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If you’ve ever hated your job, your boss or both, you might be a fan of “The Office” sitcom. This hilarious comedy is filled with gossip, pranks, romance, and petty behavior. And we love it because everyone sometimes feels as if they were one of the protagonists: having zero productivity and “the world‘s best” boss who doesn’t know the meaning of “inappropriate”
So what would be the perfect gift for “The Office” fans?

Let us see what sparkling ideas can be found around the web!

So, here are the best gifts for The Office fans:

  1. Michael Scott Motivational Quote Poster Set

  2. Michael Scott Motivational Quote Poster Set - 11x14 UNFRAMED Wall Prints - Would I Rather Be Feared Or Loved? Easy. Both. Quote - The Office Poster - Great Gift For Fans Of The Office TV Show

    The Michael Scott Motivational Quote poster set would make an excellent gift for fans of the show who want some fun wall art for their home or office.

    This is a great handmade print that’s frame ready!

    It has a very convenient standard size so it would suit any standard frame.

    This original gift could turn out to be a funny conversation starter in your office.

  3. Character Nerd Silhouette Funny TV Show Hoodie

  4. Schrute Farms Beets Bed and Breakfast Hooded Sweatshirt The Office (Large, Maroon)

    What can be better than a soft and warm hoodie on a rainy day?

    Especially if you are a huge “The Office” fan, an assistant to the regional manager or just a Jim looking for your Pam!

    This hoodie will definitely make working in the office look like a great time!

    50/50 cotton and polyester fabric, standard fit.

    Just wear it and feel comfortable – no matter what comes your way.

  5. Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast T-Shirt

  6. Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast T-Shirt - Honesdale PA

    Want more laughs?

    Get this nice shirt with the best saying from the show!

    This is what Dwight answers when a potential client calls: “Guten tag! Schrute Farms!”.

    Nice gift to make “The Office” fans happy!

    It is made of soft material, very comfortable to wear.

    According to the customers’ reviews, you should order a size up.

    But does it matter if you are wearing your favorite quote on your chest?

  7. The Office Poster – Dwight Schrute Motivational Quote Poster

  8. The Office Poster - Dwight Schrute Motivational Quote Poster- I Am Ready To Face Any Challenges - 11x14 Unframed Print - Great Gift For Fans Of The Office TV Show

    Are you ready to face any challenges?

    Surely so, if you are one of “The Office” fans!

    Highest quality materials: the poster is printed on a matte paper with the excellent quality pigment ink.

    A beautiful linen finish adds an extra touch of elegance to this poster.

    Nice to be kept before your eyes on your office’s wall.

  9. Office Fans Glass

  10. Sale
    Office Fans Gifts, Dwight Schrute Fans, The Office Gifts For Coworker, Funny For Women, Men, Christmas Unique Birthday Gift, Wine Glass

    Perfect for people inspired by the TV show “The Office”!

    Imagine their face when opening the gift box – they will be delighted having received this cool specially-customized cup!

    No matter what tedious routine they face in their office job, this cup will make the coffee breaks much less depressing!

  11. The Office TV Show Themed Scented Candle

  12. The Office TV Show Themed Scented Candle, Sconesy Cider - 9 Oz w/ Glass Container - 100% Organic Soy Wax, Cotton Wick - Perfect Dunder Mifflin The Office Merchandise Gift - Made in the USA

    Scones and cider – that is what you need to make your working days brighter!

    The organic scent candle will provide “The Office” fans with 55 hours of burn time.

    Jim, Pam, and Cece Halpert would crave it!

    The candle smells deliciously and provides you with an aromatic scent that you will love.

    The scent is not overpowering at all, still being easily recognizable.

    For sure, this unique gift will be used in your office daily.

  13. Teapot Keychain in Custom Gift Box

  14. Teapot Keychain in Custom Gift Box – Inspired by Jim and Pam of the Office TV Show – Perfect Romantic Gift - The Office TV Show Merchandise –

    Inspired by “The Office” series, the Teapot Keychain is designed after Jim’s teapot gift for Pam filled with miniature gifts based on their inside jokes.

    The perfect couple gift, it comes with a print box that reads “I love you like Jim loves Pam” – and it couldn’t be more romantic.

    Create your own stories together with this adorable must-have item for fans of “The Office” looking for a cute gift for beloved ones!

  15. “Assistant To The Regional Manager” Beer Glass

  16. Sale
    Assistant To The Regional Manager Beer glass - Funny Dwight Schrute The Office Merchandise - 16oz Collectible Dunder Mifflin The Office Mug For Men And Women

    Given to your friend, partner or an assistant to a regional manager, the Dunder Mifflin beer glass will be a perfect gift anyway.

