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It’s almost that most wonderful time of the year again. You hear Fa-la-la-la coming out from every speaker, see lots of plaid flannel and comfy fleece, and feel happiness in the air. I love Christmas despite all the hassle that happens before it! It is one holiday when you are supposed to get presents for almost everyone: family, colleagues, friends, and sometimes people you barely know. This year I decided to step up and surprise everyone with quirky and funny Christmas gifts. In this article I decided to share some of my ideas with you. Enjoy!


Tipsy Elves T-Shirt #1

Tipsy Elves take a special place in my heart. This shirt in particular is awesome I think. It’s stylish, funny, and you can wear it for the entire holiday season. I also love the fabric it’s made of. It is amazingly soft and comfy.


Tipsy Elves T-Shirt #2

This is another pick for a unique and humorous gift. I am going to repeat again that the quality of these tees is exceptional. By clicking on the link you’ll find several different designs which won’t leave anyone indifferent.


Tipsy Elves Sweater #1

This super comfy, nontraditional Christmas sweater in a bright blue color has been designed to generate attention and laughter. You can easily supplement it with Tipsy Elves accessories for a complete look. Or keep them in mind as a gift idea for next year.


Tipsy Elves Sweater #2

Here is another one of my picks. It’s more colorful and a little quirkier than the previous one. You can wear it for Christmas dinner (with the right group of people, of course), Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, holiday pub crawls, and different other kinds of events


Tipsy Elves Sweater #3

It seems like I can’t get enough of Tipsy Elves sweaters. I think that’s all because they are one-of-a- kind. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find a gift for anyone, for any occasion. Don’t you agree?


Tipsy Elves Sweater #4

Did one of your family members or friends have a humorous situation involving underwear? Why don’t you remind them about it by giving this funny Christmas sweater? And no, I’m not mean. It’s called having a sense of humor.


Tipsy Elves Sweater #5

Do you have a cousin or a co-worker who is hitting on your wife/girlfriend/partner? Do you want to be funny and a make your point? Attach a note that says: “Be careful where you point this thing” and enjoy a good laugh. It is a joke, of course. But honestly, I like this sweater a lot.


Reindeer Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater

I know exactly who I’m going to get this sweater for. And I’m pretty sure everyone has at least one slightly perverted but super awesome friends who will definitely appreciate such a funny Christmas gift.


I Touch My Elf Ugly Sweater

This hilarious sweatshirt will surely help you put someone into the holiday spirit and is a definite winner of any ugly sweater contest. As a bonus, it comes in different colors.


Funny Holiday Mug

If my previous picks would be more suitable for men (hey, no judgment there) then this one is perfect for both men and women, or however they identify themselves. It comes in a fancy gift box with a ribbon, so you don’t even have to worry about wrapping.


3d Tattoo Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Here is another magnet for laughter and sassiness. It looks so real that it will probably make you look twice… In this shirt anyone will get a complete holiday look with just a little attitude adjustment.


Make Christmas Great Again T-Shirt

Crazy Dog T-shirts are great in general. This is awesome because it will make a very good Christmas gift for anyone: a man, woman, colleague, business partner, family member etc. Even if the person you are planning to give it to won’t want to wear it while going out, they will enjoy its comfortable feel while binging movies. However, I think it will be such a waste of creativity.


Tstars Ugly Sweater

This shirt right here screams that it wants to be a Christmas gift for one of your best friends. For someone you can trust and share your secrets with? What do you think?


Dinosaur Ugly Christmas Sweater

Dinosaurs are cool. But what about dinosaurs on an ugly Christmas sweater? Unexpected? I agree! But I also think that’s funny. Especially when you wear this sweater at a party and ask tipsy people to repeat: “People being raptured on the bottom and the rapture raptor rapturing on top” several times.


Merry Chrithmith Sweater

One more great sweater to get some laughs. If you are looking to be creative but not too quirky this pick for is for you. It’s also very soft and comfortable. Make sure to look at their size chart before ordering.


Funny Christmas Gift Tags

These tags will make a great addition to any present you’ve already bought or are going to get. Some of them are a little sarcastic but not in a bad way. You can start all the laughs even before a person gets a chance to open their present.

Even though the weather is not so frightful yet, it’s already quite delightful in our hearts. Don’t let all this Christmas hassle stress you out and ruin your holiday spirit. All the people who love us will be happy with any present we give them. They probably won’t even care about the gift as long as they will get a chance to spend time with us. That’s the most important thing we should always remember. We appreciate attention, thoughtfulness and effort more than anything else. Hope you guys will have amazing holidays!