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They have helped you probably all throughout the wedding preparations, cash, and all that jazz; but more than that, they have raised you to become the person that you are now. As your wedding nears, giving a little token of appreciation to your parents would be the best thing. They’ve loved and supported you from when you were young, probably since you were inside mama’s womb and up until now, and although you may not be able to thank them enough, at least relay it through the simplest gesture of giving or have it grand!

Here are our top 15 favourites to give to parents before or after you tie the knot, these items may make them cry or smile or do both! But one thing is for sure, when it comes to showing your love and appreciation for them, you’ll never have to go broke!


Wooden Chopping Board

A beneficial keepsake that can be used for all the years to come, although you are leaving mum and dad’s side and moving on to a new chapter in life, give them something that they practically use and will remind of you. And because you can customize it with a name and a date, this board will always be a reminder of the most important things in life.


Personalized Wedding Throw Blanket

Beautifully woven throw blanket that will keep mum and dad warm and safe, you can personalize this and put your name and your spouse’s name and your wedding date, you can include your wedding photo if you think it isn’t over the top. I mean, you can request your own format to make this gift have that personal touch.


Tree Of Life Wooden Box

This wooden box has an engraved tree of life that represents your parents, you have become the person that you are because they have nourished you with love and care, this is the best time to give back when you can. This box can be used for multiple purposes, they can keep their jewelries in it or have your letters and photos inside it. The golden latch and hinges give it an elegant look, this treasure box will forever hold wonderful memories that your parents have.


Aromatherapy Scented Candles

These candles come in a pack, so it’s the perfect relaxation gift set for mum and dad. Transform the atmosphere instantly by lighting this scented candle and create an ambiance of peace and free of stress.


Thank You Frame

What makes this picture frame special is that it has a meaningful and sweet message to your parents, include your wedding photo in it so that they can have a wonderful remembrance of your wedding day. They can display this in their home and have something to recall whenever they feel like reminiscing of the best times.


Stainless-Steel Wine Cooler

No need for ice and water, this wine cooler is sleek and stainless that will cool the wine bottle in just 5 minutes. Fit for the king and queen of your heart, mum and dad can sip their favourite wine whenever they want!


Tabletop Bioethanol Fireplace

A personal fireplace for mum and dad that uses bio ethanol fuel which produces a much cleaner gas. It has a sturdy steel base and tempered glass panes that can be used anywhere, so when it gets colder, they can easily set up this fireplace to keep them cozy and warm.


King Beer Queen Wine Glass Set

Don’t we all see that mum and dad are the king and queen of the family? Well, why don’t you give them these intricately made graphic glass set that is fit for the king and queen. These are dishwasher safe and they come in a heavy duty gift box, perfect for gifting!


Throw Pillowcase- Set of 2

No one can argue that they are the most awesome mum and dad, so let these pillowcases speak of that. Mum and dad can have them on their bed or use them in sofa cushions, these covers may look simple but your love for your parents is grand, that’s for sure!


Wood Coasters and Ceramic Mugs

A gift set that consists of handmade pieces, there’s ceramic mugs and spoons that are a match, and the wood coasters that bring rustic elegance. This set is packaged like a gift, so you do not have to worry on wrapping it.


Non-ticking Wall Clock

We are still on the elegant rustic vibe and this clock deserves to have a spot on this list. I think a clock is such a useful and symbolic gift. Ever heard of the saying, ‘Time is of the essence’? Well, that’s what I mean.


Wine Accessory Gift Set

Your parents just need the right wine equipments to conquer the world of Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinot noir. With these wine accessories (wine bottle opener, stopper, drip ring, foil cutter and wine pourer) they can enjoy the bittersweet taste of wine in no time.


French Press Coffee Maker

The purest and easiest way to brew loose tea or coffee and make them taste like gourmet. If mum and dad enjoy their morning or night time brew, then this will make a no-hassle coffee pitcher, its durable and sturdy design makes effortless pouring, and the insulated outer part prevents it from cracking and chipping.


Ultimate Cheese Basket

This set of cheese, sausage, crackers and pretzels would be a tasty gift for mum and dad. I bet they’ll take this type of cheesy present any time of the day. There’s plenty of ways to thank them, but this will not only make their hearts full but also their tummies.


Family Maps

There are situations in life that we will be apart from our loved ones, especially our parents. Some things are beyond our control, while some are the choices we make, but even if we have to live far away, it doesn’t mean that the love will never stay. So give this family themed piece to your mama and papa so that they can have a wall decor that depicts your connection as a family. Put it in a frame so they can hang it on their wall, a family’s love is the best of all!


A wedding is a beautiful moment in a person’s lifetime, but what I love most about it is that it is a celebration of life, love and a new beginning. It also means an addition to the family, yet we should never forget those people who have been with us all along, our parents. I truly understand how wedding preparations can be tough, but I don’t think that giving them a recognition would be too much to ask.

But here’s what I’ll ask from you internet friends, please check out our page from time to time as we gather more listings as days go by. So for now, bye bye!