
Here’s a list of fabulous Secret Santa gift options to suit any family or workplace budget. No matter who you’re buying for, you’ll find something fabulous below.


The Happiness Planner

You know, regular day planners are handy and all, but a planner that focuses on joy, fulfillment, and overall wellbeing is a rare treasure indeed. The Happiness Planner has the same sections that a standard one has—like a daily diary, monthly planner, and address book—but it also has prompts that help the recipient begin each day with inspiration, and end every evening with gratitude. It assists in setting goals, suggests creative visualizations and positive affirmations, and is just an ideal gift for a colleague or boss.
After all, everyone could use a bit more happiness at the office.


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Beverage Dispenser

If you’ve been assigned someone you don’t know very well, fear not: this gorgeous, rustic beverage dispenser can come to the rescue. Made of heavy-duty glassware with a metal lid and spigot, it holds one full gallon of liquid, so the recipient can fill it with their beverage of choice, and sip from it whenever they like. Whether they’re using it for parties or keeping it in their office for personal use, they’re certain to get excellent use out of it.
After all, we all need to stay hydrated, right?
Bring on the drinky-drinks.


Roulette Drinking Game

Speaking of staying hydrated, are you buying for someone who’s known for enjoying a good game and a good drink (or nine)? Look no further: this roulette drinking game allows people to gamble while getting utterly sloshed at the same time. The box includes 16 mini shot glasses, a roulette wheel (in which to tuck those glasses, of course), 2 balls, and a handy how-to guide… which should be consulted before the players get too drunk to read it.


Delish Cookbook

Your gift’s recipient doesn’t need to be a chef to appreciate a fabulous cookbook. We all appreciate delicious, soul-warming comfort food, and this book is packed full of quick, comforting dishes that are as mouthwatering as they are easy to prepare. With recipes ranging from chicken parmigiana soup to cookie dough cheesecake and bacon-filled grilled cheese, you can understand why this cookbook’s motto is: “eat like no-one will ever see you naked”.
It’s wintertime: everyone can start eating salads again in April. You’re good.


Mindfulness Journal

As more and more people discover the tranquility that can be found in mindfulness, a journal like this is invaluable for reminding them to center themselves in the present moment, and focus on positive, happy things.
This journal prompts people to meditate and exercise daily—even if only for a few minutes to begin with—and gets them to write down a few things that they’re grateful for every day. Over time, they’ll realize that they’re waking up with a more positive outlook, and going to bed feeling happier and more peaceful.
That kind of inner peace is a beautiful gift for anyone to receive.



Okay, let’s have a moment of complete honesty here: every so often, we’ll have to buy a Secret Santa present for someone we either don’t know very well, or don’t like. It’s really difficult to pour a lot of emotion and effort into buying for a colleague or cousin we can’t stand, so why not default to a bit of humour instead?
This T-shirt proudly announces that it is, in fact, the worst Secret Santa gift of 2018. It’s fun and lighthearted, thus allowing you to side-step any possible wrath or contempt.


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Star Wars Waffle Maker

Are waffles the best breakfast foods ever? Yes.
Is Star Wars amazing? Yes.
What happens when you combine the two into a magical machine that creates sci-fi deliciousness? Only one of the best Secret Santa gifts ever.
The ceramic plates are easy to clean, and imprint waffles with either the Rebel Alliance symbol, the X-Wing, the official Star Wars logo, or the Millennium Falcon. Best of all, the browning level can be adjusted so they can have their waffles just the way they like them: stormtrooper white, or burnt to a crisp, Mustafar-style.


Prosecco Pong

So, you know how people come up with ridiculous games when inebriated? This is a game that someone else came up with, but is super fun when everyone is already three sheets to the wind.
It includes 12 plastic glasses and a few ping pong balls, and the point of the game is for people to take turns throwing or bouncing the very (very) pink pong balls into their opponents’ glasses. If the ball gets in, the glass’s owner has to take a drink.
Fun for the whole family, office, or parent-teacher’s association.

Note: the Prosecco isn’t included, so you’ll have to buy a bottle to go with this.
…actually, buy two and keep one for yourself.


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Game of Thrones Decanter

Pretty much everyone is into Game of Thrones on some level, but hardcore fans are sure to appreciate this exquisite decanter set. Six laser-engraved glasses flank a classic decanter bottle, and those glasses can be etched with the recipient’s house of choice, or a selection of several different GoT house crests.
Whether they’re stoic Starks, fiery Targaryens, or leonine Lannisters, they will absolutely adore this one-of-a-kind gift.
Bonus points if you slip a bottle of good whiskey or brandy into the gift bag along with it.


Organic Tea by Mood

Should your gift’s recipient prefer teetotalling to toasted tottering, you can’t go wrong with a tea gift set like this one.
Numi teas are delicious, organic, fair trade/labor certified, and vegan, so even the most ethically conscious recipient will appreciate them. This collection includes Jasmine Green, Early Grey, Rooibos Chai, Chamomile, Moroccan Mint, Mate Lemon, Emperor’s Pu-erh, and a Breakfast Blend. Each tea has been chosen to enhance or balance a particular mood, so a hot cup of delight can be brewed up to suit any time of day.


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Foodie Dice

Your gift’s recipient doesn’t have to be a hardcore foodie to appreciate this dice set. Everyone can get into a meal prep rut now and then. We know what works (or what the kids won’t complain about eating), but making the same thing over and over again gets both repetitive, and boring.
These meal prep dice take the guesswork out of menu planning. Just a quick toss and they’ll offer up a brilliant combination to try out.
5 main dice offer up options for grains/carbs, protein, herbs, cooking method, and unusual “bonus” ingredient, while the 4 seasonal vegetable dice make sure no-one will die of scurvy.

How inspired are you right now? We know that buying for a Secret Santa party can be daunting, but now you’re armed with a bunch of spectacular ideas that are sure to please. We’re happy to take the guesswork out of this often-harrowing exchange so you can focus on stuffing your face with seasonal treats and taking humiliating self-portraits with the office photocopy machine.

With any luck, the person who pulled your name will be just as inspired as you are, and there will be much frolicsome merriment right through to the new year.