    The amazing idea that is sure to make you and your co-workers laugh.

    Microwave and dishwasher safe.

    A hint: make a collection of such beer glasses for all your colleagues and enjoy your cold beer after a hot and busy day in a good company!

  17. The Office Playing Cards

  18. The Office Playing Cards

    What about playing cards while teambuilding?

    Why not use this set of The Office Playing Cards: four classic suits, printed on a high quality card material – perfect as a gift to your friend or co-worker.

    Funny pictures of “The Office” characters: Pam and Jim represent clubs, Ryan Howard takes diamonds, Michael Scott is hearts, and guess who is the joker?

  19. Regional Manager & Assistant to The Regional Manager – Baby Bodysuit & T-Shirt Matching Set

  20. Regional Manager & Assistant to The Regional Manager - Baby Bodysuit & T-Shirt Matching Set (Heather, 2X-Large/6M)

    Cool T-shirt and bodysuit set: one is for a regional manager (an adult “The Office” fan) and another is for their little assistant!

    Matching sets are perfect for mother, father, son, daughter, grandchildren and grandparents.

    100% cotton: being thick enough, it looks and feels great. Cool gift idea for Father’s or Mother’s Day: watch your favourite TV show ‘“The Office” together with your little ones!

  21. The Office Michael Scott Reversible Sequin Pillow Cover

  22. cygnus The Office Michael Scott Quote Humor Funny Gifts Reversible Sequin Pillow Cover That Color Change Cushion Cover16x16 inches (Type 2-Black Sequin)

    Just having a look at this pillow case with Michael Scott’s face is a good stress relief!

    You will love to surprise friends and family by changing the sequins from black to Michael!

    Being a great gag, the pillow cover is made of soft and sturdy cloth, so you can rest on the back side of it just as normal pillow.

  23. That’s What She Funny Keychain

  24. Sale
    BNQL That's What She Funny Keychain Coworker Gift Office Fan Keyring (Keychain)

    Nice gift idea for “The Office” fan, as it is the most often said Michael Scott’s quote.This coworker keychain comes with the velvet pouch, ready for gifting.

    Lead and nickel free, hypoallergenic, made of high quality stainless steel.

    It won’t tarnish, rust or change color.

    Everywhere you go, take a piece of ‘michael scott’ with you and your good mood is guaranteed!

  25. Funko Pop!: Bundle of 6: The Office

  26. Sale
    Funko Pop!: Bundle of 6: The Office - Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, Pam Beesley, Dwight Schrute, Darryl Philbin, Kevin Malone

    Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, Pam Beesley, Dwight Schrute, Darryl Philbin, Kevin Malone: your favorite characters in a bundle!

    Now you don’t need to miss your office on the weekend – just take the high jinks home!

    Set them up in your living room cabinet or wherever you want to expose your dedication to “The Office” show!

    The figures are approximately 3.75 inches and come complete with their original box.

  27. The Office World’s Best Boss Dunder Mifflin Ceramic Mug

  28. The Office World's Best Boss Dunder Mifflin Ceramic Mug, White 15 oz - Official Michael Scott Mug As Seen On The Office

    This is the Office Dunder Mifflin ceramic coffee mug as used by Michael Scott on “The Office”!

    A perfect gift for your boss so that he can show off at work like an Official Dunder Mifflin employee!

    The mug is premium quality, easy to handle as well as dishwasher/ microwave safe.

    It is especially suited for bosses with big hands who love drinking coffee from a large cup.

    So, if you want to make a statement – here is the perfect gift!

  29. The Office: The Complete Series

  30. Sale
    The Office: The Complete Series

    The gift for traditionalists in their preference for physical ownership – all of “The Office” on DVD.

    The set comes with a representative amount of bonus material, including gag reels, director and actor commentary, as well as deleted scenes.

    Watch “The Office” in its entirety – or use it as a background noise when you do housework – you will laugh your head off every time you hear these hilarious jokes!


    You just can’t go wrong with these 15 items – they should fit the bill!

    Let your devoted “The Office” fan get rewarded for his steadfast support of the Dunder Mifflin employees: these gifts will keep him entertained during his long office hours.

    And if you are bored in the evening, looking for some happiness – step no further.

    Keep watching your favourite show, be addicted to it, enjoy its witty, touching, brilliant humour, and be ready to face your new working day in your office with a smile!