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It takes years of following/watching the beloved movie sequel to really be a Star wars enthusiast, yes, being a fan doesn’t happen overnight! Due to its impact and fame, it’s no surprise that there’s already a ton of Star wars merchandise in the market. The challenge now is to find the extraordinary or purposeful gift for the Jedi master who happens to be a friend, family or lover.

Whether they are a fan of Leia, Darth Vader, Hans Solo, or Trooper (I could go on and on but let’s begin our listing) we’ve handpicked these items for the true blood Star wars fanatic! Do not be the last Jedi to know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to gifting, we are sure that the force is with us on this one!


Star Wars Waffle Maker

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up with a waffle sandwich looking like BB-8? This waffle maker will declare the Star wars blood runs through every veins of the recipient, and there is nothing wrong with that. Only a hard core fan can understand that!


Lightsaber LED Chopsticks

Whether they are on the light side or the dark side, they can’t say no to this cool surprise! These LED chopsticks would help them eat their Chinese take-away or Japanese sushi even when it’s dark(perfect for movie nights at the couch). These comes in a sleek and stylish box, ready for gift giving.


Star Wars Women No Show Socks

Great socks for a reasonable price, they have bright colors and design for the Star wars enthusiast. Is it necessary for a fan to wear an all-Star wars attire, you may ask. No! But who could let these perky socks pass, I think even non-Star wars fans would love to wear them.


Star Wars Toaster

When you thought you can settle for an ordinary toaster, wait till you see this intergalactic toaster inspired by the famous Star wars sequel. It gives an iconic print on the toast, making a Star wars fan really enjoy his every bite. It does not only make a Star wars themed gift, it is also a practical present to give.


Star Wars Jedi Watch

Help the recipient stay on the light side or at least keep track of his time (it’s important to always keep up on appointments and whatnot) when you give him this Jedi watch. It has a faux leather band with stainless steel case featuring a Jedi logo, the force will always be with the lucky receiver of this analog.


Plastic Light Saber Water Bottle

A no ordinary water bottle as it was inspired by Anakin Skywalker’s blue lightsaber, so the Star wars fanatic will always be ready for the next battle, just kidding! We only want bottle and not battles, but this one is perfect to enjoy a cold drink while out and about.


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The Force Awakens Backpack

A faux leather backpack with magnetic closure that a Star wars fan can take anywhere on his journey. It’s rugged but fashionable, this backpack can make anyone feel like they are about to fly out to the galaxy, thanks to its roomy space, they can put a ton of valuables inside this force awakens bag!


Star Wars Classic Throw Blanket

Made of microfibre, this throw blanket is ultra soft and plush, a great gift to keep someone warm and cozy. It is safe to wash in the washing machine, any fan would love to have something that they can use all the time, this is the kind of gift that is worth the price.


Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger

Be a Jedi instead of a Padawan when it comes to technology and Star wars related things, this USB charger will make the lucky recipient take BB-8 wherever he goes, he never has to ran out of battery as he can recharge his phone anytime and anywhere. BB-8 rotates its head and can make a sound, it really looks like it has come to life!


Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad

This iconic ship is no stranger to a Star wars devotee, and given a chance, we’re sure they’ll never think twice on flying this ship. The Millennium Falcon uses 4 rotors concealed on the body of the ship for agile, space-like flight! Now that’s an ultimate Star wars flying experience.


Star Wars Wedding Gift

Looking for a unique wedding gift for a power couple who are into Star wars? Then these handcrafted bride and groom origami set is for the Hans Solo and Princess Leia of your life. They are mounted into an acid-free cardstock that can last a long time, perfect for that wedding vibe!


Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker

From the galaxy now into your friend or family’s home, this popcorn maker will be poppin’ and poppin’ ready for that movie weeknight! The receiver of this will be ecstatic to have a Star wars item that he can not only add into his collection but also use purposefully whenever he fancies a bright and fluffy popcorn.


Star Wars Chewbacca Slippers

One of the most loved character is Chewbacca, a loyal friend to Hans Solo, and it’s no surprise if fans would want these Chewbacca plush slippers which are soft and adorable, to say the least! These foot warmers shouldn’t be at the bottom of your gifting list, we are certain that this sidekick would be a hit!


Star Wars Darth Vader Tea Set

All Darth Vader themed, this set includes a teapot, 2 mugs, 2 saucers and a sugar jar, all for the love of the main antagonist of the Star wars franchise. I mean even villains deserve some love! And if your family or friend has a huge admiration for Darth, give her this tea set to enjoy her afternoon tea, and add this to her growing collection of anything Star wars themed.


It’s never a shot on the moon finding the best present that is Star wars related, it’s been decades since the film series was launched, and they’ve pretty much became a big part of the world we’re living in– from movie quotes to merchandise, there’s no denying that Star wars has been in the cycle of our lives. Blame it on the Jedi mind trick, our love for the saga will continue to evolve.

We also hope that your love for our webpage will never stray, because we enjoy making this type of list to all of you, people. So bye for now, till the return of the Jedi (I mean, next time).