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You don’t have to wait for the rainbow to appear to get your hands on the magical being, just jump into the bandwagon and we’ll talk about nothing but unicorns. If you know someone who is obsessed with them then come along as we journey the fantasy and make believe where unicorns become adorable presents.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few unicorn themed items that will surely win the heart of the lucky recipient! Because when it comes to believing in unicorns, age really does not matter; I don’t think there’s anyone who can resist the enchanting creature.


Customized Unicorn Pajamas

s the saying goes, “If you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn” relive it with this cozy and fluffy pajamas. The unicorn lover will definitely feel like she’s pegasus for the night and the personalization part gives it an extra touch!


Unicorn LED Night Lamp

Light up the room with this LED lamp unicorn, no cords and wires to deal with as it uses batteries to make a stand out bedside light decoration. The unicorn fan will be in awe of this lighting creature!


Unicorn Print Hoodies

With colorful and bright prints, this hoodie screams unicorn in its most artistic form. It has kangaroo pockets, hat with drawstring, and full length sleeves perfect for when the weather gets colder. Oh the unicorn enthusiast would just want to wear it on a daily basis!


Unstable Unicorns

A fun family game that is fast-paced and comes with straightforward instructions, let the unicorn fanatic enjoy a game with her family and friends on a weekend. So as long as she sticks with a strategy then she can nail the unicorn business.


Unicorn Multifunction Bag

Use it as a makeup bag, pencil holder, brush bag, and other knick knacks, this pouch is made of soft material with vivid unicorn graphic design that will be loved by anyone who has an eye on the unicorn. It will not only make them organized but will also keep them in style.


Paint Your Own Unicorn

It’s nice if you can draw a unicorn but it would be better if you can paint one. For a unicorn lover, painting their own one-horned creature would mean being able to show their artistic side and making it their own personal piece. Just imagine bringing a pop of color and some sparkle to bring it to life (not literally, of course!)


Inspirational Jewelry Necklace

If you want to bring some motivation and add a touch of unicorn, then this necklace should be up your alley! It’s dainty but elegant, and with its lovely quote, the receiver would just want to look at it when she needs a little encouragement.


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Unicornbot Kit

From UBtech robotics, you cannot belittle this unicornbot’s special color sensor and custom action function. This has an interactive robotic building block system that will wow the techie recipient! Oh how hip is it to have a unicorn that can interact with people?


Unicorn Head Wall Mount

Sometimes, we imagine unicorns to be all colorful and sparkly, but they too can have muted or dark colours. I guess it makes them unique if they come in dark hues, it shows how mystical they are as creatures. This unicorn head wall mount is such a classy gift to give to make a taxidermy dream come true of a unicorn aficionado.


Unicorn Pogo Jumper

This amusing and exciting pogo will make anyone go gaga, this can be played by kids and kids at heart. With its squeaky sound, kids and parents will go hopping fun. What an enjoyable way to be physically active and improve dexterity!


Unicorn Makeup Brushes

For someone who is a makeup and unicorn enthusiast, give these one-of-a-kind, cruelty-free brushes and let her creativity go endless. The handles are twisted like a unicorn horn and the actual brushes are soft, and have the ability to hold the product and blend it on the skin perfectly.


Galaxy Unicorn Bedding

Give this out-of-this-world bedding set to a unicorn lover you know, it will just make them cozy up in bed for its breathable softness and vibrant colors. The intergalactic and sparkly theme will be experienced in the bedroom and there’ll be a good night sleep from this point on.


Unicorn Poop Soap

It may sound gross but this isn’t real poop, of course! Give this to someone who likes all things unicorn and let their skin feel like a joyful burst of rainbow and glimmer. Made of natural ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil, this soap will absolutely leave the skin soft and smooth.


Printable Unicorn Sign

It isn’t just a plain unicorn sign but because of the motivational quote in this, it’s a thoughtful gift to give to your family and friends who are unicorn fanatics. This does not come with a frame but you can definitely buy it separately, once you’ve given this unicorn sign, they can hang it easily on their bedroom for that unicorny motivation.


There’s just immense unicorn stuff around the internet, and I don’t think the hype will ever die soon. I think it’s because unicorns bring colours and brightness to anyone who looks at them. Sometimes, when we feel so low, we just want to look at things that shines and have vibrant hues then our bad days become outnumbered.

The great thing about giving a unicorn-themed present is that it fits most kids and adults, because when it comes to being cute they are a master of that. We hope you enjoyed this listing once again and may your days be sparkly and bright, until next time!